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Quote Originally Posted by Circus_Bettor:

PH drew a 8 pitch walk. Reliever gets Altuve, then the HR.   In the bottom of the 2th, they're losing 8-9, get a 2 out, 2 strike single to bring in the runner from second (who got a 2 out single).   What were the odds?    TB Rays got theirs on a 2 out, 2 strike single to go up 2 runs.    We already talked abt the A's coming back from a 1-6 deficit.   Home team RLs  are difficult.

It was around +700 ML but it was locked (could not get a bet in). 

There was a site that showed you the live ML odds for NBA betting, not sure if it also exists for MLB.


Quote Originally Posted by TheSquare:

Odds for Houston going to the bottom was +240...

I saw Hou +700 with 2 outs, down by 1 before that tying HR in the 12th. Of course it was locked on bovada.


Wow glad its finally over.

Lost about 1k when the Tigers beat these fools last week....made almost all of it back on Hou RL + ML live bets this time.

I think Mackdaddy has you beat. He had those 2 and FSU and Ole Piss on top of it, thread "Unreal."
yea I'm not playing but seems like the smart bet. 

SC will just play it safe, run the ball and try to get long drives, and fall back on their defense to make plays.
RexR replied to Dodgers @ Redsox
in MLB Betting

Anyone watching this on ESPN?

That 4D rotation cam is amazing...


Quote Originally Posted by sportswagers:

Quote Originally Posted by RexR:

I've been betting Dodgers -.5 1st inning, doesn't hit, then bet 1st 5. Not doing it every game, just vs weak pitching.
Bumgarner is no way a weak pitcher. Its just a blowup today.

I disagree, he's been in a slide this year.

To the point, one really has to ask, why hasn't SF traded him and admitted they need a rebuilding year.

It's like they don't want to leave Bochy in a bad year, as its his last, but the way they're playing this year, they will anyway.


Quote Originally Posted by FD30:

Quote Originally Posted by RexR:

Kenley not doing so hot...
idk why but i always crack up when i see your avatar, ima go to hell fosh0

Haha thanks. If you look at the pic, he's holding a mic.

I wonder what he said just then, or the venue where he'd even been given one? 


I've been betting Dodgers -.5 1st inning, doesn't hit, then bet 1st 5.

Not doing it every game, just vs weak pitching.


I knew that LA game would get some more runs in...I put a couple dollars down on SF when Sborz went in.

Didn't expect SF to get 4 runs in the 9th, though.

LA only got 1 run in against Dexter Holland in 2 innings, which was an omen of bad things to come.


Kenley not doing so hot...

FYI supposed to rain in Cincy almost all day tomorrow.

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RexR replied to Unreal Colorado..
in MLB Betting
Quote Originally Posted by Vic-Vega:

90+ runs scored in that series. Basically scoring output of the Giants Offense in a month.

Coors Field going back few years (pre humidor) totals were set at 14 or 15.

Saw this on the ESPN ticker: Those 92 runs broke a 90-year old record....which was total runs scored over a 4-game series. 

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RexR replied to Coors field
in MLB Betting
Wow nevermind...ok going to 30 runs I guess.
I was betting live....Cionel Perez sucks so I bet the total when he went in. Hit by end of inning. Strangely that dude got better over the next 2 innings.

Had Astros +10.5, can't believe they couldn't get a single run in there with 7 hits. 
RexR replied to Coors field
in MLB Betting
Anyone bet the first few innings live? I bet a couple of the first innings at 1.5 over, 2-3 times...only put down 100 each bet....all won easily, sometimes 3-4 runs total per inning. 

Honestly expect this rain delay will prob slow things down, still expect a few runs in the 8th and 9th.

Christ, these guys play with no heart....even w/o KD. 

5 TOs in the 1st quarter? Unreal...Bought out at GS +4.5 but still mad that parlay didn't hit.


RexR created a topic Anyone playing GS 1q?
in NBA Betting

Not sure yet about the full game.


But I feel like GS will come out strong and try to make statement. 


GS +600, down by 6, was a gift. Wish I'd bet more than 100 bucks.


Hit 2 first innning plays, have not paid yet (approx 1 hr ago).

Also, bet live total in A's/Rangers at 14 when the total was at 7 runs, hit that one, checked my bet, seemed like there's a bug in that game where the software is only showing the 2nd game now (doubleheader). 


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