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Kentucky/Tennessee over 141
- We saw these two teams go over this number last time with Kentucky just beating them up, but I think you will obviously see a more efficient offense from Tenn at home looking for revenge.  I think both teams will get into the 70’s.  UK has so much talent, if they can get Herro hot from 3 I like their chances to go over.  GL.  (Big plays haven’t been good so far 0-2) 
HOFSTRA tt over 82.5
- Played the Pride a few times this year and have been successful.  They have some offense, and continue to put up points game after game.  Drexel just let up 92 to Towson, I will take my chances with Hofstra getting to 83
Took an 0-4 beatdown last night!! Been cooking off a little lately 

Tenn/Ole Miss OVER 144
- Miss has done very well at home against Tennessee, although not the same Tenn squad as years past.  Hope Miss can keep it close and drive the score over this number
14-7***** correction! 
South Carolina ML -120
South Carolina TT over 73.5 
- Gamecocks been playing solid ball at home recently winning 3 in a road and scoring over 77 each time.  Bama is a tough team but comenin losing last 2 on the road.  Love taking the home teams in college. SC has played better inside the SEC and I think they pull this one out.  Might had the game total over as well.

Duke TT over 73 and -3.5
- Duke scares the shit out of you sometimes bc they don’t play up to their ability.  Took them against cuse time out and cashed.  I like that this will be their 3rd straight game without Zion, I just hope some of their shots fall tonight. VT is a vicious D BUT we saw against Virginia if Duke gets hot from deep they should win comfortably  
Quote Originally Posted by OverAmbassador:

On the other side. Bol dd 

Solid case could be made for both sides 
Adding: KU 1h TT OVER 32.5
-  Again common sense would tell me they bounce back and get off to a good start.  Hopefully they hit a few early buckets and use the momentum to get going.  They have hit this number in the first half at home 13/15 times this year.  
Kansas/KSU over 133
-  Bottom line is that you would think Kansas comes to play tonight after getting beat down like they just did.  KSU can control the rock but I think KU feeds off the home crowd and they get the offense rolling a little bit.  Line is getting higher at 4.5 now.  I see KU in the low to mid 70’s and if that happens I think this goes over as KSU can get to the mid 60’s. 
NC STATE TT  (13-5) 

Adding Zona/Standford LIVE over 143.5 
Played the over 133 in Michigan game, didn’t have to time post with the kids, but looks good early.  Will not count toward record obviously.
NC State TT over 82.5
- Wake has a tough time playing defense and NC State has found their scoring touch lately.  Wake has let a team get to this number 9! times already this season.  Hopefully this will be number 10

Looking at Zona/Stanford over as well. 
NOVA!  Jeez they go real cold sometimes.  14 points in first 6 mins of second half and then 2 the next 10/12 mins 
UCF  12-5 ytd 
Nova TT over 72.5
-  Can’t say I like the way they have been playing BUT I will bet on them bouncing back a bit today.  Not gonna play the line bc I generally don’t like laying points on the road in college bball.  Let’s see if their talent comes to play today and can push over that reasonable number.  
DoubleDownBaby replied to Sunday Plays
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Actually a pretty good over all record with the amount of games you play.  Hard to hit a high percentage with all that action. GL
Lost the late game over last night with SDSU.  Forced that play for action.  Oh well.  Also my double plays are 0-2 
DoubleDownBaby created a topic ***Sunday Hoops*** (11-5 ytd)
in College Basketball
UCF TT over 71
- they have hit this number 4/6 at home.
UNLV/SDSU over 142.5***** just dropped I guess, just put it in.  
UNLV/SDSU over 144
- Both teams average in the mid 70’s and I like UNLV to set the pace here. Do kind of like them to win in the letdown angle (which didn’t work for me earlier today with FSU) but I like a close game and I think both teams reach the 70’s to push us over.  GL tail or fade. 

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