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Mcpherson much like Vince Young in his early days will LOOK to run a lot--

If you can control his running you will defeat him and force him to throw the ball a lot--

Mcherson is dangerous on the move mostly beacuse of his running and his ability to run for long gains--

he can also throw on the run, so he can hit some long passes that way--

Mcpherson is the NFL equiavalent of a guy like Vince Young, he has all the skills to be great but lacks the Brains to be a consistent passer in this leauge--

Mcpherson gets by on his size and athletic ability---

I can tell you guys one thing. Montreals offense only works with CALVILLO at QB--

Did you notice with leak in there how limited the playbook was?

With Mcpherson , coach Trestman will open the playbook up, but Mcperson has been injured and he is not CALVILLO-

This is my thoughts on the line---

Montreal can COVER if they have a team EFFORT- With a team effort Mcpherson is good enough to get the job done and to control the game--

Montreal has NO RUNNING game and they are a STRICT passing team, I cant see Mchperson making all those passes---

Mcpherson is going to do as good as his DEFENSE and special teams do--

I think Hamilton covers the -3.5 because Hamilton has good linebackers to blitz and NAIL mcpherson--

THe reason Mcpherson is good because he is bigger than most players and just more athletic--

I saw him play last yaer and he looks good, but he is essentially like a college athletic black QB ---

THe Montreal offense has been run by Calvillo for over 12 years straight, he knows it like no one else--

ANy time Montreal starts anyone else they usually lose because its the equivalent of a COMPLEX NFl offense like Peyton manning runs-

Mcpherson is MILES ahead of Chris leak, he is a future star in this leauge--

Hope this INFO HELPS--


For those of you who dont know, Mcpherson played at Florida State as a QB--

He has been groomed to replace ANTHONY CALVILLO. He has been touted as a FUTURE star as QB in the CFl.

He has a big arm and is very mobile and very strong and hard to tackle-

Mcpherson was on the INJURED list because of a knee injury- He is 2 weeks ahead of REHAB and because Chris leak is injured he is starting now--

Mcpherson started a game last year on the ROAD vs WInnipeg--

Winnipeg won 35-20

Mcpershon went 20 of 35 for 232 yards and 1 td---

He rushed 11 times for 95 yards -- As i stated he is huge and big-

Quote Originally Posted by HoustonSports:


Lets let the Picks do the Talking my friend-- 

As always there are skeptics, as there should be cause these days you cant TRUST ANYONE including your own family--

However any intelligent capper can quickly conclude that my angles are the right angles to be looking at.

good luck, its prob due as hardly any games have tied-

a good payout

I would be surprised if FAVRE doesent turn the ball over with a FUMBLE or two tonight--

Drew Brees has been putting in 12 hours days daily at the SAINTS training facility- He has been studying, working out, running, working on flaws in his game--

His head is into football, we know Sean Payton's head is into football-

This is a team that has a track record of responding at HOME with big WINS vs teams-

I really think Favre is not going to be at GAME speed like he was in week 18 last year- I think his footwork may be a little slow, his conditioning may be a little off and his overall SHARPNESS has to be effected since he was not in camp since 3 weeks ago--

NFL is a game in which I dont really think a 41 year old QB can come in with 3 weeks of practice and be EFFECTIVE- I think the Saints will be given a free 7 points off a TURNOVER that is related to FAVRe being RUSTY and not in complete game shape and not being MENTALLy sharp also--

The work is done on this game, now its in the players hand as always-

THe most important factor in CAPPING is to be looking at the Correct information. I believe I have found the correct information for this game--

The worst mistake cappers make is WHAT they THINK to be TRUE is in fact NOT TRUE- 
Hence in this game I believe looking at last years NFC title game is the INCORRECT information to be looking at.  So much can change in 6 months of time---
The correct info lies in REALITY- If you can think in REALITY you will win well over 60% of your plays because REALITY always puts you in the RIGHT frame of mind and PRODUCES WINNERS at a staggering rate.

Bump so more people can read this and take this pick--

BTW those who dont know me will soon. I am ZOD--

Minnesota has a great FRONT 7-- No arguing that and last year they have Saints fits--

However they played IMO their A GAME and i cant see them PLAYING as well as last years playoff game in which they gave up 31 points--
Sean Payton will have answers with the right screens and quick passes and protection schemes-
Saints O line is the best in the NFC, they allowed the fewest sacks in the NFC--

Minnesota is being given too much respect but the fact remains Minnesota is a good defensive team at HOME, and not on the road-

Saints are dominant at home, and have managed to put up over 27 in each and single home win except for the JETS who they got 24 points--

The JETS that day played really good, I cant see the Vikigns playing like the JETS did last year--
Colts, Cardinals, Giants, Patriots, could not stop the saints and I dont see this Minny team as having what it takes to do it--

At the start of the year the offenses will be MILES ahead of the defenses-- Last year they had 18 weeks of FILM of the SAINTS offense--
This game they have NO FILM, and they are not in SYNCH yet-

I would be shocked if the Saints dont get at least 31 tonight--

Last year was last year. Last years game has little to nothing to do with this years game.

