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Quote Originally Posted by thirdperson:

Actually, social security fund is not going broke soon.  According to congress budget office, fund is in good shape until 2052.  Even if a shortfall is forecasted, a combination of policy adjustments could fix funding issues.  For examples, increasing payroll taxes and raising retirement age. 

Myth is that illegal immigrants drain from the system and not pay taxes.  No one can avoid paying sale, municipal, state, federal, property or income taxes.  According to Cato institute, illegal immigrants help to subsidize social security fund by paying billions in payroll taxes for public benefits they would never receive. 

Ineligible for welfare, food stamps and medicare.  Few exceptions include emergency healthcare, disaster relief and education for their children.  According to US chamber of commerce, economy needs illegal immigrants to take jobs that americans don't want to do.  60% are employed according to Harvard study.  Overall, most economists see the contributions of immigrants as workers and consumers positively boosting US economy in the long term.

Seemingly very good TRUTHFUL research and interesting facts....So, you say any Social Security shortfall will be made up by raising taxes and by raising the age a person can start taking it.

Tell me, how does that work?....Will they double or triple the weekly tax?

Will a person have to be 75 or older to start their retirement?

Do some more research at this and please let us know...thanks...

And you also say 60% of migrants are employed...What about the other 40%....How do they get money to live?...Welfare?...crime?...please elaborate...

I am not an expert on this subject so I must use COMMON SENSE.....

OPEN BORDERS, AND FREE WELFARE FOR ALL THAT COME......Will not bode well for the average American citizen..
JimmyDrizzl created a topic Social Security going broke by 2028
in Politics

Saw that on the news last week a few times....Govt. officials have been warning us peons for years that the social security trust fund is running out of money, and quickly.

HOWEVER, they never ever say we will run out of money to bring in and settle millions and millions of undocumented aliens to our country( already 20 mil here now)

The open border crowd .. (idiots, all of them).. wants unlimited amounts of millions more to come in from anywhere in the world....If you are poor and uneducated and can somehow get here to the United States...YOU CAN STAY,... FOREVER....Not only can you stay, but we will give you , food, housing, medical care, education, etc., etc....Costing the taxpayers hundreds of billions a year to support them in the last year alone....Add tens of millions more projected to come in future years and the cost goes up to the trillions range.

Only caveat to the migrants looking for expensive handouts....You MUST vote democrat..

You fools out there that are working hard every day and are paying a certain percentage of your pay into the social security system will never see a dime paid back to you..... All that money you will have paid into Social Security will be used to keep paying off the illegals to keep voting dem-wit.....AND, not to get out of control and start riots and mahem in the streets..

Think ahead to the future you fools...liberal marxists never do this as they only can only think with feelings and emotion... facts and logic only get in the way.....Filling this country with poor uneducated migrants that will,.. NEVER, EVER,.. be gainfully employed will turn out to be extremely bad in the end for the legal taxpaying citizens....Why is Trump the only person in govt. that sees this clearly?


Just another dumb day in Washington......I see the latest news that the Post Office has lost billions in the last fiscal year and now needs to raise the price of postage to help cure the deficit...

Idiots and fools are in charge of the Post office as that is standard operating procedure ( don't get me started on the local road commision dingbats as well)......Things have changed so much over the last number of years as we all know with the internet and smart devices replacing regular mail as the prefered way of doing things.....Just about everyone pays most of their bills by online banking and email and therefore has no real need to mail as much anymore............We definitely still need mail service, yes indeed we do .......JUST NOT EVERY DAY DELIVERY as a message to the numbnuts in charge.

They could save so much money by going from 6 days a week delivery to 2 or 3 days or even 4 times a week as that is all we really need nowadays for residential homes....Business adresses could still get everyday service if needed..

Saving money and efficiency is not in the govts. vocabulary it seems...They need to wake up and start serving the public with a modicum of intelligence and instead CUT the price of postage.

BUT, once the govt hires someone...They never get fired or layed off...

YEAH, I know this issue is small potatoes and the liberals on this site will certainly ridicule this post...but, damn ...The govt should work for us citizens.....Not us working for them..



