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It's crazy I want to call a 1-800 number or something call the course up see if they have a update
fastguy created a topic Chidrens Mir. Scores? Cink, Love
in Pro Golf
Cink has been stuck on hole 15 forever over 2 hours without updating anyone know what is going on with him?

Quote Originally Posted by abadboycali:

im gonna pick NY+ Tex  over 10 

dunno if you saw weak lineups  no CRUZ, Kinsler, Cano, or granderson
rangers look more like the play better lineup

thanks SILLY for all your work long time follower first time caller
I guess you take Texas getting value and the home field advantage through 7 games and they are the favorite at the series price
It doesn't make any sense to take Verlander as a favorite in game 1, game 3, and game 7 b/c your laying the juice and the tigers are going to be a favorite in game 5 that is at least 4 games the tigers are the favorite and your laing the juice ,,just take them in series +$$$

or on the other side why lay the juice with the Rangers in the series price as a favorite if they are going to be a DOG in at least 4 of the 7 games ??????
Verlander favorite game 1 -120
              favorite  game 4 at home
              and will be a favorite game 7 if there is one, cy young winner  
              and better pitcher on the mound also
Scherzer Favorite in game 5 at home
Detroit Favorite game 3 at home thisis just how I see it BUT tigers are the dog in the series so I ask if you agree with what said above is it better to take the rangers every game as a dog or the tigers in the series price ??????????????????
Last time this game was a rout was 2003 ever game since has been less than 10 points I curious on this one and I keep going back and forth 10.5 is a lot of points
How about value in the runs/hits and erroer in philly game
 Under is 6.5 usually with that low of a total it around 22,21 H,R,E
but this is at 24.5 VALUE ?
I don't understand ???? what that means I guess I am a little slow
I see value in the series b/c I see the Tigers being the Favorite in at least 4 of the 7 games if they go that far Verlander is the favorite in game 1 on the road at -120 he will the favorite at home in game 4 as well , as well will they be every game at home and might possible be a favorite in game 7 at least -110 so why take the tigers laying the juice in these games and not just take them + 120 for the series

am I wrong ? am I missing something I would like some advice if you guys don't mind I'm NOT  the best gambler but I can use some help
My pLay of the Day UNDER 43 in BEARS game
Add Ons

Under 39 Falcons/Seattle
Under 46 Saints/ Jags
Over 44  rams/redskins
Over 38  Titans/Browns
Under 43.5 Bills/Bengals
Under 43 Panthers/Bears

Oakland +6.5
Cincy     +3

Good luck to everyone 
Wake at Monday -1 at BC all week the Line moved from -1,-2,-2.5 and last night it was Wake -3 right now its Wake +1 what happened does anyone know ?
fastguy created a topic usc ariz 2nd half
in MLB Betting
under 27
under 29.5 first half
THE Irish suck ,the are poorly coached and make WAY TOO many mistakes and its inexcusably at this level with the talent they have this game is disgusting to watch   is it pop warner football b/c that what it looks like
how about under 27 ,,,,4 td to beat you
 i don't see any offense in this game its sloppy and not productive
its Irish -4

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