Revenge in a game only comes into play when the team who lost got BETTER and the team who WON got worse. I dont believe that Minny got better and that Saints got worse.

The reason that last years game is COMPLETELY irrelevant is because of the fact that is was at the END of the season meaning the teams were at PEAK efficiency level---

This is an example of the old saying--

"Believe nothing you HEAR and only 50% of what you see"

By looking at the NFC CHAMPIONSHIP game only it is the WRONG info to be looking at--

The RIGHT INFO to look at is this--

Saints failed to reach 27 points 3 times last season at HOME--- They got 24 vs the JETS in a WIN and only 17 vs Dallas and Tampa when they were struggling a little at the end of year-

Saints put up over 30 vs every other GOOD team including 45, 31, 31 in the post season--

This pre season BREES has been very sharp- Saitns have scored more than 30 in week 2 and week 3--  Brees threw for 2 tds in a qtr vs Houston-
Brees threw for 240 yards in week 3 preseason game vs CHARGERS--
Saints ammassed over 400 yards of offense vs Houston--

Now you bring in a team with a QB who was not in CAMP on time, missing their best receiver who is SHORT in the secondary and expect me to believe they will hold them to under 27 points-

Minnesota was 4-4 on the road last year. They beat the RAMS, Browns, Lions and Bears--
ANy good team beat them handily on the road, including Pittsburgh, Carolina, Bears and Arizona-- All 3 posted more than 30 points and Pittsburgh scored 27 points in their win--

So now what do we really have? We have a mediocre road team who beat GREEN BAY on the road, and lost to every other decent team on the road-

The favre of last year was having a great year and caught fire late in the season, he was hitting RICe all day long, rice is out tonite. Favre was sharper in better shape, faster, more focussed--

COACHING MISMATCH-- Give Brad Childress 3 months to prepare for this game, and give Sean Payton 3 months to prepare for this game-  EXPLANATION not even required--

THe saints will score and will get over 27  points tonight--
They are efficient enough on offense, playing a depleted team who was never really that good in reality--

Minnesota was the epitamy of a LUCKY TEAM- The ravens missed a game winning fgoal last year them and the miracle Td vs the 49'ers also was bullshit--

In reality the SAINTS are much better-- AS good as MINNY shut down the SAINTS last season in the playoffs, SAINTS still scored 31 points--

The play is the OVER 27-- i suspect since reading forums that a lot of people are on the UNDER that as usual the FORUMS always lose, and the game goes over because Saints put up in the 30's as they did routinely last season vs any good team--


Quote Originally Posted by StraightShooter:

100% huh? Prove it.

He has been given random drug tests since college and he has never tested positive.

Brock Lesnar simply has insane genetics and has looked like a monster since he was little. This is Brock when he was 15-16 on his high school wrestling team:

[link from unapproved source]

Brock lesnar not on roids? IMPOSSIBLE-- to be that big and get to his level he has taken performance enhancing drugs--



Also might as well take Montreal team total over- Think it should be around 31-33 range---

You are right Winnipeg pass D is terrible and calvillo has been ripping Winnipeg apart even when they had a decent pass defense--

The Winnipeg team lost 3 good db's from last year and really have no one exceptional in the unit except for JAVON JOHNSON who plays corner---

The defensive coordinator of Winnipeg is really bad, KAVIS REED was the guy who lost the Grey cup last year for SASK with too many men penalty--

Montreal should roll and I see no real reason why they dont get over 30 points unless CALVILLO gets hurt--

Not a bad thing as most bad teams are giving up over 30 and usually mid thirties and sometimes 40--

Plus teams in the CFL espeically bad ones, quit easily and the teams leading dont run the ball, they throw the whole game and points add up fast--

Good luck and congratulations on the CGY pick--

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Hit the team total over also-- perhaps take a look at when you lay big chalk to also take the team total over--

Usually they easily get in the 30's which means a cashed team total also--
Montreal, Sask Calgary usually hit good numbers vs weak teams and cash the team totals--

2 things will always be present in SPORTS---

DRUGS and corruption--

We have no idea about how much corruption is going on, but I am sure there is more betting and throwing games than we would imagine-

Look at soccer they fix games left right and centre--

Even in our North americam sports, we had the NBA scandal already--
Our MLB players were all roiding it also---

Look at some really good young NFL players, they are roiders, Merriman and Cushing--

They were both considered FREAKS with thier bodies, now we know why they were so dominant-

For personal safety and to protect your body you need to take some Performance enhancing drugs--

THe games are faster now, athletes are quicker, games are more physical, more contact, basically you need to protect your body by building it bigger and stronger--

Sports would be a LOT SLOWER without DRUGS--

You want to know what the NFL would be if players were not on DRUGS??

the NFL would be like the CFL--- So slow, sloppy tackling, shitty bodies, out of shape players, getting injured doing nothing--

Pro sports is so GOOD because of the fact that these guys are SO good and they are SO GOOD beacuse they are on DRUGS and are at the MAXIMUM that a HUMAN CAN GET--

Does anyone honestly believe that they can find any natural athletes out there that can walk on the field in the NFL and compete?

