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Me too any 100 dollar a day system that is working I would like to hear about, please share
12-1 right now at LVH, I may pull the trigger on that one myself
reef212000 replied to Sunday 1/6
in College Basketball
I just put 20 on Virginia to win it all at 500-1 odds at Cantor, I think I can at least get that money back by hedging if they make the big dance, they play sick defense
yuck hoop plays were really bad

shake it off orange and lets get it back
I will be taking my alma mater URI Rams, I think they can cover 16 at St Marys
I like Hawaii plus the points as well, seems like alot
I like Canisius also, that is alot of points
reef212000 replied to SMU/Rhode Island
in College Basketball
I went to URI and I agree with you. I thought SMU would be about a 5 pt favorite. I love SMU
Hi GWarner, where are you from in RI ??? I am from there originally

reef212000 replied to Best LV Buffets?
in Las Vegas

The LVH buffet is very underrated. The mac and cheese and sweet potatoes are unreal


The Stratosphere buffet isnt too bad either


Stay away from riviera buffet, no good



Here is my story, I got laid off from my accounting job in the Bay area Feb 2009 and I decided to foreclose on my townhouse at the end of 09 and move to Vegas and take my 45 k bankroll with me

I moved to Vegas in Jan 2010 and I was collecting unemployment for the first yr and a half as well as playing low level poker 1-2 no limit and betting sports very small

My unemployment stopped in mid 2011 and I have just been playing poker and betting sports since then. My monthly nut to crack is about 1000

I think it is pretty damned hard to make 100 a day gambling. I am pretty disciplined and keep track of every poker session and sports bet made. I am only averaging about 650 a month in gambling profit for the year so my bankroll is going down a little. The highest it was at the height of my unemployment collecting was about 60 k and now it is about 40 k

I am kind of lazy and dont want to look for a job so I will probably play my bankroll down to about 30k then look for work

I think you can make it out here gambling but you need a decent bankroll and u need to be focused and disciplined. I do it for small stakes and the swings are still big thats why I cant even avg 50 dollars a day gambling

I keep my goals the same try to make 50 dollars a day and even that is very difficult. I have never been good at sports gambling that is why I prefer to play more poker.

If anyone has any questions about moving to Vegas and living the so called dream fire away and I will give u my opinion

I would say LVH if sports wagering is what you are into. If you need to venture to the strip the monorail is right there for you

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