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Quote Originally Posted by DoctorSuccess:

We know that athletes are capable of throwing games or shaving points, because they've done so. This is historical fact.We also know that officials are capable of making bogus calls in order to determine the outcome of games. This is also historical fact.But the idea that NFL games are scripted is the dumbest, most moronic thing I've ever heard.I've done a lot of acting, both on stage and in film. I've never done a play that didn't have at least two weeks of rehearsals. I've never acted in a film that didn't have at least a couple of walk-throughs for blocking. I've never acted in a fight scene that wasn't meticulously rehearsed in order to look realistic while avoiding injury.For NFL games, with 300 pound humans, careening across the field at full speed, to be scripted would require every team to spend weeks rehearsing with every other team on their schedule. Those of you who are promulgating this idea need to apply common sense. How are 22 men all supposed to act their parts, hit their marks, deliver their hits, etc. with zero rehearsal? How could it possibly happen?And if it is scripted, why do injuries occur? Are those part of the script too? Who's writing these scripts? The coaches? The owners? Roger Goddell? At what point between college and pro ball are rookies told they are now actors? How come none of these dumb athletes, who can't keep their mouths shut to save their lives, has ever talked?The NFL is not scripted. Case closed.


I nominate this for dumbest post of the decade.



You already know why


I haven't bet a game in almost two years

It's been all live betting

And I love it

I went from being an average win some lose some

To having 4 locals take away my live betting privileges.


I deal with a offshore again

It's not for everyone

But I have written here in the past all the positives for me 

Live betting



My only concern is the soil 

Tony was such a rotten, disgusting, pathetic, sloth of human garbage 

That burying his body may cause the soil to rot 


Well then



Good riddance

The piece of st*t finally got whats coming to him.

Wish it happened a lot sooner.


Quote Originally Posted by mbialowas:

Don't fuckkk with Tony, or he will fuckk you up


Id rather never open an account with that self absorbed narcissist 


I've been his biggest critic over the years for his behavior here and at other forums.

That won't ever change

The guy is,a slithering snake


Quote Originally Posted by thorpe:

Quote Originally Posted by mafioso:

Bet into a bad line that 5 dimes puts out there and see what happens.
If an online retailer accidentally lists an item for sale for $5.00 when it should be $5,000, do you think they should honor that too?


Yes I do

My very first ad in the Pizza Biz was supposed to be 

two 16 inch 2 topping pizzas 24.99 + tax with a free 2 liter coke


the ad people screwed up and put five 16 inch Pizzas for 24.99 + tax with a free 2 liter coke

I honored it

I ate Shit cause thats what I was supposed to do

We are all responsible for what we put out there

Tony needs to learn the word accountability 

Its one thing for him to get upset and tell the person who bet into a bad line he put out that the action is a no go

Its a whole other matter when he holds that persons money hostage and makes them apologize for betting into a line he put out and then he tells them 

You have two options

I give you your money back and cut you off or I keep the money you tried to steal and let you bet on.



You put out the line

the customer bet into it


I put out the ad 

they purchased what the ad said

how can I tell them that was a mistake?

Sometimes you gotta eat shit when you screw up and be held accountable


Quote Originally Posted by TreyInventor:

I just got a check from Tony and 5dimes 2 weeks ago for 2k. I have nothing bad to say about 5dimes personally. I’ve always gotten paid every time. The fees do suck but oh well



Bet into a bad line that 5 dimes puts out there and see what happens.

I dont understand how the guy can be such a punk ass Biaotch when his book put out a bad line 


what are you the player supposed to do?

Call and notify the idiots they put a 10 point favorite as a 10 point dog?


You made the mistake

You eat it 

If some dummy takes the 10 point favorite that should have been the dog

Will Piece of shit tony give them there money back?

