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Nature - My theory is racial politics. Krats are obsessed with race. They eat sleep and drink race 24/7. It's like night of the living dead. They are race zombies. Instead of moaning brains, brains, brains... They moan race, race, race, racismmmmm. 

I just don’t see Latinos lining up to vote for a white or black woman. Latinos have a long history of racism with whites and blacks. Also Latino culture promotes gender roles. The men are providers and deciders and women are home makers. 


To get millions of Latino men to accept a woman, especially a white or black woman, telling them what to think is a real challenge.


Krats want the 45 million Latinos to vote and the 162 electoral votes of NY, CA, FL, AZ, and TX. That 45 million is just the legal votes, with amnesty coming, open borders and caravans coming, illegal votes are going to skyrocket. Castro is like a boy band lead singer celebrity in Texas. He will get the female vote.


The US will become minority white by 2045, Census projects. I believe the takeover starts 2020.


Kagakuotoko - Racism is discrimination and prejudice. You are discriminatory and prejudice towards whites. You’ve made that perfectly clear with your post. That makes you a racist. That’s a fact.


There is no universally accepted definition of alpha LMFAO. You just made that sh!t up. Another made up opinion lol.    



“The Republican party as a whole does not” … that is not a fact. That is an opinion.


No, it does not prove anything... You left out the part of my post that says “All skin colors.”



Republicans don’t reject based on race. We reject based on character traits and culture. We accept all races. Rejecting people based on character and culture is not racist. Character and culture is not skin color. Thanks for playing LMFAO.


Kagakuotoko - 1. I’m not white, you freaking racist. Your post is filled with racism. Why are you not boxed? 


2. Hell yeah alphas proudly boast that sh!t. And don’t DGAF. I live by my own set of rules. I don't care about your make believe rules. 


3. I don’t care about race. I see only in terms of traits and culture, not skin color, you freaking racist. Racism, like the kind you exhibit towards me and whites, is encouraged and accepted by the krat party.


My party, the Republican Party accepts everyone, all skin colors, as long as you exhibit the right traits and culture. I believe in a race-less society.You krats live and breathe race 24/7. It must be exhausting.


Nature - Gillibrand won’t even make it to the top 3. It will be Castro or Beto. Krats need CA, TX, FL, NY, and AZ to take the white house. That’s 162 electoral votes. NY is a guarantee. The rest are Latino states.


I’m seeing a Castro/Beto ticket. Castro is the Latino Obama. Maybe a white or black woman might be the vice president, that’s a possibility, who knows. I’m positive Castro and Beto will be the 2 favorites.


The globalist plan since 2013 is to turn TX, FL, and AZ blue. I believe Castro will get the legal and illegal Latinos to come out and flip TX, FL, and AZ. That’ll be check mate. And the US will be a third world country dumpster fire.



Third - You’re always wrong. I don't think you've gotten anything right on here ever. You said his travel ban would lose. Trump won. He always wins. The Supreme Court follows the law and constitution, not feelings. Bush and Reagan already have used the national emergency tactic to get things done without congress. There is already precedent. Trump will win again. It will take over a year tho. Damn you guys are sick. Tens of thousands of dead Americans are labeled "manufactured." Damn democrats are subhuman. 

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Quote Originally Posted by nature1970:

Quote Originally Posted by MoneySRH:

Midnight - for trump to surrender the promise of a memorial wall along the border to honor Molly Tibbitts, Pierce Corcoran, and Ronil Singn and the thousands of other patriots was my breaking point. The families of dead patriots are depending on him and he let them all down. To all you Kkkrats... the dead aren't "anomalies" or "anecdotes" as you sick things like to lable'em. They are real people separated from their families for life.      Nature - Trump surrendered. The state of emergency tactic is a sad attempt to save face and will take over a year to claim victory. Even if trump wins in a year using the supreme court, the anti-American krats made trump surrender. I believe civil war 2 is over. The kkkrats won.
the saddest thing,  he is THE only hope we have.
I agree 100 percent. He is our only hope. And he blew any chance he had at defeating Beto or Castro by surrendering. I don't know why Harris is the favorite right now. She has zero chance. She has no it factor or charisma nor the orator skills to win. Krats are gonna flip Texas and win and that will be the end of the United States. I've known this since 2013.


