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Hello everyone,


I’ve been a Sports Investor for decades.  I’m old fashioned, so I would still use the MG/WU method of deposits/payouts, regardless of the positive things people would say to me about Bitcoin.  Well, for whatever reason, I don’t think that’s an option anymore for me.  I used my first deposit using a Bitcoin two weeks ago using Bread Wallet & a Bitcoin ATM with cash, against my Sportsbook’s recommendation (I’d rather not give my bank account info with Coinbase, for these types of transactions).  My question is: for withdrawals, should/can I use the same procedure for payouts (request withdrawal, get address, add to Bread Wallet, and scan at a Bitcoin ATM) to receive money in a timely/safer fashion, or is there a better way?  Not looking to use my bank account/credit cards, if possible.  Thank you for your responses and insight on the matter, in advance...

Keep your head clear, Herb.  Your baseball acumen is truly an asset here on Covers.

Good luck to you...

'I guess the real question is how to become a handicapper in the first place'

From my perspective, I believe a solid start would be to understand that a strong degree of your success/failure as a handicapper is due to your control over your own emotions.  Players are gonna play, home runs are gonna be made, and Bruce Bochy will...always look funny on  Seriously though, profit will be made/lost primarily from how you handle your emotions during a win or loss.  Get a firm grasp & understanding of how this gambling system is setup (and made profitable every year to the sport books) based off of our inability/unawareness/unwillingness to get a grasp on our emotional state, during wins/losses.  Realize that initially, and everything else will fall into place over time (money management, handicapping, etc).

Good luck to you...
GuardiaDeMieux replied to How to be successful in betting
in MLB Betting

With all due respect, that first option was one of the worst piece of advice to becoming a successul gambler.

In my humble opinion, it is absolutely essential to watch as many full games of baseball to truly understand the ebb and flow of a season, tendencies of a team's players/management, and how a team reacts to adversity/changes (being blasted on ESPN negatively/they're facing a team they got swept by earlier in the season, etc...).  You have to actually watch these games to understand these things.

Good luck to you...
Honestly, I see a probable loss to the Phoenix Suns next Wednesday.  The situation is *somewhat* ripe for a letdown, there.  And these next two games, well...I've seen a lot of praying and ESPN hype for Boston, today.  Unfortunately for Celtic fans, that's usually fuel for the opposition...

Good luck, everyone...
GuardiaDeMieux replied to Friday CBB
in College Basketball
Quote Originally Posted by Spudsie:

Current record: 1-0

North Dakota State is coming off a huge let down loss against Southern Miss. It's a "road" game but in the same state and only an hour up the road. They'll get up for this one.

Pick: ND State -7

I agree with this play.  Too many cappers are looking at this matchup wrong.  Good luck to you...
To sit back and let those young kids for the Lakers put up the type of shots that they've put up this season...if I was the coach, I'd be in a physical fight *Every* *Single* *Night* with my players.  For Byron Scott to be so non-chalant about the tempo of the game is...such a disservice to the franchise.  A franchise that HE helped continue a legacy of greatness as a player, how ironic...
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in NBA Betting
Quote Originally Posted by HoldingXYZ:

You ain't no MIKE..

You can't do it without SHAQ

You have no fade away like mike had... Now fade away

Whatever you need to hype yourself up about your play, I guess.  So disrespectful to a 5-time NBA Champion, but's your money and play; work it out however you see fit.

Good luck to you...
Alright.  Let's get a bit of 'transparency' in this thread.

The line for action games are produced by 'The Roundtable of Wise Men' (Las Vegas).  Books around the world move forward with that line information, afterwards.  'Joe Public' makes sports wagers, accordingly.  Some win, some lose.  Some win...a lot more (Sharpies/Syndicates).

The American Government is not in the business of Internet sports gambling.  They're not in the business of drugs, either.  Neither personal hair stylist home business, Internet home business, or selling lemonade at a corner stand.  Hell, they're not in the business of morality, of 'right' or 'wrong', regardless of what voters want to think.  As far as the public goes, they're in the business of TAXATION.  I'm in contact with a Sports Law Attorney (they exist), and he's personally witnessed a filed tax return for a drug dealer.  As long as his paperwork was in order and he gave Uncle Sam their due, no worries.

