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luckiest last second three I have ever seen. 

Oh well. 

Damn !!


we move on. 

Brutal Joe 


Play 7 CON -1/2 2H LRG. 

Just wish Curt was not so gay. What was that hissy fit on the sidelines? 

Maybe these Lesbos appreciate gay. But I do not think so. They want a real man to get them wet. At least that is what I think. 

Brutal Joe. 


Much thanks SW. 

I still fondly remember your epic year a few years back. Just aspiring to that!





Now we have reached critical mass 

Play 5 WSH 179-115u LRG

Play 6 LV TT 84u

Brutal Joe. 


well she really can't be carpet munching her. Substitute Robin Roberts let's say. She LOVES the ballplayers. But you get my drift.

Brutal Joe baby!


12-8-1 (2-0 MAX Plays) (Playoffs) 60%

+26 Units Playoffs ($2600)

62-26-1 last 89 Plays (70.5%)...How is this possible?

Now lets brutalize some books!

I think both tilts will be blow-outs. With that in mind Play 1 CON-1-115. They want this badly. They played with passion. They played with heart AND they missed closed to half their FT's. This will catch up with them soon enough but I do not think tonite. Alyssa great game girl (and even hit 57% of her FT' She has Steve Blass disease. (I would foul her like they did with Dwight Howard whenever she getsto shooting those easy two-footers). This is the main reason I see another under here. Play 2 CON 162u. I think you guys who are on the Over are negating that point. 12 FT's were missed last game! CON BY THEMSELVES can miss that many no problem. It will not rectify itself tonite. You think A Thomas is practicing her FT's? No way. She is carpet munching "Chucky Baby" Plum as we speak. Count on it.

Next game. Take Play 3 WSH-9.5 MAX PLAY!. I almost DOUBLE MAXED this but I need money mgt. This should be a run away freight train. BTW RUNAWAY TRAIN was a great movie. No women love interests to muck it up. The best movies have this simple quality. They pop the dollies and then get on to fighting or saving themselves from Indians or saving the world. They DO NOT get all Jake Gylenhaal-ish and start emoting to their strumpet at home. But I digress. Rust is off. LV does not have a clue how to win against WSH it looks like to me. So if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck... So lets take Play 4 WSH-5.5 1H also. WSH is best in 1H. Take this.

Brutal Joe in NYC



brutaljoe replied to ***Game 2 - Round 3

Completely agree Aussie. 

I may make this one a Double Max Play. 

Brutal Joe 


so 5-3-1 ( I put a 2H play at 86.5o on second game and that lost barely. Fisher technical killed that 2Hu on first game. Laker Fan you were right. Read both games exquisitely except did not see LV making a run at the end of that game.

so 5-3-1 (2-0 MAX Plays) Tuesday

12-8-1 (2-0) All Playoffs 60%

+26 Units Playoffs!

+246 Units (WNBA 2019) !!

I hope some got on board (especially the MAX plays!)

Till Thursday

Brutal Joe 


5-2-1 i think 


I think 6-2 today. 

Brutal is awesome. 


play 8 WSH-9  -2H



next game

2H I may be getting a bj from the harlot so I won t be able to respond. 

But 2H take WSH

and take the over 2H 

i think 

you have my other plays here 

Not plays but I may be “in FLAGRANTE” I think that is what they call it.  Those are my thoughts. Best I can do under the circumstances ??

Brutal one !!


Play 6 CON -1.5 2H MAX PLAY

Play 7 CON 81.5u 2H

1 refs letting them play  

2 Alyssa will miss 5 free throws and hit all her FG. So see Play 6.    

3 These girls will get so so tired

and much thanks Davis 29!

brutal One 



brutaljoe replied to *** WNBA Playoffs - Round 3

Damn Aussie that is my MAX play. On other side there. 



Play 5 LV TT 81.5o

Brutal Daddy. 

First tilt I will be having martini in one hand and tinkle in the other!!

Second tilt I hope the strumpet has the tinkle in the hand ??!!

lets get these. 

Brutal One. 


Play 4 LAS 81u 1H

brutal joe. 


Play 1 LAS 162u MAX PLAY!

Play 2 LV 170.5o

Play 3 WSH-7.5-115

This looks too easy. So I guess it isn’t  Lol  

Brutal Joe  


brutaljoe replied to *** WNBA Playoffs - Round 3

Damn Aussie

I hope the lines are more what you think than what I think. Lol. The totals I will be pounding if you are close. And WSH and maybe LAS 1H


brutaljoe created a topic Brutal Semi's (+7.5 Units Playoffs!)

4-2 (Sunday)

7-5 (Playoffs)

+7.5 Units

Unfortunate that ending of CHI tilt. 

We move on.

I see many tasty plays here.

Guess the lines.

LAS 157  CON-2  I see no one really liking CON here and I see momentum on Sparkies. I think this will be the spread. Yes CON is great at home. But a head case team that cannot shoot FT. CP is playing great ball now. CON starts out real slow. They have had 11 days rest (equals rust). Maybe LAS 1H and CON 2H. I DO know that I will LOVE the under if it is at this number. Derek will be stressing D (ESPN) and they have the horses to do just that. CON great at home but when they miss say 7 FT (5 by A Thomas) then that will help my under. And remember not a "do or die" situation. Best of 5.

LV 172  WSH -10 This is tricky. I like WSH here but again they have too much rest. They are a GREAT 1H team. So what do I do? Take the 1H? and the rust maybe or take just the game and hope they are not too far behind (if at all)? I think WSH 2H may be the play but they are so much better in that 1H. Hmmm... If the total is this number then I am taking the over. I really like the over here and I really really like it 2H.

May not be able to make 2H play on later game since Brutal is going back to same restaurant (8:30 reser.), but this time with another vixen. an_dance  

Brutal Joe in NYC!



brutaljoe replied to Round Two Brutality!

To clarify.

Went 4-2

The post for CHI+3.5 2H did not go thru I guess but I DID bet it.

7-5 Playoffs

+7.5 Units Playoffs Only

Brutal Joe

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