Once globalists and illegals own California and Texas, that's check mate. We'll be a country of illegals, hipsters, effeminates, feminists, pc police, thugs, communists, globalists, muslims and genderless freaks. Alpha patriots are about to go extinct like the dinosaurs. The only thing that gives me relief is I'll be dead before the complete transformation. 


Midnight - for trump to surrender the promise of a memorial wall along the border to honor Molly Tibbitts, Pierce Corcoran, and Ronil Singn and the thousands of other patriots was my breaking point. The families of dead patriots are depending on him and he let them all down. To all you Kkkrats... the dead aren't "anomalies" or "anecdotes" as you sick things like to lable'em. They are real people separated from their families for life. 



Nature - Trump surrendered. The state of emergency tactic is a sad attempt to save face and will take over a year to claim victory. Even if trump wins in a year using the supreme court, the anti-American krats made trump surrender. I believe civil war 2 is over. The kkkrats won. 

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I'm really close to burning my MAGA hat. Trump lost my respect. This is like Lincoln surrendering to the south.


If trump loses to the anti-American's when the February deadline comes, I'm done. I'd vote for Hillary, Pelosi, or Obama, at least I know when they fight, they won't back down and bend over in defeat, like trump just did.


The world is watching. Russia, Iran, and China just saw our president look weak and get embarrassed and defeated. I'm about to abandon trump and the party for good. 

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Julian Castro will be the Democratic nominee. I posted this guy will win 2 years ago. I'm certain of it. Dems have been planning this for years now, Repubs play checkers checkerswhile dems are playing chess. He will get the non whites easily. Dems have been setting it up. He will be the Latino Obama. He'll get all the illegals vote and felons and uniformed youth out in droves. Women throw panties at him. He'll easily get the women vote. He is a Latino rock star. The media is going to make him out to be Jesus.

Don't believe me? Look up his YouTube videos to see his rallies. The man is a Obama clone with Latin features. The globe will rally behind him. He'll have donations from all the liberal elite, iran, Saudis, Chinese, Venezuela, cuba, Russia, Mexico, Britain, France, Germany and business will return to the way globalists want it. He is the liberal wet dream.  He is trying to get funding for his campaign right this second. Look it up. 

The US is done. We are doomed. Liberals have been planning a takeover jihad for the last 20 years. The plan is about to take shape.  

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I find it funny that people think just cuz he is a veteran that he is immune from being disliked. My tweet woulda read thank you for your military service and screw you as a politician. 

Stu - Ah the ole “only the actions of a few” excuse. Where have I heard that excuse before…?

Oh, yeah, now I remember… “Because of the acts of a few rogue Kl@nsmen our Kl@nsmen are supposed to be murderers and want to lynch black people, and we are supposed to be terrorists, and that is a complete falsehood.” - Frank Ancona, an Imperial Wizard of the K-K-K

Terrorism: designed to create fear, disruption, interference, and influence or coerce the public or government for the purpose of advancing a political, religious or ideological cause, to cause death or serious risk to the health and safety of the public, damage to property/infrastructure, and get immediate publicity for their causes.

The only difference is BLM wears all black and promotes black supremacy and the K-K-K wears all white and promotes white supremacy. The both believe in terrorism to advance their supremacy.

Islamists wear white and black and believe in terrorism to advance Islamic supremacy. Antifa leftists wear red and black and believe in terrorism to advance leftist supremacy. La Raza claims the color brown and colors of the Mexican flag and believe in terrorism to advance brown pride supremacy.

Islam, Antifa, black lives matter, La Raza, and K-K-K all clearly fit the classification of hate/terror group. Each is guilty of creating and advocating terror. They all are the same. If leftists and liberals would just openly admit and condemn all of the groups, what happened wouldn’t have happened.

No, stu, propaganda is false info. Everything I said was the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Are you against all terror/hate groups or just certain terror/hate groups? If not, that makes you a terror/hate group supporter. I'm against all terror/hate groups.
Trump is 100 percent right about both sides. Democrats started the new civil war.

What did you liberals expect to happen when you start calling for the deaths of white people and cops?

What did you liberals expect to happen when people see and hear quotes of a famous cop killer Assata Shakur being used as battle cries?