That example of the sports gambling ring that got busted: they were high profile, making millions of dollars, and probably a super-high win percentage.  But their one & only mistake was not 'paying their due' to the biggest gang in the world.  And they were living on their turf, and collecting millions, yearly.  They took the luxuries of using the internet or communicating bets through cellphones for granted.   And it was time for the Government to 'Get Shorty', because of the amount of undeclared capital.  THAT's their business...

So if you have these 'heavenly' plays, you might as well post them.  Or not, it really doesn't matter.  Just know that 'winning alot' won't get anyone in trouble.

Good luck, everyone...
GuardiaDeMieux replied to LaBron James just quit
in NBA Betting
Speaking of the letter, and not trying to add insult-to-injury for the city of Cleveland but...there are "real rumblings" that LBJ might exercise his player option and opt out of Cleveland.  That...wouldn't be good for LBJ.  The vitriol if that were to happen...*shudders*
Quote Originally Posted by NYG4rings:

moneyshot. 1st off... g men all day everyday. second of all - u say your the best don't play like your montae ellis in game 6 of the finals. he folded like a lawn chair tonigjht. i don't wana hear about 30 points... anyone with eyes knew he was missing bunnies all night 

THIS.  He purposefully and intentionally put an enormous amount of unneeded pressure on himself and his teammates (and his legacy) by making that comment.  
Quote Originally Posted by SiuLungBao:

i didnt watch any of these interviews...

what did LBJ? say?

hes the best? 

After game 5, at the press conference a reporter asked Lebron James if a number of factors are the reason they're down 3-2.  LBJ responded, "There is no reason, because I'm the best player on the planet.  That's all there is to it."
I heard that, myself.  Steve Smith didn't even steer his question towards LBJ or the comment...I guess it was something Andre Iguodala wanted to address, regardless.  I agree, "bulletin board material"...

Since LBJ said that on his own after losing 2 in a row and being down 3-2, I was assuming at first it was more of an opportunity to prove himself amongst the greats.  I believe now it was more of a "don't talk junk about me, I'm still the greatest on the planet, you know"-type of comment.  Pretty immature, if that's the case.  Especially after showing such a lackluster performance near the end of game 6...
GuardiaDeMieux replied to I respect Lebron but...
in NBA Betting
Quote Originally Posted by NYG4rings:

Dude just called himself the best player in the world post game... Worried bout all the wrong things down 3-2. Never heard Peyton manning saying these things at his peak... Maybe it's just me but rubs me the wrong way. But what should we expect from the guy who told everyone he's not worried bout losing the finals because he would still be able to ride in his Bentley while all the viewers had to keep going about their boring and sad lives.

This.  This is what I mean about "Public Perception".  You're not designated the G.O.A.T. from an award given by the NBA, Dan Gilbert, or the media.  It's people like you and me.  And...comments like that and his past arrogant comments/behavior (these outrageous actions seem to come after losing...  ) don't help his case.  I will have to say, I believe you embellished his 2011 NBA Finals Press Conference a bit...however, I believe you emotionally paraphrased based off of the arrogance of the original conference comments made by LBJ.

He's a great player, but he put a larger target on his back and a bigger set of shoes to fill than what was originally expected of him coming out of St.Vincent-St.Mary High School.
Quote Originally Posted by UglyKidJoe:

LeBron had a brain fart and exposed himself to like 5 million viewers at game 4. It was odd because it looked like he was doing that also at the free throw line during game 3, pulling down is shorts to retie it or something.  Maybe jock itch or something. He needs to do that in the privacy of a locked stall in the restroom. His composure will be interesting for game 5.  Maybe that's why the line is GS -8.5. He's under a microscope, he can't be doing that.

So...what did he do, exactly?  Did he grab his crotch while on the free throw line?  If it's something similar to that...I kinda see your spin on the thread title...but your post about "biatch & ghetto"?  
Quote Originally Posted by UglyKidJoe:

You can get the biatch out of the ghetto but you can't get the biatch out of the ghetto. 

I don't understand this thread.
Why am I not surprised there was another thread on LBJ vs MJ, after game 4?  