Hell No

He is condesending

acts like he is a God

thinks hes the only game in town

I never dealt with them for the simple fact that I did my research on what a lowlife scum Tony is.

the Song by Kanya West says it all regarding Tony and his soon to collapse empire



And I always find, yeah I always find somethin' wrong
You been puttin' up wit' my shit just way too long
I'm so gifted at findin' what I don't like the most
So I think it's time for us to have a toast
Let's have a toast for the douche bags
Let's have a toast for the assholes
Let's have a toast for the scumbags
Every one of them that I know
Let's have a toast for the jerk offs
That'll never take work off
Baby, I got a plan
Run away fast as you can
mafioso replied to William Hill Players
in Las Vegas

One of my regular customers at my sports bar who lives in both Nevada and Moreno Valley CA told me the same thing

that William Hill cut him off cause he won 23k

I didnt believe him 

Shame on me

He was telling the truth

Sad Day when a Vegas book cuts you off


The real question is 

If its all State run and not Federal

Wont certain Lines favor Some teams?

For example

lets say 

Washington vs the Raiders

Vegas Line

Raiders -3


in lets say Maryland Virgina and DC

the line is Pick as all the action in those states will be on Washington


and in CA the line will be lets say Raiders -5 or 6

Is this a real possibility?


And can we set up a real network to exploit it

mafioso replied to Vegas thanks you all
in NFL Betting
Being a Die Hard Raider Fan
I knew something was wrong this game

All raider action coming in
Line never moved all week all day

I sat watched and cringed 
while laughing that I didnt get suckered in
mafioso replied to so rigged man
in NFL Betting
Quote Originally Posted by LogCottage:

Yeah, you know your stuff. Box this clown.

Have you contributed one pick Yet?
what? No 
Didnt think so
You are the only clown that should be boxed.

Let the guy state his opinion
Truthfully You complete and utter idiot
Once the Extra point was missed it was obvious this would be a two point game 

Not saying fixed or not
it was pretty obvious

Now go home and get your F-ing Shine box boy
I told Scal in another thread before the season started that Mcadoo looks like William H Macy's Character in Boogie Nights

The Guy who was cuckolded by his wife

Giants are a fade as long as he is the coach

He is pathetic
all those lucky wins last year 
were just that lucky wins

Quote Originally Posted by Tappy:

I see this being their first of three loses... the others being to FSU and South Carolina.. and maybe NC state.

I am waiting to get a live line of +10.5 or better before I take Louiville
You lost all credibility when you posted FSU and South Carolina
Seriously dude
thats some crack they got down der in Bama country
mafioso replied to Seahawks overrated?
in NFL Betting
1st unit looks outstanding
Lacey with the weight loss looks great
Wilson looks sharp throwing the ball
and the defense is hitting like their lives depend on it.

I do not see anything over rated and I certainly do not see a any team in this division over taking them

They are dangerous and this team could be making a last stand the way this roster is constructed.

I think they are dangerous
Who can blame him?
Our Philosophy on why to bet games never saw eye to eye but
He gave and Gave and Gave and Gave
and all he ever got back was bashing
He even got bashed when he had winning weeks lol

Ill be the first to say it
Good Luck Suuma 
May you get a thousand clients and have one great year after another for them
I have a lot of black patrons at my restaurant
When this issue comes up
Here's what most have to say

That flag don't mean a damn thing to me

On guy who's father even served said as much.

While I do not agree that flag protests should be carried on in the work place.

I can completely see why people of color feel the way they feel,
For them
This country
It's flag
Its people
Have a tainted history
The country up until 60 years ago had segregation laws

The country the people lynched blacks without trials

Before that slavery
Sexual abuse rape
All done under the protection of the us government

No no Budweiser
Take your white pride loving a$$ someplace else,

The black man has every right to dislike this country and the bacterial growth that is people like you in it.

I don't think it should be done,in the work place.
Quote Originally Posted by scalabrine:

Mafioso to say that after the season he had last year...ridiculous

He had a plethora of weapons at wide out last season and lucked out with great defensive play.
I feel the giants under achieved offensively last season and I don't see the offense getting better
I see it getting worse,
That's on the coach
What I saw from the Giants earlier today 
Is what I saw from the Giants all last season
A pathetically coached team

Macadoo has got to be the worst coach in the NFL
and that look
I mean 
All I think when I see his face is William H Macy in Boogie Nights while his wife is having sex with other men in front of him.

thats how I see Macadoo

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