What did liberals expect to happen when the Communist Manifesto is openly being used to attack American core values?

What did you liberals expect to happen when BLM activists in Minneapolis chanted, "pigs in a blanket, fry em' like bacon," If you aren't familiar, "pigs in a blanket" refers to the bodies of dead police officers in body bags.

What did you liberals expect to happen when the co-founder of BLM said “Allah give me strength not to cuss/kill these men and white folks.”

What did you liberals expect to happen when liberals are screaming hate speech, profanity, rioting, looting, burning American flags, endorsing communism, and praising cops killers.

Of course an extreme response was going to happen. All democrats and the liberal media had to do was condemn ALL hate groups and none of this would have started. By liberals only labeling mostly white groups as evil, it creates what happened.   

What Trump needed to say was I condemn all terror/hate groups. Islam, Antifa, black lives matter, La Raza, and K-K-K are all disgusting, evil and must be destroyed.
You gotta love warped liberal logic. It doesn’t matter how evil a person is as long as they can act with phony class and decorum. Insanity.

Spicer was flat out awful. I have no idea what took so damn long. He crumbled against fake news liberal attacks. He couldn’t take the bullying. I would’ve replaced Spicer with Sebastian Gorka.

I hope Jeff Sessions is next. He has been awful as well. Instead of going after Obama, Comey, Hillary and Lynch, like he should be doing, he’s wasting time going after fukkin weed… what a joke.
Slobbasaurus - Thanks man. I own every one of the flags. The really scary thing about my avatar is probably more than half of Americans can’t even identify the flags.

I haven’t seen anything on the news about protests on this shooting. I don’t expect any. It doesn’t fit into the left wing narrative. The shooting isn’t a good recruiting tool for them to use.

ClubDirt - Yes, the rules are different. Cops are not like everyone else. You want to shoot unarmed people, fill out a 60+ page background packet, and pass a background check, which checks out your previous work history, former co-workers, neighbors, your friends, your family, interviews former teachers and principals. Get accepted into a police academy where you are tested mentally and physically and graduate after 4 to 6 months on average. Good luck with that because only 1 in 11 people graduate. If you graduate, pass a grueling rapid fire oral board interview, then take a psychological exam that consists of 500 questions and about an hour plus long psyche evaluation. After this you move on to the polygraph examination where the questions come from what you put on the 60+ page background packet and also from what you told the oral board and psychologist. Do all this and pass and you’ll get what you want. With great sacrifice come special privileges.

Stu - No. I do not believe he did it on purpose. From my research the man seems to be a very decent human being. People who know him have nothing but good things to say.

I’m OK with foreigners being police officers. My brother in law was born and raised in Mexico and is now a Texas state trooper. He is damn good at his job.

I think I figured out why liberals have been silent.  

The officer who pulled the trigger - was - wait for it… Mohamed Noor. He’s Somali and black! He holds a degree in business administration, management and economics from Augsburg College.

Minneapolis has an openly g@y liberal police chief, who is French-Canadian and part Native American in charge, and the shooter was an educated black Somali, ouch, that has to hurt for liberals.

Quote Originally Posted by StumpTownStu:

And Money, in all seriousness, and to get away from the insults, I just disagree with your interpretation of that one quote. Not your wider message. America is becoming too liberal and getting away from our core values. I just can't go at far as saying there is a war brewing between liberals and conservatives. I don't completely disagree but it's still going a bit far. The only thing I disagree completely with is your interpretation of a quote. I know this is an "obsession" for you and because of that your post are very informed. And I respect your opinions but translations are tricky. Even the people tasked with it often get it wrong and misinterpret words and lines. So for you to extrapolate your own message from a quote to make it fit your agenda, that's a little much for me.
Stu - I was referring to the time you said you see white extremists everywhere whenever you are out in public in California. Anyway, I do agree with you that racism does still exist - I just believe racism is at an all time low for the country. The country shifted from a race war to a culture war.

I’m tired of the insults. I’m squashing it. OK, we agree to disagree.
Quote Originally Posted by BWS77:

Dance puppet, dance!  

In the same post where you accuse of others of resorting to insults and changing the topic, you do both.   Thanks for the free entertainment!   