Melossinglet, we've discussed this before in previous threads.  As we're seeing again, the vitriol aimed toward LBJ is because of the comparisons to MJ.  No one compares Bill Russell to MJ.  No one compares Earvin Johnson, Larry Bird, Tim Duncan, or Oscar Robertson to MJ.  But the media (and LBJ) has spoon-fed a vomitting-amount of "The Chosen One", "I don't think anyone should wear the number 23, out of respect for MJ.  *goes back to Cleveland* I'm wearing the number 23", "The Decision", "I'm calling myself King James" and other hostile-emotion-induced behavior towards fans.  I will say, from my personal perspective, why he is not and will never be the G.O.A,T, over MJ.

*LEGACY*.  MJ, more so than any other player in the history of the NBA, has captured the hearts and minds of basketball-enthusiasts, casual fans, and people who've never had any inclination to watch a basketball game before.  That's one thing to be extremely talented in a professional sport, such as the players I mentioned earlier.  It's something else entirely to dominate a sport in such a way that MJ did...AND...grab the attention of everyone from around the world, setting the new standard for all players, from every sport, to follow henceforth.  His basketball shoe brand, after MJ hasn't played in the league for about 15 years, still sell an insurmountable amount of money more than any other nike shoe-signed player (including Lebron James).  New colorways for his shoes from the 80's and 90's (which get a refresh almost every month), are sold out on every authorized website that sells new Air Jordans within 60 seconds of them going on sale, guaranteed.  His Gatorade commercial, which had a refresh this year to commemorate 50 years of Gatorade, still makes people tingle when they see it (me included).  His father passing away, him unexepectedly retiring after a 3-peat, and him overcoming his grief by achieving another 3-peat...and he brought all of us along for the emotional ride.  And not blatantly trying to manipulate people's way of thinking...he let YOU call him "The Greatest of all Time".

Fair or not, it doesn't matter what anyone says on Lebron James, he just won't get the respect of being the greatest player in NBA history.  He followed MJ's legacy to the T, as well as he could.  He forgot a few things, though.  "Humble Pie" is one of them.  "Public Perception" is another one.
GuardiaDeMieux replied to Game#5 82-62-1
in NBA Betting
Based off of my observation of how these two teams came to be, leading up to game 5, I'd have to expect the scores from here on out to get "sillier" (meaning: the gap widening).  As a matter of fact, I'd believe that (based off of the score of these next 2-3 games) LBJ's legacy could be hurt greatly.  I forsee more energy, more ball movement from GSW in the next couple of games, and still...the same 7-man rotation for Cleveland.  And more double-digit victories by Golden State.  To "expect" Cleveland to make a resurgent effort if down or keep it close in the 4th quarter is pretty far-fetched.  Hell, with all the uptempo play and decreased energy over a 48-minute game for the next few games...we *might* see a resurgence of Stephen Curry.  That's a very weak *might*, mind you...

Good luck, everyone...
Quote Originally Posted by phixer:

sometimes i suspect some of the posters here are employed by vegas.
how can be that people never learn and therefore never earn?
after each game the whole perception of people changes and each by his own degeneracy tries to convince others.
get real. if not - you will always be other side of the winning bets vegas needs so bad to balance the bets.
after the first game it was all gs. now it is all cleveland and once vegas will see that public is all over cleveland - it will be gs in a devastating fashion. once gs will be a public pick - cleveland will convince us all they are the right pick only to balance the game five bets again and so on until game 6 or 7.
wake the f...k up!!!

For those that would believe he's being sarcastic and totally unreasonable, apparently it happens in a number of major financial institutes:

Not unreasonable at all to think of a marketing firm being hired to post on betting message boards, to effect point spreads/money lines.
GuardiaDeMieux replied to Cavs win it all!!!
in NBA Betting
I made a post in someone's thread before game 1 of the NBA Finals indicating that the week off before the start of the Finals might be the detriment of the Golden State Warriors, a team that relies heavily on jump shots.  You just can't "wake up" from a jump shooting slump, during a game.  And there's no guaranteed "go to" move for the Warriors, unfortunately.  They are a well-put-together team, with a strong sense of fundamental basketball elements in their game.  But there offense is based exclusively on jump shots.  This is Stephen Curry's second game in a row where he has played extremely uncharacteristically sloppy from the field compared to the rest of his playoff games, this season.  I would love him to prove my theory wrong, going into game 3.  I'll be rooting for GSW, absolutely.  But...well, we will see.

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