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New coaches, regardless of experience, were 0-7 on the first week of the NFL season.

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After y'day, LSU at Auburn is now 9-1 to the under.
Don't forget this in the tear 2020...

LSU at Auburn
Year Played - point total [& posted total]:
2018 - 43 [45]
2016 - 31 [44]
2014 - 48 [55.5]
2012 - 22 [45]
2010 - 41 [52]
2008 - 47 [37 = lowest total ever set in this series ]
2006 - 10 [41.5]
2004 - 19 [41.5]
2002 - 38 [44.5]
2000 - 51 [52]

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Behind the scenes of an NFL team
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D. Broncos now 18-1 in Home-Openers
(2011 Raiders snapped their W-streak);
also the 1st time getting Sea @home as
Sea crushed 'em 8-43 in Superbowl '14,
and rvenge Denver's laying only 3 pts !!!


ASU at home in September vs. a BIG10 team
is now 5-0 SU as ASU beat MSU y'day 16-13,
laying 4.5 to Michigan State (the #14 team) !!
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NCAAF's SEC vs. ACC parallels precisely the
NCAAB's SEC vs. ACC = 4 teams Vs. 1 team:
CFB's SEC w/ 4 teams Vs. the ACC's 1 team
and CBB's SEC w/ 1 team vs. ACC's 4 teams.

NCAAF's SEC has 'Bama, Georgia, LSU and
Auburn that on any given Saturday, in any
year you like, can beat any other college
team — and the ACC has only Clemson
that can beat any team in any year —
especially at home in "Death Valley."

NCAAB sees the SEC with only one team that
is a perenial powerhouse: Kentucky, and they
are the Clemson of CFB, the one & only team
that is a NCAAF powerhouse in the ACC Conf.
while the NCAAB's ACC has Duke, Virginia,
North Carolina, and Notre Dame, that in any
year you like, can beat any other college
basketball team.
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Last night Texas A&M was victimized
by one of, if not the very worst, rule
in all of sports: The Touchback Rule:
When the ball's fumbled into the end-zone by the
team trying to score a touchdown, the other side
gets the ball; it's like a turnover, even tho' it ain't

If that rule were revised, Tex A&M most likely gets
a TD — or at least a FG, and is not so demoralized
such that they do not let Clem drive to a 80 yd TD
and, added to TAM's next drive for a TD, they beat
Clemson by at least 7, if not by 15 b/c momentum
in the 4th Quarter was all on TAM's side, even thru
the bogus Touchback Rule (Bellechick's outlawed it
on all accounts, so you'll never see TD-lunges from
any player playing for any team he coaches); TAM
still out-played & out-scored Clemson by a total of
13 pts to nothing !!

Instead, last night in College Station, TX,
"Home of the 12th Man," Texas A&M, the
5th best team in the SEC Conf., must get
a loss by a mere deuce to the #2 ranked
team in the nation, Clemson (in the ACC).

Texas A&M had a chance to tie it at the very
end of regulation, but their 2-pt conversion
got intercepted in the endzone.
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Last year's home opener  for UNLV was an inside job,
looking like a complete embarrassment, with Howard
spoiling the start of UNLV's 50th season of play
with the biggest upset in college football history
based on point spread, winning 43-40.

This year gives +775 on the UNLV dive taking.
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The MLB year 2004 saw 5,451 home-runs blasted,
but the league's on pace to top that total by over 150.
2018's set the single-season record for Walk-off HRs.

Of all the teams still in hunt for October,
the Cubs have been walked-off the most,
in stark contrast to the Oakland Athletics
— the one and only team that has not had
a loss the whole year when leading in the
7th inning and beyond.  The Amazing A's.
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2018 MLB may become historic
in terms of the number of teams
that qualify for The Playoffs by a
tie in their season W/L records -

AL with 2 Divisional winners plus
3 or 4 more teams forced to play
an extra deciding game, and with
NL having 3 teams tied in each of
its 3 divisions = 9 teams reaching
post-season play beyond 162 —

Post-season teams may very well
total 15 this year 2018, and that is
the most ever, showing a parity in
the league that the only other one
that's bettable has is Tourney-CBB.
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Quote Originally Posted by Pendo:

The St. Louis Cards have not had a left-handed started
win a game at the Rockies' Coors Field since 1999 ! ! !

StL & Mike Shildt, their new interim-manager since 15 July 2018,
have finally had a lefty starter win a game at the Rox Coors Field: Austin Gomber, 0 ER, 6 IP, 5 H, 0 HR, 6 K, 1 BB: pure quality start.

Figures, as the StL Cards have gone 26-12 = .684 winning-%age
with Shildt as their Skipper.
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If Trout stopped playing baseball today,
by his numbers alone, he's in the HOF.