BWS77 - Puppet? I'm a minority on a limb all by myself for the most part. You are the puppet on string sitting on the side of the overwhelming majority. LOL!

I'm "responding," pay attention to that word, that's the key to everything, I'm "responding" to your insults, that doesn't make me a hypocrite. There is nothing hypocritical in RESPONDING to insults.

The topic is you attacking me with insults and using old threads, like a child, because you can't produce anything of substance. I stayed exactly on topic.

Minneapolis has a g@y liberal police chief in charge. What more do liberals want? Wrong again - Stu. Most police killings are justified. Only 1% are senseless and unjustified.

I here that a lot. Lack of training. What more could be done? Go ahead tell me all knowing ones? Speaking as a person that has been through every type of security - law enforcement- military training imaginable - tell me - what could possibly be done?

I wish departments would open up police simulators to the public like an amusement park so the ignorant public can see how incredibly difficult the job is.

My gut is telling me a person that shouldn't have been a cop slipped through the cracks. Maybe? I don't know what happened tho. Not enough info to make a call on this one yet.

Activist critical of police undergoes use of force scenarios

Brandon Marshall in the SIMULATOR!

Jasmyne Cannick Police Firearms Training Simulator (Fox 11)

Watch these 3 videos. The first one is an anti-police activist, the second one is of national anthem protester Brandon Marshall and the third one is anti-police civilians.

All of them have a change of attitude after experiencing what it feels like to be a cop. I wish all liberals would volunteer so the ignorance would end.

Quote Originally Posted by LRM704:

WallStreetCappers , you have shown your disdain for our president in previous threads. Imagine the turmoil if the right had shown this kind of anger and outrage over the last commander in chief. Give this man the chance to improve the country.

This statement of yours is way over the top..Trump is the most disgusting leader this country has ever been stuck with, he is a smug, petty, abusive, derisive, elitist jerk. Typical hysteria 

Can't recall any protests, rioting on campuses, fighting with the police, shooting of congressmen, looting, destroying property and the burning of our American flag. There were no Maxine Waters or Nancy Pelosi's spewing the same old tired impeachment rhetoric  He will never be impeached, deal with that. We, and I mean conservatives, did what generations before us have done. We respected the law of the land and went about our lives and supporting our families. Noone that I know, had the time to miss work for nonsense. When has the press ever using derogatory words against the last president nor any member of his family. 
President Trump is not a politician and that's why people said enough is enough. We wanted something different than the same old tired politician.. We stand behind President Trump and support and embrace law enforcement and our military This president will not tie the hands of our fighting men and women and he will restore the pride and respect America once had as a nation. Thankfully the failed policies of the last president are in the process of being corrected.

Right on

Trump happened to be the alpha that was chosen to be POTUS.

  • Respect the police
  • Respect the military
  • Respect the US flag
  • Respect the founding fathers
  • Respect the 2nd amendment
  • Stand against BLM
  • Stand against illegals
  • Stand against rioting
  • Stand against vandalism
  • Stand against arson
  • Stand against Islam
  • Speak out against PC culture
  • Speak out against thug culture
  • Speak out on black on black crime
  • Speak out against globalism
  • Speak out against regulation
  • Be proud of our countries history
  • Believe in American exceptionalism

Anyone who believes in these values has my support.

Quote Originally Posted by BWS77:

Sounds like you're just a weak minded and overly emotional person who needs guidance.  When things don't work out you point the blame for your shortcomings at others instead of yourself.  

I also don't see why pointing out your own words is childish, it's factual.  
Guidance? What things don’t work out? What short comings? What are you even talking about? Are you off your meds? Bringing up 3 to 4 year old threads that have absolutely nothing to do with the topic being discussed - or the man that I am now - is childish.

You lefties always use the same damn tactics. Bring up old stuff, if that doesn’t work use comedy, if that doesn’t work use insults, if that doesn’t work change the topic, if that doesn’t work and all else fails - scream bigot and racist and then run and hide.

Weak minded? Can you even produce anything other than one sentence, emoticons, sarcasm or laughter? I can’t think of a single well-elucidated, well-thought-out, or well-articulated post that you’ve ever produced for the forum. GTFO of here with that BS.

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