JimmyDrizzl created a topic Wall will pay for itself
in Politics

Last year it cost all of the hard working taxpayers approx. 118 billion to process, feed, house, give medical care, welfare payments, etc. etc. to the millions of illegal border crossers that got past the border guards.....A stinking* wall extension in critical areas that will cost 5 billion would probably cut the 118 bil figure by at least half....We save 50 bil a year or more......CRITICAL TO ACT NOW..... if no new wall is built very soon the number of migrants coming over will only skyrocket up as they are poor...but not the word of the demrats stupidity on open borders gets out more and more will get ready for the trip........The way the situation is now.....THE ENTIRE POPULATION OF GUATAMALA , EL SALVADOR, AND HONDURAS IS ELIGIBLE TO CLAIM ASYLUM IF THEY CAN POSSIBLY SET ONE FOOT ON AMERICAN SOIL....SO DUMB ARE THE DEMON-RATS to let this happen and ruin the country that we the people and our ancestors have built for over 200 years...

Side note...Trump needs to urgently place a 20% tax on all money send by migrants back to their home country...THIS WILL BE A SMART WAY OF GETTING SOME OF OUR TAX MONEY BACK.....LET THEM PAY... "their fair share" as the dims always say...

JimmyDrizzl replied to 2020 Rep Field
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So you hate Trump...fine.....He does have many faults and rough dispute there....But, he is awfully good at a few things he said he would do....Not perfect but has gotten some good things done...

Therefore, in 2020 who do the dims have that can out negotiate with the Norks, China, Russia, Iran, Africa, South America, and whatever other country that gets out of line?

Dims as a stone cold fact..... HAVE NEVER BEEN STRONG ON FOREIGN POLICY.... that I can remember...

Obama..joke...Clinton...joke....Bush jr....( rino)..also a joke..

Biden would be lame.....K. Harris....lame......Gillibrand...really lame....Booker....clueless.....E.Warren....just needs to get drunk on beer....Too many weak candidates on the dims side......Oh, I forgot Kaine....Kiss the country goodbye if he could somehow wave a magic wand and pull off a win and get elected prez...


JimmyDrizzl replied to 2020 Rep Field
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Quote Originally Posted by Midnight1:

"One core belief I have always held is that our strength as a nation is inextricably linked to the strength of our unique and comprehensive sy. coming from the current WH.


You libs are certainly having a good time with all your bashing today, BUT,...

You libs always seem to forget that the world is not a static place.....Things are always changing one way or the other and the wise persons understand that fact....Mattis....was living in the past......Did good where he was and what he did, and when he did it, however, it was time for him to go as we now move forward with a more clear thinking pattern regarding our foreign policy....

Strategy now dictates we HAVE to get much smarter in how we spend our scarce money, and HOW and when we deploy our precious assets( young men and women in harms way)..

THE WORLD HAS CHANGED IN THE LAST FEW YEARS...OUR LEADERS NEED TO BE STRONG AND SMART WITH OUR LIMITED obviously disagree midnight...Good luck with your outmoded view..


Nature....You are so far off on some weird tangent that you better go smoke a dooby and chill for a while...

JimmyDrizzl replied to Mr. Know It All
in Politics

So Trump is a genius....Who woulda thought?


Quote Originally Posted by HockeyTeeth:

Why is a border wall immoral in the USA, but not Jordan?


BECAUSE we have IDIOTS running the DIMwit party... And, Yes, let's have open borders, eliminate the ICE officers and let in all who want to come to the USA regardless of nothing.

AND, when they get here, supply them with welfare stamps...medical education...ETC......ALL THEY HAVE TO DO TO GET ALL THESE FREEBIES IS ...VOTE FOR THE dimWITS TO QUALIFY...

And you dumb jackass liberals keep working your asses off every day to pay for it....

Heard this on the news a few times in the last week or two: Social Security will be broke by 2026....I guess this is true...SEEMS that in the last year 2018,....It cost the taxpayers 118 billion in welfare and other costs to take care of the illegals already here....Wait until there is another 10 or 20 million more illegals gettin* free stuff if the Dimwits win the 2020 elections and reopen the border....All you Dims out there working your whole life paying in to Social Security and then not collecting....ALL the money you were supposed to collect for your retirement now being paid to illegals and their offspring.....HAH

Ready for Kamala....You aint seen nutthin yet if she can win in 2020....


