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whatever happened to all of you black belt foolish followers. 

I'm sure you've all gone broke by now
I'm on the Jazz also. Also on Pistons.

As for Tx Tech, DO NOT overthink it, Minny is garbage and Tech will whip that a$$. 

One thing I know is that as a coach, you never want to cause friction within your team. Having kids quit and look to transfer is a bad sign for a program. 

I'm doubling that Tx Tech bet. make it 2 units. very confident they get it done in Houston. 
Quote Originally Posted by Bubba_Says:

$575 a month for Black Belt - that's got to be a misprint, right?

that's the first smart thing you've said since you signed up Bubba-Terry and Sons
Rutgers far better than VT. They need to get the tastes of 2 straight losses out of their mouths. 

RU is motivated to kick a$$ today. 
Mr_Ranch created a topic NBA Friday on the Ranch
in NBA Betting

Yes, I have nads of steel............... 

Jazz +3
Pistons +6.5

Get that 
had Baylor last night. Easy monies fellas. 

I've got a good run going in all sports. So here we go:

Rutgers +1
Texas Tech -13

Get that  
Clips will smoke these old fools. Celtics suck. DD win for Clips
I'm on Baylor right now. It's Looking great. Whipping UCLA's ass.
Are u ignoring me now Saints? Did I hurt your feelings? Lol
Quote Originally Posted by S_A_I_N_T_S:

since reading and math are challenges for you Ranch, I'll help you out. 56% is a bit higher than 48%. just so u know. 

don't be mad b/c you're paying for losing plays Saints. 
Mr_Ranch replied to CBB MONDAY
in College Basketball
happy b-day!! 

just say no to UNLV.  
1 play

UTEP +6.5

get that 
Mr_Ranch replied to YTD 41-25-2
in NBA Betting
Mr_Ranch replied to monday
in NBA Betting
clips yes
grizz no

Mr_Ranch replied to NBA MONDAY
in NBA Betting
I'm on Bulls. So good luck on your totals. lol 
Mr_Ranch created a topic NBA Monday on the Ranch
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2 plays 

Clippers -6.5
Bulls +6.5

get that 

Quote Originally Posted by crownrx:

I totally agree with you on this.  You can find a lot of great information on here for FREE.  I would also ask this "scamdicappers" a question.  If your plays are so terrific, why not just play them yourself instead of trying to sell them to others at some ridiculous price.  If I had some great system making me such a fortune, why would I want to share it with the world for a membership fee.  People on here post systems and strategies for free because they believe in them, not to rip other people off.  It reminds me of all those infomercials of some clown with 10 new cars and his million dollar house showing at the start telling you he has this system to make you rich for $500.  If he really had some system making all that money, he would not want to give out the info or need your money, would he.  NEVER PAY FOR SPORTS PICKS!!!

dude, most, if not all of the systems on this site aren't worth crap. There are no magic systems people. 

Did you buy the systems from the infomercial? Is that how you figured out they were scams too? 

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