Hawaii, 2018's World Champions of
Little League, and all the rest of the
other teams that played, had their
players pick their favorite player in
MLB for this year: One player got
over 3 times as many votes as the
2nd favorite MLB player...
That guy that the baseball-playing
kids like most is indeed this year's
easily most exciting and dynamic
player on both offense & defense:
He's the National League's Trout.
Ednel Javier Báez ("El Mago").
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The St. Louis Cards have not had a left-handed started
win a game at the Rockies Coors Field since 1999 ! ! !
"Good research there. I am quite familiar with the Rangers one from 2013. Only loss on post All-Star home system since I started tracking in 1999. "  ~CKP22

"Weird loss brought by weirdo Pres. Bush in attendance..."  ~Pendo
Shades of y'day, as the Braves @ Miami:
That terrible first & only loss w/i this sys:
"F Game" would've precluded the loss:
W. Chen (who is starting today's game)
beat Braves & Blair 6-4 on 24-IX-16...

Hey River Monster,

Tomorrow will be exactly 6 months to the day
since you posted this - how are your results?
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St-L's made the most errors in MLB, 88, the
worst they've played since 1958, & the new
Mgr knows next to nothing about adjusting:
Jerko is the worst fielder in the bigs & AAA,
and the St-L Mgr keeps putting the Padre-
reject out onthe field (Jerko also can't hit),
& to play Pham, not Fowler in Center is so

As St-L beats itself, their foes gets Energized
and collectively feel as a group that St-L does
NOT deserve to win at the MLB-level,
St-L is a loser more often than not this season.

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The 51st running of The Haskell Invitational

The Haskell Invitational ($1 Mill.) runs tomorrow
for the 51st time, 29 July 2018.   A key event for
3-year-olds, as it's the bridge between the the
Triple Crown races and the year-end
Breeders' Cup championships.

4 Haskell winners earned Horse of the Year honors:
Spend a Buck (1985),
Holy Bull (1994), Horse of the Year in 1994
w/ a  great 115 (avg) Beyer Speed Figure,
won the 1994 Haskell Inv'l at 1-5 odds.
Rachel Alexandra (2009) recently and
American Pharoah (2015), the 1st Triple Crown
winner in 37 yrs, won 2015's Haskell (1-10 odds).

Big Brown, tho' not 2008's Horse of the Year, did
win both the Kentucky Derby & the Preakness,
and then won the 2008 Haskell, going off at 1-5.
Curlin won Horse of the Year again in 2008
right after winning in 2007.

2018's field of entries misses Triple Crown winner
Justify, who's now retired to stud, but does include
Good Magic, the Kentucky Derby runner-up, and
Bravazo, the Preakness runner-up.
Lone Sailor, 8th in the Kentucky Derby, 5th in the
Preakness, will be ridden for the 1st time by
13-time Monmouth Park riding champion Joe Bravo.
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is 100 y.o. in 2019,
as it was brought into
Le Tour de France
in 1919.  
It's worn by the leader in
'general classification'
and the winner of this jersey
is said to have won Le Tour de France!

And next year's edition of "The Tour" is the 100th
anniversary of the Yellow Jersey,
so the Grand Tour starts in Brussels, Belgium
as it did when for the 1st time
it started in Belgium
honoring the year 1958
as that year's Edition of
"The Tour" started in the EU's capitol city,
besides honoring 1958
it also honored 'Expo 58'
(aka, The Brussels World’s Fair
Brusselse Wereldtentoonstelling,
et Exposition Universelle et
Internationale de Bruxelles),
which was the very first major
World Expo after World War II,
when the famous Atomium,
a building that's a giant model
of a unit cell of an iron crystal,
was opened; the building also
paying tribute to ironworkers
(and steelworkers) who are
undisputedly the world's best
because they have and still do
make the world's best quality.

With tradition dictating that the Yellow Jersey
is not attacked during the final stage into Paris,
congrats to Geraint Thomas, a 32-year-old
Welshman, who will be crowned the winner of
Le Tour de France 2018 tomorrow, since he
gave yet another strong performance in
today's 20th and penultimate stage.
Thomas is only the 3rd Briton to win
bicycling’s most prestigious race.
He sealed the Yellow Jersey
by finishing 3rd in the 31km individual time trial,
with an overall lead of 1min 51sec.; his closest
rival in the general classification, Tom Dumoulin,
A Hollander, won the stage by 1 second over
Chris Froome (& 14 seconds ahead of Thomas).
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Quote Originally Posted by Pendo:

Well yes, Cole Hamels
was dealing 12.8 P/IP:
Now 28-6 (Himself)
for starts in July.

He's been a Cub-killer
for quite some time now,
& his teams = 7-2 in St. Lou
& went 9-4 in the Postseason
for the Phils — he must become
that guy who is target Number One
for Thee Brew Crew who ought to
go out and get him before the
July 31st trade deadline!

Texas is sending Cubs $9 Mill in cash to cover Hamels’ salary.
Cole gives Cubs rotation depth & an October-tested vet arm.
Cole's Phils are 4-0 in his October starts, & 3-1 vs. Kershaw!
Tex is getting Rollie Lacy & another pitcher, & a player to be
named later, w/ “another pitcher” being “not a prospect.”
The sense from tweets on Twitter seems that this is
someone on the Cubs' major league roster, or
someone w/ MLB experience who's in AAA.

Quote Originally Posted by BookieKiller01:

235- 203-19 YTD. +39450Units YTD.

Great work BK !!