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  If you look at the Stanley cup finals game 7s, here is what you see.....all the way back to 1954, the home team has lost 3 times...

2011 Vancouver lost to Boston, 2009 Detroit lost to Pittsburgh, 2006 Carolina W, 2004 Tbay W, 2003 NJ W, 2001 Colorado W, 1994 NYR W,

1987 Edmonton W, 1971 Chicago lost to Montreal, 1965 Montreal W, 1964 W, 1955 Detroit W, 1954 W

2011 Boston Bruins, 2009 Sidney Crosby and the Pens, 1971 the dynasty MontreaL...does the 2019 St Louis Blues fit in with those 3?

I think not.....maybe a coincidence, BUT....Pens repeated in 91 and 92, next yr., 93 Montreal from East in 5, followed by 1994 NYR in 7(and the mad house in MSG).   After Pens repeated in 2106 and 17, Wash won last yr in 5(like 93 Montreal) and its set up for Boston to win in 7(just like NYR in 94)(instead of Mark messier creating that memory of liftingshaking the Cup that is still shown, will it be Zdeno Chara creating the new memory? 


Good luck to us....I have Jordan Spieth as well to win.....20/ it at Westgate in Vegas 4/7,

See my post as why I like him...what is your reasoning?

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@DrewWheezy   Yes I have.....I enjoy sarcasm immensely

@wybbob    currently at 16-1 to 20-1 

going to take some march madness winnings and take a flyer

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Looking for opinions...

1951 Masters and US open champ Ben Hogan    1953 Masters   2 years gap between masters win

1960 Masters and US open champ  Arnold palmer   1962 masters   2 years

1972 masters and us open champ   Jack Nicklaus  1975 masters  3 years

2002 masters and us open champ Tiger woods  2005 masters 3 years

2015 masters and us open champ   Jordan Spieth  2019 masters  4 years would be the gap the years these champions claimed their "gap" masters win, they

all also won that year's British Open except for Jack Nicklaus in 1975, he won the PGA that year


This isn't the game to play re Gonzaga....Gonzaga has covered 6 straight wcc 

tourney finals ats….looking to play against the zags tomorrow


@rolexsports.....Kansas lost 2 straight conf. games in 2001, 2004 and 3 straight in 2005....

didn't even look at 2006-this yr.    I hate when people post stuff without doing their correct 

research.    Coincidentally, Saturday halftime deficit was Kansas's worst since Feb 12, 2001

and they lost the next game after that. 


nice cover.....can't take credit for this as I saw it on net.....

something for you to remember next yr.

Purdue holds on for its third straight road win against Indiana, 48-46.

It is
's first 3-game winning streak in Bloomington since they also won 3 straight from 1968-1971.


chatted w temporarily down....

try mobile site


Duke won it in the aforementioned year....value in Gonzaga?

 Gonzaga now has 7 wins by 40+ points this season, the most by any Div I team since Duke had 8 in 2000-01.

Gonzaga's point differential (+486) during its 14-game win streak is the best by any Div I team over any 14-game span in the last 20 years.




The leadership of the Cleveland Browns is in the hands of one person.....John Dorsey....

and he knows what he is doing.   He learned under two great management people in GB

(Ron wolf and Ted Thompson).   I liken the current

Cleveland Browns to that of the early 90's Dallas Cowboys.  1990 Dallas went 7-9 and 4-2 in their last 6....10-6 ats

Cleveland went 5-2 in their last 7, finished 7-8-1.....10-6 ats    1991 Dallas went 11-5 and won a wildcard playoff gm.

I think that's now a plausible scenario.   They have 11 draft picks and a nice core of "players".  Yes, they looked bad

against the good teams on their schedule, but starting when Baker Mayfield took over in game 3 vs the Jets, they were 7-7 with a rookie QB and much better when they got rid of the head coach.  But lets discuss a few you think Steve Wilks was the problem in Arizona?   I don't....and many other teams wanted him to be their DC....Cleveland got him.

OC Todd Monken presided over the #1 passing game and the #3 offense overall in 2018 with TB....but Im more impressed

with the work he did with Southern Mississippi.

Lastly, while he didn't deserve it, Baker Mayfield will use the rookie of the Year snub as motivation.   I like his story from 

college and how he kept overcoming crap thrown in his way.   As a QB, that's the type of leader you want for your team.

But what should we be looking to as far as participants on   Yes, how will be they be ATS!!!!

In 1991, Dallas went 13-3 ats…..and Im planning on making a bunch of $$$ betting Cleveland blindly



Also in the 70's, Dallas lost to the Baltimore Colts and then beat the Miami dolphins


In the 70s, the Miami dolphins lost to the Dallas Cowboys....and then the next

year was their perfect season


@v81    interesting....1985, 1996, 2007 and now 2018

@Cap Master who cares about the other years.....he is talking about 11 year intervals

    and yes, 33 is a master number of the elite.....1985 to 2018 is 33 years


EVERY team that won multiple Sb's had a double digit win....and NE has lost after the 2011 and 2017 seasons.....are you going to tell me the Patriots are going to be the team like Minnesota in the 70's, Denver in the 80's, Buffalo in the 90's to lost 3 SB's or more in a decade?   I doubt it....


