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ROVIN56 created a topic VT plus 5 1/2
in College Basketball
 got this to 6    wisconsin cant score   defend well but this Tech team has shown first offer since i gave you Pats over....andf ya   i made a pile in general on my boyz    i need this site like a hole in head  ha
concur  with all above    cats motivated
hey  bud   go sit on an egg and aint now or ever will be half a what i am    true factg  and anyone here will tell u
Nova  in battle for life....Vermont   baby   do it!!!
im gonna start from the bottom i would with a naked woman who passes muster..and im gonna be real honest idea of muster is far from what   say   a navy  s.e.a.l. team member might endure before signing for the night goggles and popping into enemy territory undetected  and ready to mingle....... 

10.  look  if you havent taken thursday off fine...but certainly tell the men you work with THIS  is a HOLIDAY  not presidents day or kwanzaa or box hat week or the rest...a real MAN Holiday and youll see them monday morning......if you work with women  im sorry...if you work FOR  a woman...see  navy s.e.a.l.  above  borrow weapon  and shoot  yourself ....

9.  yeah i know i get it you are a gambler and these games are coming fast and furious like bullets from a gatling gun eastwood just poked out from under a wagon are positively mowing down redlegs   mexicans  comancheros  etc etc.   get out of MY WAYYYYYYYY....tatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatataaatataatt

8.  i love lookin at these (mostly)  black sleek talented athletes  each with their own unique look...a  goatee perhaps   some dreadlocks  some tats  its all good...i love they are getting a college education as reward for all that work  and unfortunately  as much as i come to like them if i have money on them and they miss a free throw at the end of the game i find myself wishing the national guard would roll into the neighborhood where they were raised by amazing grandma  and turn it into  its all in good fun    relax....

7.  when you get home from work on thursday  theres no waiting till 6 or 7 to bet on the stray nba or college game..they are spread out like a beautiful awning over a thai cabana way out on the turquoise water...and you my friend are ready for an evening massage   just pick up the phone over there on the rattan table.....

6.  madness is a sign of Spring...and unless you live in like the upper peninsula  or vermont  where lamb coozys are all the rage   heh heh for keeping liquid WARM....this is azalea time    the masters on horizon  largemouth moving off beds.....

5.  you want to see a top seed upset...and no i dont mean kansas or kentucky or the heels....we ALL want to see Duke go down   and FAST  in fact we want to see Grayson Allen reach his arm into the belly of a Drexel cheerleader and pull out a  few feet of intestine after a missed free throw leads to a loss...and we want to see coach K join him in fighting for it  it at midcourt   blood everywhere.....

4.  the first days of madness your bracket is are about to win 25 grand  and when you do you are going to rub it in the faces of the cretinous vermin who for years have put you and yore picks down in the gambling might take a trip to thailand too...hell start the day with a massage  why wait till dusk??

3. madness is its own escape  from the suspicion that the world is slowly reverting into basically  a dictatorship of the wealthy and priviliged...they are gonna rain down such a cloud of filth and horror  while getting tax breaks and sweetheart deals  and scoping out an escape to another planet that not even the 25 grand you win on your bracket will buy enough johnny walker black to obliterate the bad        ENJOY!!!

2. the start of madness is a blissful  holy thing    a clean start...a trip down memory  lane   a warm are gonna bet  like a bastard and you know it

1. kansas state cheerleaders      good lord   thats   all im gonna say    GOOD  LORD    and good luck    

theres a risk in thinking history repeats Soon.....also Ryan has had ample time to consider what Cam did and didnt do and as a Pats fan i dont see our defense as equal to what Denver brought to table last year...i just dont...they are solid but the strip sacks arent coming one after the over here    good luck
good luck big dog

 yeah  Ryan is a class act   he does the right things  polar opposite of the toxic Cam Thang...he has at least as many weapons as Tom comin out of backfield and in spread offense..this thing feels like the Carolina Pats Superbowl  a  rousing second half fireworks display which purges all the lady Gaga emotion good and bad out of system and hand pumps one good purge of the football adrenal to get us to next year......dont bet against Vegas here...3 points is alot in  the NFL....

