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Quote Originally Posted by bobbypeja23:

I have been playing with heritage sports before when it was betjamaica for years. they are charging me to much now for my cash 70 bucks per 799. sometimes i do 3 cash outs and they charge me 240 bucks just to get my money out. running to a western union and money gram is a pain in the butt now. I am looking for a local bookie now i am a nickel player normally and have been playing for 10 years  so I am looking for a long term partnership. anybody can pm me if they know somebody thanks for the help.

Email me at:
Email me at:

In Orange County, no funny business.
You've been en fuego bro. You helped me make money. Thanks.

2 Plays:

MIAMI +15.5

Wich State -6

Wednesday’s Recap:
CHI White Sox -110 WIN
BOS/HOU Over 8.5 WIN
LA Angels +110 LOSS

Red Sox LHP Jon Lester (9-10, 4.78 ERA) at Royals RHP Bruce Chen (3-7, 3.28 ERA), 8:10 EST.

The Red Sox visit the red hot Kansas City Royals for a 4 games series beginning Friday night. The Red Sox winners of 7 of their last 9 face a Royals team playing some of their best team baseball in years. The Royals have won and astonishing 13 of their last 15, albeit against not the fiercest competition but still impressive nonetheless.

The Red Sox send Jon Lester to the hill for Game 1. Lester has had an up and down season so far this year stringing together a few consecutive quality starts followed by an occasional stinker. His last game was a stinker; he gave up 6 earned on 11 hits to the Diamondbacks. Prior to that start he shut down the Orioles through 7 innings scattering 4 hits in a Red Sox 5-0 victory. Gordon (1 for 15) and Butler (1 for 17) have zero success against Lester in the past and we think it’ll be more of the same tonight.

The Royals counter with 15 year journeyman Bruce Chen. The Royals are Chen’s 10th career team and he’s seem to have a found a home in Kansas City. Chen actually pitched for the Expos at one time so we know he’s been around a while. Chen does not have over powering stuff – never has but he will keep his team in the game by not walking guys or giving up the long ball. The Royals are 3-1 in his starts this year.

The Royals are hot right now but they’ve taken advantage of an easy stretch in their schedule more than anything else. Let’s see how the fare against a top notch pitcher and a 70 win Sox team.

Prediction: Red Sox 7, Royals 2

PLAY ON: Red Sox -119

LOSS   White Sox at Detroit -1.5 (-125) 1.5 for 1.2 Units
LOSS   San Francisco at Tampa Bay -1.5 (-110) 1.43 for 1.3 Units
WIN   Colorado at Pittsburgh UNDER 6.5 (-105) 1.05 for 1.0 Units
PUSH    San Francisco at Tampa Bay UNDER 7 (-115) 1.15 for 1.0 Units

You gave yourself two wins and two losses when in fact you won one and lost two.  You lost 1.93 units yet gave yourself - .28.  You're 262-214 = 55%.  Haha, been watching one day and you're already bs'ing your numbers.  What a foney.

Thanks for the under picks to fade today.  
2-1 yesterday including ATL dog moneyline winner.

Can't wait to see your Big Play Club picks for today.
slade40 replied to buying picks
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2-1 again yesterday including Braves dog winner.
You're kidding right?  You want people to write for free to drive traffic to your website.  

It likes you have one writer which is you, I'm not sure what you're even talking about?
I can't wait to see your gems for tomorrow.  I'll be waiting.
Uumm, lets check your 4 year old math shall we? 

Your 261-212 posted record puts you at 54% when you actually claim 55.1%.

261 wins with 212 loses at -110 = +27.8 but by your posts lately we all can see that you often lay much more than -110.  Even if you laid -110 27.8 wins that still comes out to 2.76 units per play.

Tack on today's stellar picks and your down another 3.08 and now below 54%.  You see even your lies of 55% don't cut the mustard but now you've sunk below 54%.  Looks like cat food for you again tonight.

Your numbers look like a 4 year old in kindergarten.

You see brah, I'm much smarter than you. You're a loser, just face it. Youll always be a loser.
slade40 replied to buying picks
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Quote Originally Posted by CalifDreamin:

Oh, so now youre just retired. Earlier you had said you quit your job to gamble on sports.


Story is already changing, what a surprise



Get lost douche

Idiot, I did not say I quit my job to gamble on sports.  You're so stupid you can't even read.

I don't gamble for a living, I have a retirement pension from Boeing and a couple rental homes.  I'm not rich by any means, all I'm saying is this helps have additional income.  I don't watch games or really care about sports just like to fart around on stock boards and this place is funny.
55% up 76 units?!  What a joke, what do you bet 15 units a game? Clown.

I'd love to see your record on your website...o wait you can't afford a website and have to sell your picks from a yahoo account.  Haha, loser, small fish loser.  
slade40 replied to buying picks
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I'm an old man who doesn't even like sports. I don't work anymore because I'm retired you child. Again, you don't know me, you don't know shite.  A million dollars a month is nothing for a team of hundreds douchebag.  Seriously, you're a waste of time.
Quote Originally Posted by CalifDreamin:

Today's plays 8/3 :
White Sox at Detroit -1.5 (-125) 1.5 for 1.2 Units
San Francisco at Tampa Bay -1.5 (-110) 1.43 for 1.3 Units
Colorado at Pittsburgh UNDER 6.5 (-105) 1.05 for 1.0 Units
San Francisco at Tampa Bay UNDER 7 (-115) 1.15 for 1.0 Units
Thats all for today, good luck !!!!!

Nice picks scrub, how much do these cost?  I bet you play these for $10 each.  Keep dreamin' of the good life loser.

Haha, chump.
slade40 replied to buying picks
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Keep betting your 5 team $50 parlays and see where it gets you. Again, just trying to help but it's hard when people are so stupid and think they know what they're talking about.
slade40 replied to buying picks
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Quote Originally Posted by CalifDreamin:



We get it just fine, that youre totally full of garbage. More in one month than us in a lifetime? So theyre making MILLIONS/month? Just raping Vegas for millions/month and noone says a word?

Good services are so hard to find, and even harder when people spread bullshit like this

This is what I'm talking about, this place is full of novices and rookies that don't know anything.  First of all they make more in a month than Hamp will make in his lifetime which I'm guessing is less than a million dollars as Hamp probably makes minimum wage working at Red Robin.

Nobody bets at Vegas you amatuer, billions of dollars is wagered weekly offshore you rookie.  These huge guys will pay jerks like you to set up accounts with locals all over the world and clean house.  Pinnacle alone will take 10 times more action than Vegas per day for any amount you want.  Even small Bookmaker will take up to 30k per game right now.  You think you can bet 30k on a marlins game in Vegas? Get a clue before you speak.  This is all pretty basic stuff, the fact that you don't know this shows how stupid you and this whole website are.

I've been in this business probably longer than you've been alive.
slade40 replied to buying picks
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Haha, these guys went 3-0 today including a parlay.  Amazing.  I laugh at you Hamp and all others who talk out of their behind. I made 4K today.
A huge fuc*ing idiot
Hamp, you're an idiot. 

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