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wmi799 replied to Wimbledon 2019
in Tennis

Quote Originally Posted by packersbackers:

Locked in: Serena -4.5 games (-138)...3u Serena Under 20.5 games (-120)...2u Serena to win 2-0 sets (-150)...5u
Good luck. I hope the PeeNut doesn't mush you


They are from China


Quote Originally Posted by BWS77:

Quote Originally Posted by lordbettington:

vegas has the Broncos totals at 7 hardly a playoff team. I could see the chiefs and raiders giving them problems. Flacco is washed up on his way out of the league. A new coach really means nothing. If denver can win over 500 that's good enough. The Broncos did not  pick  anybody worthy in the draft because the owner died and the family is in fighting over the team. The Broncos may get sold. They did not want to spend the money in the draft. You gotta be trolling me right? Or maybe a fan of one of their division rivals?  You just said they would be 2-14, the worst in the league,  way less then Vegas's 7 total.  Many teams at around a seven win total make the playoffs, for example the bears last year, bills at 6.5 rams at 5.5 jaguars 6.5 in 2017,  falcons were 7.5 in 2016 when they went to sb 51.  Vegas gets it wrong a lot. Flacco is not washed up was on pace for over 4 thousands yards and a 2-1 td to int ratio before he got hurt last year, ravens should have played him in the playoffs when he got healthy because he had a great record in the playoffs (10-5).  When a new coach replaces a bad coach teams can improve dramatically the following year, for example the rams when Mcvay took over or nagy in Chicago last year.  Vance joseph was really bad the last two years.   Broncos spent a lot of money in free agency, spending money in the draft is not an issue since the picks have predetermined ranges.  You are right on the family supposedly fighting, but I don't see how that will effect the team this season, maybe down the line though.  
He's not a troll, just very very very not smart

wmi799 replied to Wimbledon 2019
in Tennis

Nice job my friend! 


100 wins in a row


Quote Originally Posted by BWS77:

Quote Originally Posted by DogbiteWilliams:

Thanks.  Frankly, I have not read much of this topic.
Start at Post #167Then when you're caught up, check out the Penalty Box to see his final words.   Only has himself to blame
ABSOLUTELY! His HUGE mouth got him exactly what he deserved. End of story. 


BWS peace_5

So I should start a crybaby attention seeking thread like this? Then, I could be a somebody?

Like you
The only baby is the OP, as only a phucking baby would start a thread like this. But......we are talking about one of the biggest cry babies on the site. 


Now, there you go Sydney - You're getting the much needed attention you were seeking

Do you feel all better now? Now, run off and play. Let Mommy know things are ok


Good luck the rest of the way Brutal


LOL at this clown

Quote Originally Posted by PapaShango:

Shut the fuckk up.





BOL my friend

wmi799 replied to Covers brainwash
in NBA Betting

LOL @ "bookies" A bookie would need to have a ton of HIS customers on this site to REMOTELY give a flying phuck


"Vegas" wants even action as the juice is the money. "Vegas" makes a small percentage of their money from sports betting.

Anyone who uses "Vegas" is an idiot


LOL! The OPan_roll_laugh

wmi799 responded to poll Ponch's Top 5 US Open Picks
in Pro Golf



CapMaster the best winner of games he never post. Covers number one clown show


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