Why did I think KC was going to the SB?

Patrick Mahomes has been constantly compared to Dan Marino

Mahomes played little in 2017, Marino in 1983

so 2018 for Mahomes would be like 1984 for Marino...following so far?  good

what happened to Miami in 1984...during the regular season Miami had a 6-0-1 ats streak(7 games)

In 2018, KC covered their first 7 games...coincidence?

In the playoffs, in the divisional round, Miami 1984 beat Seattle 31-10

in 2018, KC beat Indy 31-13...coincidence?

in 1984(or after the 1984 season) Miami won the AFC Championship 45-28

I thought KC would put 45 on NE, so I played KC minus the points, KC TT OVER and KC over(went 2-1)

     I will take that all day long

What happened on the NFC side after the 1984 season?

SF was the #1 seed and they beat the NY Giants in the divisional round 21-10 and they didn't cover

In 2018, NO as the #1 seed beat Philly 20-14 and didn't cover

After the 1984 season, SF then beat Chicago 23-0

Yesterday in the NFC championship, New Orleans scored 23 points...coincidence?

I even went against the stadium hunch.....I played NO minus the points, NO Under and NO TT Under....

again I will take 2-1 all day long


last tidbit....NE had an ats losing streak of 4 when they won 2x su but lost 2x su

Alabama in the last 4 cfp nc games is 0-4 ats, with 2 wins su and 2 losses su

NE's 2 losses in that stretch was to the same team....NY Giants

alabama's 2 losses in the last four games have been to the same team.....Clemson

Next time alabama gets to cfp nc, I believe they will win and cover


@zebrakiller    you referred in one of your threads about the SB loser not making it back....and you said KC

was going to win(I thought KC was going to win, but for a different reason)

SB losers:   Dallas lost SB 5, won SB 6....Miami lost SB 6, won SB 7......Buffalo made it back to SB 3 times

after losing

If I were you, I wouldn't bust balls.....we are all here to beat the man, if you don't like my info, I don't care.

Belittling another shows a lack of class


@GrandHustle    you put out some info.....thanks for sharing.....that's what I was doing too

someone else shared with me that they didn't think it was coincidence that in Feb 2017,

NE beat Atlanta.....NE only had the lead in that game which they won it OT on the last play

11 months later in Jan 2018   Alabama beat GA in OT and they only had the lead on the last play of the game


NE lost last yr in SB and 11 months later, alabama lost in cfp nc game

If you were following the same trend, you would have known alabama was going to the cfp nc game

Do you think in doing so, alabama would have back into the playoffs like they did the previous yr?

You could have bet alabama on the ML in the SEC championship and cfp semis like I did and bet against

Alabama against clemson


As far as the stadium thing, like I said, I don't believe in coincidences

After the 2012 season SF lost the SB to the Ravens, Levi Stadium opened in 2014....the best way

imo to make the taxpayers, who pay for these montrocities, feel good is for in this case, the NFL to orchestrate

the respective teams a trip to the SB

the stadium in Atlanta opened the following season after the Falcons lost in the SB to NE

think its a coincidence?   I don't.....for this SB therefore the bet is NE or nothing as Los angeles is

building a new stadium...and the other teams recently who were in that process.....lost


@zebrakiller    Dan Marino hardly played in 1983 and his full first year was 1984....and he made it to the SB.

I enjoy a great amount of info that you share.....sometimes we are all right on with the info we share...and sometimes

our info is wrong.   Btw, I'm a craps player...would enjoy some time to meet up and OBSERVE your craps system 

FIRST, then play it with real money.


You have it part of the way.....NE played Atlanta.....had the lead only on last play

                              then        Alabama beat Georgia.....had the lead only on last play

                         Falcons and U of Ga both from GA

                                             Ne loses SU to Philly

                               then        Alabama loses SU to clemson

also interesting to stadium for SF.....49ers lose in SB to Ravens

                                      new stadium for Atlanta......Falcons lose in SB to Patriots

                              the NFL will gift a SB loss for Jon Gruden and the Las Vegas Raiders soon

p.s. in NHL, Las Vegas Golden Knights make it to Stanley Cup final and lost to Washington

Im from Wisconsin.....this yr Brewers lost in NLCS as #1 seed to team that had lost previous yr's NLCS, LA Dodgers

                                this yr NBA Bucks will lose Eastern Conf. Final as #1 seed to team that lost previous

                                      yr's Eastern conference final.....Boston


KC and NE is going over.....bad weather reports I imagine is trying to scare people under the total.   I hear you about no one responding to posts.    I thought KC and New Orleans in the first place, so thanks for your personalized mush report.   My biggest play is KC ats.

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