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Funny how people on are saying let it ride and 25k isnt a lot of money....nobody who comes to this website wouldnt be helped out significantly in their life by winning 25k
LETGOPACK1234 replied to Fed live
in Tennis
Choked first set as well....up 5-3 in tiebreak with serve and lost 5-7
LETGOPACK1234 replied to Reds/rockies
in MLB Betting
Crying about a game being over in the 2nd inning in Colorado......Sportswagers you need to stop gambling, people like you should lose every bet for crying

Quote Originally Posted by PrenticeGT:

Pitchers throwing up batting practice just to give the fans a good show overseas.  This is an embarrassment to MLB with a total of 16.5.  Take the game off the board if it's gonna be a joke.  It's completely obvious these are exhibition games and should be treated as such while betting.



Take advantage of the situation and bet the over seeing slim chance this doesnt reach 20+ runs

LETGOPACK1234 replied to NL TOTALS: JUNE 28
in MLB Betting

Colorado over already up to 12.5 


Quote Originally Posted by hillardoh1:

the rangers line is too low for them to win -117




Same thing everybody said yesterday when the Rangers were dogs with their best pitcher going 


200-1 at the start of the college playoffs 

I’ve seen teams down 8 or 9 foul with less time before, and with a chance at the Final a Four only down 4 with 13 seconds not foul

And people think these games aren’t rigged....

I’ve also seen a team foul with 6 seconds down 8, other team makes both free throws to now cover and then team that fouled doesn’t even attempt last second shot....why foul with 6 seconds and then not even attempt shot at end....

Sometimes you are on right side sometimes wrong side...that’s why it’s called gambling
LETGOPACK1234 replied to Why Fresno why....t re
in College Basketball
Why press down 9 with 20 seconds? Then of course get turnover and 3 ball....of course no foul 

Can’t believe how often this happens 
LETGOPACK1234 created a topic Why Fresno why....t re
in College Basketball
this garbage happens 3+ times every night and it’s beyond sickening...

Fresno 2nd half -3 need to win by 7...

Well...Fresno gets a rebound with 40seconds up 11...of course turn it over with 22 seconds and layup..

Still ok...9 point game with 20 seconds left

Of course not...AF some reason pressing and yet another turnover and 3 ball...

AF calls another timeout with 15 seconds but doesn’t foul now covering...

This garbage is a joke 
My book already voided full game, ML and 2nd half bets
LETGOPACK1234 replied to Seton Hall vs Prov
in College Basketball
Why did it stop? I had Hall ML and points 
How do you have the ball with 20seconds in a tie game and lose by 4?..
LETGOPACK1234 created a topic Are you kidding me GTown????
in College Basketball
Second half +5.5.....up 5 with 140 left 

Need to lose by less than 3 to win the bet....somehow someway lose by 4

Game was tied with 20 seconds and the ball...and lose by4??
LETGOPACK1234 replied to Georgia will beat Bama
in College Football
Blocked punt on the 20 first drive of 2nd half...that’s game over

PI to extend tying drive...that’s game over

Refs had more to do with the comeback than Bama or Georgia
LETGOPACK1234 replied to Georgia will beat Bama
in College Football
Hate losing like that.....phantom offsides on blocked punt, phantom PI on 3rd and long, no face masks on Bama

Tough beat
LETGOPACK1234 replied to Georgia will beat Bama
in College Football
I took Dawgs 2nd half with the reason to get greedy but I don’t see them getting it to 7 point game....wouldn’t be surprised to see Georgia ML again 2nd half 
Georgia rolls....its only going to get worse
LETGOPACK1234 replied to Georgia will beat Bama
in College Football
Quote Originally Posted by LETGOPACK1234:

Please tell/show me where I said Georgia has a better D than Bama?

But, Georgia does have 2 rbs that are faster than any player on Bama defense, and that doesn’t even include Chubb who is a stud.

Bama will not score more than 17, unless their D scores...

Georgia will score 20+

Bama won’t score 17....Georgia will score 20+.....this guy sounds smart!
LETGOPACK1234 replied to Georgia will beat Bama
in College Football
Great first half.....keep it up Dawgs!!

First half ML cashes

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