Quote Originally Posted by hillardoh1:

Can someone tell me how how mathmatically the odds makers make a moneyline ? lets say for college basketball, nba,college football and NFL.


Doesn't really matter how they do it if you are gifted enough to formulate your own line and to secure winners....Most persons are woefully incompetent at this and always lose.....Do not see many sportsbooks closing up shop lately for having to pay out more than they take in...

JimmyDrizzl replied to My Gambling Dilema.
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Quote Originally Posted by totals4u:

Quote Originally Posted by 666LES:

Quote Originally Posted by MIZUNO22:

FELLAS!!!, we're on the same team.  I don't want your money.  I don't want your time.  What do I want???  I want to give you simple knowledge that will offset the advantages used to build all the 'Taj Mahals' on the strip.  IT IS A FREE GIFT, did I say we're on the same team?  Totals4U & 666Les brought out the knives, but generally, I see valid points, "its a scam, or why share it"?  Listen, I get it, its hard to sift thru all the evil in this realm.  Implying me to be a tout couldn't be further from the truth.  Again, I get it.  I'll cut to the chase.  This past Sunday Night, I had a seminole moment, watching 60 Minutes.  The segment was about innovator / entrepreneur, Elon Musk.  This wasn't the focal point, but he stated that there are open patents for Teslas' designs regarding electric cars.  For the 'greater good' he's willing to share the information to competition, for a better, cleaner, earth.  So, I'm not willing to share my system (which has stood the test of time) on the forum, but if anyone wants to discuss, listen, and I encourage debate, I'm willing to share.  They've taken enough, time to take back.
Again MIZUNO, you play Streak Survivor on and you take time to pick your play by that you don't play every day.Since 2005 you've made over 2500 plays with a streak of 9 your best and an over-all losing record.If you are playing the contest I would guess you would use the "good" plays to at least win a sweatshirt.It seems you are unsure just what you do want to do except masturbate in public,Again you sure quack like a duck.
============================= This should be a good lesson for everyone Don't smoke weed more than 4 hours straight Otherwise you'll go into chat rooms with dilemma's the Taj Majal getting Seminole moment's which reminds I had a Seminole Moment, I went for an Air Boat ride west of Miami at the Seminole Indian camp I need to share alson and I do so post posting on King of covers contests which you should be doing vs the Trippy rap


Love it that you had a "SEMINOLE MOMENT" ..funny stuff indeed...

JimmyDrizzl replied to My Gambling Dilema.
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Quote Originally Posted by MIZUNO22:

If you could buy into a successful system; how much would you be willing to pay?


Please spare me the 'one liner' comebacks .... even after a veteran like GoldenGoose afforded me 90 minutes of his time, via phone call, he came away thinking what I had to say was plausible.


So, how much would you be willing to pay?

"Pay" for picks?...You must be partly insane as nobody on this forum would do that, EVER.....UNLESS you have documented proof of long term success..

You have no proof, so here is the final thought to end this dumb thread once and for all.

Post in this thread your five best picks each week for one month...If you are better than 52% we can then re-consider your "system"..for sale..

WHO GIVES A FOOK about this stupid crap from the corrupt swamp scum that run the DOJ and FBI....They are the REAL collusion going on.....They JUST HAVE to have "SOMETHING" to pin on Trump after spending 30 million or so on a two year "investigation"

JimmyDrizzl replied to Powercore NFL week 14 plays
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Quote Originally Posted by powercore:

Quote Originally Posted by JimmyDrizzl:

  Yeah, all dogs except for Lions.....Lions cannot possibly win without running back carry-on ( Johnson) in the lineup....He is listed as a non start....Maybe the favorite in this game wins...I doubt it....Look back over the last 20 years....Lions HARDLY EVER WIN AS A ROAD FAVORITE...
Don't have time to look over the last 20 years, but the Lions are the better team in the better spot so I am going to roll with em.  Cardinals just won their super bowl so they can feel free to pack it in for the rest of the season.


