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Whether Lowry is in the NBA or not, is irrelevant to your life. It truly is. That fact that you wrote a novel about your hate for someone you don't know, and who would destroy you in any physical matchup, is peak Idiocracy. I don't even know you, but I already know what you believe in, and which person you worship. That obvious. 

It's funny when I hear incels like you complain about pro athletes, because you yourself have the athletic ability of a fat clown. The amount of hate you have for Lowry is odd, and weird. If you suck at betting on sports, just stop. That's where this all comes from, in the end. Idiocracy.
It doesn't matter. Only thing that matters is whether these clowns cover. Follow the script. Houston has been pushed through all year by the league, so you might on to something. 
Man, every player and coach is part of the Act. This is all a show. Clips covering was a gift. 
reconnoiter replied to James harden
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Harden is neither bad or good. He is an actor, like the rest of them. 
It's funny how the casuals actually think these games are legitimate. It's like walking around the world, still thinking we are "free" with no idea that only a few people control everything around us. 

Bread and Circus.
reconnoiter replied to OklahomaCity@Indiana.....
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Never in doubt. 
reconnoiter replied to Indiana....
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Quote Originally Posted by Phillip2002:

westbrook bought to give away the game with more poor shot selection


LOL, Westbrook didn't call 12 straight fouls on OKC in the 3rd, to get Indiana back in the game. I knew Scott Foster would come into play in this game, Indy ML was the only play in this game. 
reconnoiter replied to Indiana....
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Scott Foster 
It's been like this for a couple years now. It's great if you have an OVER ticket, or made any kind of LIVE wager. 
Everyone is ON the Clippers. I wouldn't touch that game, but OKC s/u is the only side that makes any sense. 
reconnoiter replied to what happened to lebron ?
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It has to do with injuries. Nothing to do with LeBron. 

That team was pretty good when they were ALL healthy. Cannot compete in the West with that many injuries. 
reconnoiter replied to Bucks -10/OKC +3.5
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reconnoiter replied to Denver -7, what?!!!
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Did you think just because the Referees helped Denver the last week, that it would continue today? It would have been a fair assessment. 
You failed to mention the NBA story lines. The referees are the ones who control the outcomes of every game in the NBA. When you wager on the NBA, you are wagering on a predetermined result. There is no other sport where the referees can completely manipulate every possession. 
Don't worry, the zebras got Philly's back. 
Quote Originally Posted by shwaiguy:

Yeah Westbrook giving the game away with his air balls. Smh!

I am trying to figure out where all this Westbrook hate came from. You Stans come on every board, every page, and go out of your way to hate on him. My question, who cares? 

OKC has been very good this year. However, you would never know it if you listen to NBA media. You've probably never heard of Terrance Ferguson, Nerlens, Nader, or Dennis in your life, LOL. Westbrook plays much different this year, and if you can't see his offensive rebounds and crazy hustle helps this team, then you are the kind of stupid that media creates. 

Look up Dunning Kruger. 
reconnoiter replied to Thunder on ABC
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Quote Originally Posted by Frurt:

Paul GG. What a run. Westbrook almost ruined it with his 0-9 fg and so,errors

How can you bet on basketball, and not understand the game at all? If you think Westbrook didn't play a part of them winning, I would love to take your bets. You Stans are hilarious, and just because you saw some TV show, you think you know what's going on. That's cute. 
Would you like to buy some red hats, I'm selling? I know for a fact you're all about that. Lol
It makes no difference if it's fixed or not. You either win or lose. There's no integrity in this world, and your post proves that. 


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