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Quote Originally Posted by camby700:

BAYLOR with their most emotionally draining game this year that went to double overtime. Very tough spot to get up again. That being said they should hold serve at home but covering is another story.


I'm so glad you posted this and I happened to read it because I was completely ignoring how big of a game that was for them 2 days ago, not to mention double OT. Thanks. 
Quote Originally Posted by pulltabpetey:

I don't want to be "that guy" but isn't Mississippi valley state a play too? Southern (#201) giving 15.5. Maybe the SWAC is a conference this stays away from?

Haha, nothing wrong with asking a question.

But no, MVSU has only had 3 lined games all year, Southern has had only 1. Doesn't fall within system parameters. 
UNC-Wilmington +10 is the only play for Monday.
While Hofstra is not technically a play, it's close enough to warrant some conversation.

Here are some trends supporting a play on Hofstra (maybe worthly of a small play, half unit, use your judgement):
  • Pride are 7-2 ATS in the last 9 meetings in Drexel.
  • Road team is 5-2 ATS in the last 7 meetings.
  • Underdog is 4-0 ATS in the last 4 meetings.
  • Pride are 4-0 ATS in the last 4 meetings.
Based on opening lines EIU was +12.5

System is 5-2 if you grabbed opening lines.

All the lines are moving against us, so far, don't expect that to change, so importance of grabbing early can not be understated.

5-2 so far based on opening lines, get 'em early. 

So..we're betting on the young and inexperienced team instead of the undefeated in conference team that is better on both sides of the ball. Noted. 
mas1E created a topic Isaiah Austin
in College Basketball
Literally passed the ball to himself at the end of regulation before he assisted Heslip with the tying 3 pointer...

Hard to bet on college basketball and feel like there is any integrity in the game when the officiating is so lopsided. Every time KSU was about to take control the whistle killed their momentum and Baylor was awarded for being nothing more than a high school caliber team. You might have thought Duke was playing if you didn't pay attention to ugly, bright, neon uniforms. 

I usually don't bitch, but that made me upset and I'm butthurt.

End rant.
Quote Originally Posted by Imprezive97:

Thanks but I'll trust KenPom's numbers over what you expected all day every day. 

This is why we can't have nice things
you, and exactly 4 other people nationwide.
you can't cuss on covers anymore? infinite 
covers changes the word s hit to garbage???? 
garbage = garbage... how the darn did i manage that type...rofl
Quote Originally Posted by mdrsports31:

Not worthy of a number 16 seed.  Snuck by Georgetown. This is the same team that lost to East Tennessee State. SD State -7 was a gift. Had second thoughts when I found out this one was a home game but glad I backed the aztecs.

First off, they're a 15 seed, so get your facts straight. They snuck by Georgetown?!?! More like they garbage on Georgetown as a 13.5 pt underdog. Lemme guess, you parlayed g-town ml and got SMOKED by florida gulf coast. Why don't you go suck another person and take another hit, you stupid darn. Then go off yourself and make the world more productive.
yeah, lay 550 to win 300. that'll be a good long-term strategy
Buying points is throwing value out the door, I don't mean to act like I know everything, but only buy the hook at most.
Ummm, stop parlaying everything, and stop buying points. Flat bet or parlay ml favorites that you feel strong about. You're trying to do too much too fast, slow down and make straight plays and you will find it much easier to manage your money and bets. This is a marathon.

BOL, but you can't throw a hail mary and expect to win every time.
Quote Originally Posted by Lance1981:

ran out of time.....give me a f cking break for my 1st half bet +3

I think you're break was coming back from 13 down to get a push on a 1h +3 bet. 

Not sure if srs...

Nothing is 99.99% positive.

The last thing to be 99.99% positive will be the outcome of a sporting event.

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