If you want to play PRO sports you need ROIDS and other drugs to play at that level and excell--

Baseball roiders is no SHOCK, what is the shock is that people act surprised?

Why would anyone assumed that ATHLETES have ethics? THey are not in this for MORALS and ETHICS?  They are in it for the MONEY --
Quote Originally Posted by DaaBirds:

Really?? Just because he isnt using now doesnt mean he isnt strong as shit because of them. Knocking people unconcious is his business so if an influx of power through roids doesnt help what does? That shit just sucks dick only because he would be the only one using them in the heavyweight division.

Anyone think Brock ever took them in the WWE or whatever its called??

100% BROCK took ROIDS and numerous other supplements- There is no way he COULD not afford to take them--

As i stated above, athletes take anythign their trainers give them--

Ex- A new supplement from CHINA comes out and it really HELPS with recovery like allows an athlete to recover 3 times as fast--

This is not tested in the USA so no one knows much about this new DRUG--  NFL players take this and are gaining an EDGE on other players--

5 years down the road they test this DRUG and put it on the BANNED LIST of drugs--

Understand that using DRUGS and using DRUGS that are on the BANNED LIST are 2 different things-

Athletes who are SUPPOSEDLY CLEAN are simpy using DRUGS that have yet to be tested and not using the drugs like ROIDS which are known and tested for more.

I find it funny that everyone assumes PRO athletes dont use Roids and other drugs--

To play PRO at any level, a CONTRACT is up and its worth 40 million are you going to PUMP those ROIDS up your ass to ensure the 40 million contract?

Of course, its natural, to play at that level its about MONEY< and to get the MONEY people will take ROIDS--

Think of ROIDS as a NECESSITY to GET PAID---

An athlete who trained his whole LIFE and has no other OPTIONS and needs to feed his family?

Will he take ROIDS? 100% sure he will take it--

Go to your local GYM and look at guys who work out and eat good and look at their bodies--

Look at any PRO athlete and look at their bodies, sure they eat better and sleep more but overall their bodies are not natural looking, they take up to 50 supplements a day and most of the things they take are NOT even on the BANNED LIST< meaning they are 5 years ahead of testing the substances they are taking-

They take supplements better than ROIDS and no one knows much about what they are taking- That is how they dont get caught--

Roids have been a part of sports and will be in the future, and it comes down to MONEY---

Go look at any AMATEUR SPORT in this world, flag football or anythign NOT PRO--  ARE guys ROIDING it there?

You have your answer why ROIDS are in PRO SPORTS, beacuse they honestly have to be due to the MONEY at stake for the athletes--

Shut up Rod is the man of all sports, a machine in football, NBA, Cfl, Rugby, the man is consistent as they come and wins in the long run-

Not many guys as well rounded and professional as ROD so ease up on the silly comments.

Sorry wrong thread i meant to post this in another thread for someone who was bashing rod.sorry

Shut up Rod is the man of all sports, a machine in football, NBA, Cfl, Rugby, the man is consistent as they come and wins in the long run-

Not many guys as well rounded and professional as ROD so ease up on the silly comments.
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SASK is playing well at home and is pretty much good for 30 points. Games in SASK always seem to be high scoring--

SASK has pretty much no trouble scoring 30 points vs anyone in this league at home. It seems with their offense and their tendecy to score fluke TDS at home it seems they always get to 30 points..

SASK offensively should put up points as BC is a team that will ALWAYS give up points to anyone due to their schemes they play that are very soft and mickey mouse. Even when BC plays really good they always give up late tds in halves and end up giving more than 20 points even when they basically shut the opponent down-

Those who dont know I know this BC team inside out, and can tell you guys from the bottom of my heart that the BC COACHING staff is a mickey fucking mouse HIGH SCHOOL coaching staff that is coaching in the PROS--
This staff is a bloody JOKE, they have no idea what to do and it shows as this team loses basically any close games--

2/3 of the BC lions are a good football team, the problem is the other 1/3 is HORRIBLE-

BC starting safety is a JOKE< he will never make any plays on the ball--

Thoughts on game--

Bc is starting a new QB, SASK is usually good for over 25 at least at home, so you have to think can BC get minimum 17 for the Cover?

I think BC can score about 17 points and match SASK here and cover--

Bc has a new QB coming in and he works well with this BC team and the SASK D is not great vs the pass--  SASK is routinely giving up 20+ in games, and this BC team can do it and cover--

The spread is unusually high for 2 teams that play tight games and usually are pretty close--

SASK won the first game with a late 4th qtr SURGE, so the +8.5 is likely a HUGE Reaction to BCs record and not their actual play--

THe correct spread is -6 for this game IMO-- I really dont think SASK who is not great defensively at all should be favored by -8.5 points, when BC has JARIOUS coming back--

JARIOUS JUMPIN JACKSON is coming back for BC, he somehow hits SImon and airs the ball out and BC makes the deep catches-This guy JUMPIN JACKSON understands how to get the job done, he can air it out-- He is like AIR JACKSON< he just throws the ball deep and his guys catch it, tihs guy has a CANNON ARM< HE CAN AIR THAT BALL OUT--

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