Sounds like you know what you are doing and best of luck today...an_cheers

JimmyDrizzl replied to Powercore NFL week 14 plays
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Quote Originally Posted by CanadaCup:

Dog day afternoon


Yeah, all dogs except for Lions.....Lions cannot possibly win without running back carry-on ( Johnson) in the lineup....He is listed as a non start....Maybe the favorite in this game wins...I doubt it....Look back over the last 20 years....Lions HARDLY EVER WIN AS A ROAD FAVORITE...

Quote Originally Posted by TheGoldenGoose:

Amen.  I don't work.  I need my investments to produce. 

I 'm retired as well and share the same sentiment.........It is not that easy to get solid gains nowadays with all the hedge fund and mutual funds having the unfair advantage of computerized trading and instant information and news.


Hmmm, all pretty interesting...However I possibly see it this way.. possibly!...He fakes his own kidnapping and suspect death?....5 Dimes is closed and all the assets are gone....Tony lives the rest of his comfy life with the many millions he scammed from Goose and others....Shysters like him will do ANYTHING for money..

Anybody know if 5Dimes is still paying out to winners? or, are they totally kaput?


Quote Originally Posted by darkhorse12:

Quote Originally Posted by JimmyDrizzl:

  OK, Just you go first.....How exactly did Russia interfere in the last election? AND, even more important....Are the Russians planning on doing the same nefarious things in the election in 3 weeks....AND, Who do they want to win...dim candidates or Trump endorsed candidates?
They have sown the seeds of discord among the general population of the U S. They will destroy us from within. It is a proven fact that they are spreading fake news about many subjects ie vaccinations, candidates etc . If republicans win they will continue, if dems win they will continue doesn't matter which candidates win they will do everything they can do to promote doubt in the other side. The problem with trump is he will not take a stand against russia. Why is that? Maybe because being a businessman he is indebted to putin and the russian oligarchs . All he has to do is to condemn putin but I don't see that happening in the near future.


So much to digest from your flawed goes...(1) "They will destroy us from within by spreading fake news"...Really?.....The general public is THAT stupid?....AGAIN, for you to understand...Russia has been doing minor meddling for decades as all countries do....Nothing new....we are still here and will survive unless you want a war to get to your socialist nirvana goal.

(2) " Trump will not take a stand against Russia".....What do you want him to do? ..He really cannot do much except financial sanctions...I get it, finally...You want him to start a war....Isn't that what you really want?

(3) "Condemn Putin"...What would that accomplish?.. Would anything change?... Seems as Trump is walking the fine line with Putin....Better to have him as an ally against our major biggest threat...which is...terrorism....If the religious nut cases ever get their hands on nuclear or biological weapons we will need worldwide cooperation..

(4) Forget Russia....Let them do what they do...We will do what we do....Our goal is to improve the USA first and forever....We want jobs, freedom,peace and prosperity.....Trump is trying to do this but you left wing socialists want be it!!!


Quote Originally Posted by darkhorse12:

Instead of deflecting to immigration why not debate what you commented on?


OK, Just you go first.....How exactly did Russia interfere in the last election? AND, even more important....Are the Russians planning on doing the same nefarious things in the election in 3 weeks....AND, Who do they want to win...dim candidates or Trump endorsed candidates?


Quote Originally Posted by darkhorse12:

Quote Originally Posted by JimmyDrizzl:

Trump isn't from russia but he represents them .   DELUSIONAL PERSON....Please explain this nonsense with facts and logic....YOU can't because you are brainwashed with mush.
Crimea,   G-7,     Interference in our election,  just to name 3. do some research, drizzle person.


Hard to believe so many care about Russia as a negative charge on Trumps job approval....Who cares about Russia and what they do. Russia has been doing bad things for , well ,, just forever....nothing we can do about it unless to start war( nobody wants that)....We just want to make the good ole USA better than it is now as the main goal....Get it??

Immigration: dims want wide open borders....let everyone in from anywhere in the world....C'mon in, we will give you lots of free stuff, really!.....Trump and his supporters want to secure the border and also deport millions of illegals that have been here for many years and are still collecting welfare that you American idiots are paying for....Bring in millions and millions more third world refugees to our homeland.....No way can you make America great again by doing that kind of a stupid stunt...



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