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Alabama's RB depth is so deep it's unreal, Yeldon, Drake, Henry and on and on.

Alabama OL is not great and i believe thats why Sims is still the starting QB. He can run better the Coker. Sims can't throw long balls but he don't have to.

Alabama weakness is it's secondary, so i hope Driskel remembers that Alabama put him in the hospital last time he faced them, even if the defense is different, Kirby knows a few good hits on the Gator QB will bring back memorys and force him off his game.

Alabama's rush defense is better then i have seen them in years and its about time. Finally some sacks.

Look for quick release's from Driskel, and a close game.

This could be a trap game for an unproven Alabama team, Muschamp could have been holding back some plays waiting for this game. 

He has got to beat Saban, the big donors of UF will not stand by and let Muschamp keep losing to Alabama....heck you can believe he is dreaming about Alabama. 

Muschamp will have his boys ready.

My prediction is take the under    there's going to be a lot of field goals.

Got a feeling this playoff system will be pissing people off bad soon and people will wish for an 8 team playoff next. It's all set up to keep Alabama out the championship game or another good SEC team. 

It will not work an SEC team will most likely win as if it was still the BCS still.......... and the crying will start all over.

It's rigged 
Never mind, game over !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe next year.
If the defense can hold or score, are the USC offense can make another TD there is still hope for USC fans.
Maybe Pat Haden can pulls some strings and keep them in the playoffs.

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LSU 2014 draft

  • Odell Beckham, Jr., WR, first round
  • Ego Ferguson, DT, second round
  • Jarvis Landry, WR, second round
  • Lamin Barrow, LB, fifth round
  • Alfred Blue, RB, sixth round

LSU 2013 draft

  • Barkevious Mingo, DE, first round
  • Eric Reid, S, first round
  • Kevin Minter, LB, second round
  • Bennie Logan, DT, third round
  • Tyrann Mathieu, CB, third round
  • Sam Montgomery, DE, third round
  • Tharold Simon, CB, fifth round
  • Lavar Edwards, DE, fifth round
  • Spencer Ware, RB, sixth round

LSU 2012 draft

  • Morris Claiborne, CB, first round
  • Michael Brockers, DT, first round
  • Rueben Randle, WR, second round
  • Brandon Taylor, S, third round
  • Ron Brooks, CB, fourth round

Alabama 2014 draft

  • Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, S, first round
  • C.J. Mosley, LB, first round
  • Kevin Norwood, WR, fourth round
  • AJ McCarron, QB, fifth round
  • Ed Stinson, DE, fifth round
  • Vinnie Sunseri, S, fifth round

Alabama 2013 draft

  • Dee Milliner, CB, first round
  • Chance Warmack, OG, first round
  • D.J. Fluker, OT, first round
  • Eddie Lacy, RB, second round
  • Nico Johnson, LB, fourth round
  • Barrett Jones, C, fourth round
  • Quinton Dial, DE, fifth round
  • Jesse Williams DT, fifth round
  • Michael Williams, TE, seventh round

Alabama 2012 draft

  • Trent Richardson, RB, first round
  • Mark Barron, S, first round
  • Dre Kirkpatrick, CB, first round
  • Dont’a Hightower, LB, first round
  • DeQuan Menzie, CB, fifth round
  • Courtney Upshaw, DE, second round
  • Josh Chapman, DT, fifth round
  • Brad Smelley, TE, seventh round

Chris Low quote:

As the 2014 NFL draft drew to a close last Saturday, I could still hear Joe Pendry’s prophetic words in the press box on Nov. 5, 2011.

Pendry, who had just retired the previous year as Alabama’s offensive line coach, said there was a very simple reason that nobody could score a touchdown that night in Tuscaloosa, Ala.

“Look out there on the field, and probably 20 of the 22 defensive starters will be playing in the NFL,” said Pendry, who was an offensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills, Carolina Panters and Houton Texans before ending his career in the college ranks.

Turns out, he might have undersold just how much talent was on the field, which in my 20-plus years of covering the SEC is unquestionably the gold standard for premium defensive talent on the field together at one time.

In that game alone, which LSU won 9-6 in overtime, there were 28 defensive players who played in the game -- 14 on each side -- who would get drafted. That includes 10 first-rounders.

The grand total of future draftees who played in the game was 42, and that doesn’t even count another handful of players who made NFL rosters as undrafted free agents.

“You don’t see that every Saturday,” said Phil Savage, former Cleveland Browns general manager and current executive director of the Senior Bowl.

“That’s why it was a tug-of-war in the middle of the field, all those future pros on defense. We call it a logo game. Neither offense could move the ball very far past the logo at midfield.”

Savage, the color man on Alabama’s radio broadcasts, remembers doing interviews leading up to that epic No. 1-versus-No. 2 encounter and estimating that 40 to 50 players from the game would end up playing in the NFL.

“It’s as close to an NFL game as you’re ever going to see in terms of a college matchup, with so many future NFL players on each side,” Savage said.

