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conrad63 replied to 'pre' 2017
in College Basketball
Thanks and will just play and win.  Appreciate your efforts.BOL
conrad63 replied to 'pre' 2017
in College Basketball
Quote Originally Posted by wmi799:

It's based on Kenpom ratings. 

Some use (I think ryno does)
Bet against any team that:
1. Is outside of Kenpom's top 180
2. Is at home
3. Is favored by 6.5 or more and plays in a conference that always has "lined" games

Others use
Bet against any team:
That Is Kenpom #165 or worse
That OPENS as a 6.5 point favorite  
That is at home and always has "lined" games  

Here is a link to KineProfessor who used to do this

Question please If the team has to be at home why is Bowling Green a play tonight?  Thanks
Like Santa Clara and Temple.  GOOD LUCK with all your picks!!!!!
conrad63 replied to Sunday Diamonds
in MLB Betting
Biddy explained this in a previous post.  So there must be 2 of you that have a problem with how HE POSTS.
I hope  Key is OK, it isn't like him not to post without warning.
conrad63 replied to MLB 6/23/16
in MLB Betting
Thanks Key!!!   BOL
Thanks Key,  Enjoy the trip!!!
conrad63 replied to MLB 6/06/16 One
in MLB Betting

Thanks   BOL


conrad63 replied to NCAA Baseball Regionals
in MLB Betting
WOW Really lucky.
conrad63 replied to NCAA Baseball Regionals
in MLB Betting

Quote Originally Posted by EaglesPhan36:

Going to stick with Xavier, now @ +155


THANKS  Great pick!!!!  BOL

Thanks Key,  Looking forward to a big night!!!!!   BOL
Welcome back, always a pleasure. GOOD LUCK  This year
conrad63 replied to 4/4 Daylight Dog
in MLB Betting
Hope you have a profitable healthy year.
USC Thanks for all your efforts and work.  Also Thanks for Colorado and the early post.  BOL
If you gamble long enough you are going to see everything.  BAD BEATS and UNEXPECTED WINS.  In years to come you're going to remember them all, so let them go now or they're going to drive you crazy!!!!

Great capping.  Keep it going.  GL

conrad63 replied to system wk 1
in College Basketball
Got it!!!!  Thanks
conrad63 replied to system wk 1
in College Basketball
[Quote: Originally Posted by JP13] What up Ryno...I was on here the last couple of years with you during this time of the year, and was on the system thread daily last year. Also helped out a lot with the AJ's last year...Got a couple for you to check out today...

(603) Char.South @ Gardner Webb -8   kp#223

(577) East.Illi @ Tenn. Martin -7   kp#218
JP13  Just started subscribing to KP.  My numbers are different than yours:  Char.South is KP303  and EastIll. is KP278.    Any idea why?
conrad63 replied to I'm Done!
in College Basketball
As a kid in the 70's I went to Yonkers Raceway and won $50.00.  Came home bragging about it.  My father said "Son the worst thing that could happen to you is the fact you won"  He was right!!!!!
conrad63 replied to 37 Days
in MLB Betting
[Quote: Originally Posted by KeyElement] Until pitchers and catchers report and we are getting BORED around here. The dominoes are not falling fast enough and every time someone signs the bloggers say "Now it will happen!" But, it doesn't, and that has made for a rather boring Hot Stove season around here. I am already shopping for ST tickets and don't know who the heck I am going to see in what uniform! Outfielders and starting pitchers seem to be slowest and apparently the Orioles are still in the market for everything. 

One other opinion: I think the Cubs season win totals will open very high, as every amateur bettor from coast to coast thinks they can win at least a hundred games, which may happen, but is far too high to wager real money on (reality check). The first thing to consider may be the under, and a hedge later on the over, after the serious money has driven it down. Just a thought.
Key what do you think of the early opening line of 89 for Cubbies.

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