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I'm EET....

Yes, We are NOT alone..

Happy 4th Weekend..Go Megan. and our WOMEN..

Quote Originally Posted by idle_havoc:

I remember that Covers gift shop link, wow! was that ever an overpriced trap

Crusher13 created a topic PAT BOWLEN'S Memorial
in NFL Betting
I'm going Today..@ Broncos Stadium from 10-3 MDT..

What a classy OWNER..Won 3 Vince Lombardi's during HIS reign...Died at 75 of Alhtizmers...great NFL owner..
Quote Originally Posted by TheGoldenGoose:

American Doctors can be traps. 

I got one Neurologist who wants to slice my arm open already before the EMG test results are back!!!

My PCP is a great Doc, been with him forever, gives me anything I want... Xanax, Ambien, etc.  But when I mentioned a MJ Medical Card he ducks under the table.  Got to keep those Big Pharma Corporate Fukks™ in business.  Can't have MJ interfering with the Corporate Fukks™ profits.  No, no, no.

First GG..since I reside in COLO,,it only takes a mild headache and $30 to get a coveted "RED" card.. Sorry a NE state hasn't gotten with the times  ..Time to VENTURE west in a Covered wagon..

This thread is about WORST TOURIST TRAPS
 in the Good ole USA....not our Future MEDICAL system.....Medical Weed and CBD gonna do a whole lot of curing, efficient PAIN Management 

This is all about the  pain and rip-offing  our  back wallets..not a bad 5 minutes at ANY BJ table situated across our Fruited Plain....except pointed out PANNED across a certain L.V. street which REALLY is the ULTIMATE T.T.(Tourist Trap) ....

What's the Biggest RIP OFF up there in your Humble opine??

Crusher13 created a topic TOURIST Traps in AMERICA
in General Discussion
I've got mine..what are yours...????
Hi TRAIN..just went to casinos south of memphis...

1st..They suck..

2nd...Horseshoe is best place down there..WAAAAAY out of the way...redneck there forewarned me of going to WRONG spots down by Graceland..told me whitehaven should be called Blackhaven..fear for my life...Just go to Beale street..

3rd..I'll NEVER go back again..except for Horseshoe..stay there..
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in NHL Betting
Congrats...BLUES Deserve it..What a SEASON turnaround...Gotta LOVE ALL SPORTS for this Epic result..
TRUMP Knows HOW to "play MSM".....
WOW..boyz and girlzz....Even I NEVER thought this "matter" is going to EXPLODE into this "expansive scope"...

I guess I need to adjust my over/under "INDICTMENTS" to Double Digits since the DEPT of STATE's involvement???

This WHOLE AFFAIR is going to be "monsterous" leading right up to 2020 elections......

Any DEMS chances...

Btw..DJT is baiting them into Impeachment proceedings....
Crusher13 replied to UNFREEDOM of the Press
in Politics
Sundance..this REPUBLIC is so grateful for TRUE PATRIOTS like him ...

What a great book....
Crusher13 created a topic AG William Barr
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This guy has more gonads than DJT...

He's the Right Man at the Right Time in  the Right out SWAMP creatures..he's at the end of his life and he dont care what others think...HE IS GONNA DO WHAT'S RIGHT..
Crusher13 replied to UNFREEDOM of the Press
in Politics

I Understand the TRUTh hurts..

Crusher13 replied to UNFREEDOM of the Press
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STU..don't seperate the thoughts..

You KNOW better..
BELMONT Stakes day only 8 DAYS AWAY..

Gonna be MUCH MUCH better Hit possibilities on Undercard 

Can't wait till Greatest Racing day untill BC....

We  NEED some Winna Winna Chicken Dinna's posted here..

Quote Originally Posted by fartnsniff:

Good to see ya made it dawg.  



Womens WC upcoming..can't wait to follow Van..Glad u r better....

but Fsn has some of the most Classic threads of all time....
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WOW !! 150,000 sold in first 5 days..TOP SELLER on NY Times List..

Yeah, Johnny, need to listen into some of his callers getting through 2nd half of his nightly radio show....Future Thomas Paine's ..    CALI H.S. teacher  got thru last night couldn't be happier to share this book with all his social media mind numb lame brains students.......Open their eyes to the current PROPOGANDA media conglomerate 

NEVER BELIEVE  half of what you SEE, READ,  or Hear....

Great  READ and Educational Tool 
Crusher13 created a topic UNFREEDOM of the Press
in Politics

Mark Levin's newest TOP BEST SELLER List//coming out May 21..

Don't miss this one..NY Slimes got their own chapter..

Fitting Book for the current Mainstream failures of 2019.... Our Founding Fathers would be so ashamed how far "journalism" has descended into echoing canaries... liberal bias blinding  one's own sanity....and Reality...

Heading out on long vacay so sorry for the early announcement BUT I do know you can Preorder at Amazon....


Improbable $4

Tacitous $3

Win Win Win $3


Now that this "matter" (and "delusion")  is fortified as being totally FABRICATED by the little Bob's report"...Time to  investigate ALL the real High crimes and misdeeds by the BOH controlled departments.....GEN BARR and his staff will surely have success EXPOSING this entire fraud...

Sit back and LMFAO as the  onion is peeled back.....Wtf? 2 FBI spies trying to infiltrate poor Georgie's world  ... 

Horowitz's FISA abuse report..uh oh...... gonna get deep quick around ALL this......Let's watch all the rats turn and squirm..

ENJOY..Happy Derby weekend..

Quote Originally Posted by kagakuotoko:

If Biden runs and win the nomination, it's time to lay the juice on Trump to win.

All the way to the "Proverbial Bank"   


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