The two teams wound up playing twice that season. Alabama avenged its only loss by beating LSU 21-0 in the BCS National Championship in New Orleans. Alabama finished No. 1 nationally that season in scoring defense, and LSU was No. 2. Between them, they gave up 27 touchdowns in 27 games.

The only games in Savage’s recent memory that would come close to that Alabama-LSU affair in terms of producing NFL draft picks were the Florida State-Miami game in 2000 and the Miami-Ohio State BCS National Championship game to cap the 2002 season.

Miami beat Florida State 27-24 in 2000, snapping the Seminoles’ 26-game regular-season winning streak.

In the next three drafts, Miami produced 26 draft choices, although not all of those players played in that 2000 game. For instance, Willis McGahee and Jerome McDougle redshirted in 2000, and Clinton Portis was injured and didn’t play.

Florida State, over the next three drafts, produced 18 draft choices.

But in one game, it’s hard to imagine that we’ll ever see 42 future draft choices again on the field playing, and certainly not 28 on defense. As a comparison, in that FSU-Miami game in 2000, there were a total of 17 defensive players who would end up being drafted.

Now, when it comes to one team, good luck in trumping Miami’s 2001 national championship team. The Hurricanes had 16 players from that team who would go on to be first-round picks.

Here’s a look at the draftees from that Alabama-LSU game in 2011:


It's hard to believe this site still lets onthemound still comment here, wonder how many people don't come here anymore or make comments with this turd talking shitttttt....


Quote Originally Posted by Tinklebell:

Watched the first half. No scores.

Offense looks problematic - alabama might have some losses this year.

Not a fan of Lane Kiffen, the new OC.

Any comments on Alabama's prospects for this season ?



Typo if needed.............

Spring is just that Spring it don't mean nothing we could say they suck every spring as far as i'm concerned.

There will be bumps in the road but who ever beats them that QB could win the heisman...

Alabama is the cream of the crop, their depth is deep, but its up to the coaches and players to make it work.

They will be in the Top #10 come the rankings in Oct 2014. Maybe top #5.

Coker will most likely be the QB but he will not play for Alabama when the season starts, so Sims could be the starter till he suits up he has the most experince under Saban, and he is a running QB also.

I don't care for Kiffin either, but if he can help beat Auburn thats all i care about.

Saban is surely changing things around but the running core for 2014 will be great AND I'm not kidding.

I used to hate it when Alabama lost but damnnnnnn if it didn't get old winning all the time with Sabans boring play system.

The last #2 games Alabama lost has got to be a wake up call, to Saban he needs to up his game, cahnge some....since he knows teams like LSU, Auburn would love to beat Alabama 75 - 0 ,  i believe Saban will finally unleash and run the score board up himself to make a statement, Oops here it is...Oops here it is.

After all its a play-off system now, only the best will make it and they have to be impressive then the past the test.

I really can't wait, to see how the play-offs work and who's in them. But rest assure if Alabama is No#1 at the end of 2014 many, many people will say its rigged just like they said the BCS was.





Quote Originally Posted by kidvegas03:

That is the only reason I can think why he keeps getting jobs. Alabama has ensured themselves of zero national championships while he is the OC.

Great hire, maybe Alabama will not be so boring, Saban puts me to sleep he needs a new plan, with the fast pace offense's. I think Saban knew his playbook was coming to an end after Texas A&M and Aurburn burn't his asssssssss!

Kiffin was a real good OC for USC under Pete.


It's hard to recruit players to go to Ark, but he got Collins one of the best RB at his age.

Remember when Collins mom wanted him to go to Florida or Florida State, there were a lot of colleges after Collins.

He knew Bielema like running the ball, give him sometime and if he can recruit players like Collins....the Hogs will be contenders.

One thing the SEC has not seen in a long time is a coach that will run the score up in the 70's and 80's but when Bielema gets his own players and system going you will see a big difference.



AJ will not win because there's not enough votes coming from the south. Out of all the GREAT, Alabama players throughout the years there's has only been (1) Heisman winner.

Saban held AJ back playing him 2 or 3 qts per game at most, AJ playing every game 4 qts with starters he would have broken every record in college football history as far as...pct, yds, tds.

As far as QB running record he would not even be in the talk, great pocket passer, i just hope he don't end up setting behind good QB as many good college QB do in the NFL.

AJ will get an invite, but his chances to win or slim to none.


Quote Originally Posted by abizzo24:

Wow, if i did t know better i would say 'lucan' may have been a jimmydafreak siting... Same font and style as the freak... Anyways, personally i've got a score to settle with auburn after the uga game. Bama big, the one tick poney gets what it deseves this weekend, a well deserved beating. Roll tide!


Well i would call that a compliment, Jimmy is a friend and stays just across the bay from me. Of course his knowledge, and facts, discriptions or way more skillful then mine could ever be.

I manily was just poking fun at an Auburn fan, which he denies but that's cool.

MLK had a dream so Clayton deserves one too!





Auburn has gave up 196 points in the last (9) games

20 - 21 - 22 - 3 - 41 - 10 - 17 - 23 - 38

Playing their starters all 4qts.

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