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Yuddles replied to *** FRIDAY NBA ***
in NBA Betting
Love the Kings and Bulls tonight, but my gut is telling me Orlando covers tonight
"reverse public square trap" I haven't heard that line in a while. Bol tonight Train. I have seen you win some of these crazy bets.
I am liking Orlando +2.5 and ml a lot tonight

He had open field in front of him. of course he's gonna try to run it back.

Cousins cost us this game. What a sheit head

7 sakes
Yuddles created a topic Feeling It
in NFL Betting






Hard to play or watch sports on that night shift. Hard to do anything. I can't imagine going to bed in the middle of the day in the summer.
Not if Reimer is starting
Yuddles replied to *** NBA Sunday ***
in NBA Betting
Love the Pistons too. What do you think about the Pelicans?

Quote Originally Posted by Andrew1976:

If Miami lose, I'll be on Indy 

Great logic!

Indi 6 games in 8 days. Dallas ml

Thanks guys
Yuddles replied to Just Being Honest
in NHL Betting

I agree. Cannot wait till playoff hockey. I was telling my friend today that the first round in the west will be more exciting than the conference final in the east.

I am thinking the cup ends up in California,


Kind of screwed up the round robin copy and paste.

it was $5.28 a bet and all 3x 4x and 5x combination


My units are 25$ so this is quite a big win for me.

I honestly stopped watching after the 2nd in the Oilers/Islanders game. After losing how many times after my team gives up a 2 goal lead in the 3rd? Not today!! Oilers actually came back from 2 and won in OT! Maybe my luck has changed lol.

Overjoyed, had to tell someone since none of my friends gamble lol. I am not making sense so I am just gonna stop typing. If I can get lucky so can you guys!!

Mar 6, 2014 3:03 AM Combination
  • Columbus at Chicago (Regulation Time) Chicago -120 Win
  • Pittsburgh at San Jose (Moneyline) San Jose -130 Open
  • NY Islanders at Edmonton (Moneyline) Edmonton -150 Win
  • St Louis at Nashville (Over/Under) Under +5.50 -140 Win
  • St Louis at Nashville (Moneyline) St Louis -155 Win
  • Colorado at Detroit (Moneyline) Colorado -110 Win
  • Los Angeles at Winnipeg (Over/Under) Under +5 -110 Win
  • Los Angeles at Winnipeg (Moneyline) Los Angeles -125 Win
Possible Payout: 1374.29 Bet Price: +9902
Mar 6, 2014 3:10 AMMore Round Robin
  • 1 Los Angeles at Winnipeg (Moneyline) Los Angeles -120 Win
  • 2 Columbus at Chicago (Moneyline) Chicago -190 Win
  • 3 St Louis at Nashville (Moneyline) St Louis -150 Win
  • 4 NY Islanders at Edmonton (Moneyline) Edmonton -150 Win
  • 5 Pittsburgh at San Jose (Moneyline) San Jose -135 Open
  • Bet Payout: 536.69
Yuddles replied to Z-Bo OUT
in NBA Betting
James Johnson is the biggest chucker in the league

Quote Originally Posted by bhawksfan:

That being said, hockey is not sick and its just become the nature of the game. I find it much easier to cap games in the playoffs and have done a lot better compared to reg season in recent years. 

I wonder why bhawks fan lol

Yuddles replied to SAC ML +205
in NBA Betting
I'm with ya! SacTown matches up well with the Rockets
U do know that Philly was down 13 with under 4min left

Buffalo-1.5 units

Philly-1.5 units

Detroit- 2 unit

Columbus-.5 unit

Letsss go!!


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