but remember  what we saw from Blount last game is definitely worth considering...he is an Animal  an absolute resolute force of nature  right up there with Marshawn  and Riggins   and and and.....Jim Nance  lol      that s for all you real Pats fans....just a nugget    the gold comes later......
hey whatever happens you will be on the edge of your seat...hope it has a nice view of juicy cleavage    female cleavage of course....  good luck

 i guess Aaron Rodger's carving knife wuz a bit dull a few weeks ago ehhhhh???...granted Pats have a running attack whereas Pack had given up on it....but anyone who thinks Falcons are push over on defense seriously needs to go back and watch film    with the sound off    and no commercial interuptions
I know i want a pick. Or at the very least a prognostication maybe a scenario that has one team fumbling on the first series and falling far behind only to take the lead before half  then give it away again in the 4th.   Hey   what do i look like? the Buddha Boy Wonder, a government radiation experiment gone awry and rolled out every February because it is capable of seeing INTO THE FUTURE and for good measure right thru the clothing of Victoria Secret models???
 OK  get a grip.  Lets look at the facts. First of all and most important the Pats are my team, maybe even more valued than the Red Sox when you factor in the amount of games they play per year and how truly entertaining most have been over the years, Not always close but entertaining in all particulars. Parcells...the snowplow incident..Steve Grogan...its all lore and cream on the the way   ummmmwhen the Pats play a superbowl  almost every game is thrilling ..its true  we all know it.
  So where are we. Politically i feel the karma favors the Falcons. You got Brady and Belichek lumped in with DT (who in fact is an experiment gone terribly awry but forget that.) Atlanta is the nerve center of the storied Civil Rights movement and oh  yeah  they have the horses to keep up with the PATS on the scoreboard. Matt Ryan doesnt fawn over Billionaires....also  Vegas wants Atlanta bad.  They havent budged on the spread  they want all your Patriot money they can get. Tom Bradys chip on shoulder will be about as powerful as chipped beef if Atlanta gets some pass rush  and believe me  this game is going over the total. Thats where my money is....
I ll keep this short. Bet on the damn Falcons with the points and dont look back. Im against you but also  im pulling for you too...go figure....

last year i reamed out the Carolina Cam idiots on here before the game and a few weeks ago i published a Tract on Clemson winning....i did post a bad call on the Texans covering vs my Pats  but you ll have that and it looked good for awhile  but the Texans are sorrier than i thought. Atlanta aint....nuhhhh uhhhhhhh baby

alrighty then  we got a half of football left  and id say  i know my team prety welll leys get the win  and the money and move on......tomorrow is coming  i GUARANTEE it
by day  i meant  day of week  ie  wednesday or thursday  but its gotta be a month apart...not a specific numeral date
done the check for last few years  it comes fed ex and within a few days...lately they use a canadian bank and it takes my dinky bank a few weeks to cash it  no problems at all except they give you a monthly free payout day (minumum a grand) and if you dont request on exactly that day they charge a fee for payout   sticklers that way  but i live with it because ive gotten em pretty good  over time...they dont mess around   they dont have to
ROVIN56 created a topic lets talk COWBOYS
in NFL Betting
yeah i know Jerry Jones is overdue and he is tired of hiding himself in his cabana on the Florida Gulf Coast winter after winter while other teams play meaningful games in January ...Americas Team is ready to take its albeit ironic marching position given an african american qb in lockstep behind the new Political Reality of Regressing to Rural Values...or sumthing...... 

aint happenin America...This little party is gonna be Over before it started in so many ways...yeah  not just football....go ahead and bet the rookie against the Bad Man.....tell Green Bays receivers they cant fill in for Jordy  and that their running backs arent charged to run down this silly Patriotic backdrop of a stadium like maddened gazelles..i ll take the points and the team with a winning streak  and the better qb and i will see you next weekend...minus the BigScreen   and poor ole Jerry
Quote Originally Posted by Jrod6:

Once this games over I guarantee I'll see a thread posted that reads

 "remind me to never bet against the patriots, no matter how big the spread is"

I so LOVE  a guarantee.....but im depending on my own craftiness and not a God Granted  Power  to  ummmmm   muddle thru lol.....
check back with me Sat. night
Quote Originally Posted by Hoyasaxa:

Quote Originally Posted by ROVIN56:

and this from a diehard Pats fan
also part time social commentator

lets review:
first of all today is the day the  nascent Trump administration will incontrovertibly prove just how stupid they think the rest of us are with a press conference  it has been avoiding for obvious reasons
ie  it doesnt have a clue about how to address even ONE of the many questions we legimately have as a free society and im gonna pass on that lengthy and horrifying itemization...lets stick with how gullible Vegas thinks we are....

HELL NO, BRO and you can call me anytime or email me on Politics and let's put up some money-the new admin vs. Obama...

In 8 weeks Trump has already secured more job commitments than Obama did in 8 years!! And guess what bro, some of the people taking those jobs will be minorities, maybe even an undocumented skilled worker from Mexico at one of the Ford, Chrysler car plants not leaving after all...and Apple, one of your favorite companies committed to more jobs in Arizona!!!

Obama said he couldn't get Congress to pass his job bill, and he should have created works bills instead for highways and water repair in Flint, or did what Trump did and worked with the companies directly...but now he's like Gordie Howe-bitter as Gretzky ran by him, can't even leave gracefully like Bush...

People like you will see the country improve in the next few years and your 401K will go up and then you can say I get it like with Reagan...but also acknowledge your people had the worst GDP growth in a 8 year period ever!! 

agreed:  the Obama Farewell has taken on an awkward premature nostalgic Hue for sure...If the Trump people can hack their way around the psychotic figurehead and get some infrastructure plan and health care and not abandon medicare and the rest and foul the planet with coal gasses etc etc.  im all In.... im all for going against the Norms and in  that respect this guy is refreshing as hell i wont lie....but heres the thing  and its a big one...he doesnt seem to be able to unselfishly praise anybody, his lack of curiosity about human history other than the aquisition of money (i leave that conumdrum to Freudians) is frightening and his insecurity is now Legendary....we all see ourselves in this guy...we hope for the me  when you rub him the wrong way...WATCH OUT...heh

above lies the truth here...the Pats have not really played that many good teams this year not enough to prove the defense is truly as good as other Superbowl years   and this WILL be a Superbowl year  believe me....Houston can hang around the perimeter  is all im saying and of the four games it seems to me the safest in that you will always be in the game with a late meaningless touchdown or god forbid a tie or lead in 4th       (aint happenin)

Pats have paid me handsomely  but going against spread this week

contrary i know but those of us who hang round here for years in my case intermittently because of the lack of true depth and intelligence and general common sense mostly have made money in this hobby  we have provided winner after winner  and dont really much give a crap about your opinions  we just  DO
Quote Originally Posted by MRxKrazz:

I admit right after the I saw the spread of +16 after the HOU victory I was like WOW I'm all over HOU, but lets not forget, this isn't OAK with a rookie QB playing on the road and Brock and HOU wont be playing at home, 16 is still a lot to win by, but if there is any team in the league that are able to keep their foot on th gas pedal for 60mins, its your NE team. Are you really a DIE HEART PATS fan? If I was a fan of a dynasty like the Pats no way do I think this game can be close.

dude i grew up with babe parelli on black and white tv ...  the gogolack brothers...russ francis.. .. i  watched steve grogan bring us back from the dead and tony eason give us back to the bears... i survived pete carroll ...i remember the boston bar i was in when i heard of the belichek hiring...seen games in both stadiums...  im a pats fan....yup...   any other  ????? 
week 3 buddy??  really!!!

you give credence to the saying  "you can only polish a turd for so long before the nuts start falling out"

we use in that in construction to refer to jobs that require putting lipstick on a pig  but its all yours today....good luck with the strategy of betting on what a teams character was in late Sept.


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