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newyorkslim replied to Chicago/Denver 2nd half
in NBA Betting
Quote Originally Posted by mellow_wolf:

Total at 99.5 

Chicago has had zero games, out of 48, reach 221+ points this season. Denver has had only 6 of 49 games go to 221+.

No play for me, but would lean under. 

Just wanted to share the info. GL.

"that and $35 cents will get you a cup of coffee at the student union".....

A game like that. u gonna watch. 
Yep, I had Hawaii, a gift. this guy is out
Don't normally load up on road chalk. I am in vegas. 

maybe be a good half time bet or small play...
KId, what's not tracked in collage that is in the NBA? 


Personally , I don't tail anybody but myself...
Everybody loves you Kid, remember that. 
Quote Originally Posted by peter10:

 you guys bringing up old threads for what 

Were drunk and stupid? 
Love ya Dog,   

write  up's are a bit weak,..

Usually fade you,....

But always open your thread...


All that % of bank roll garbage and this and that a joke. 

I count my money everyday. Exactly how much I got, how much i want and how much I need. 

I'll bet what I can emotionally handle. If I lose, I don't care (not always successful with that). the wins feel good. 

Try not to chase...or be on Tilt, never goes well...

and when you count your money after a big loss, always be happy what  what you got. 

conquer that, and you already won. 
Lots of chatter out there, catch some losses, start chasing; things can go sideways pretty fast. 

I wise man once told me "take what you need and it will be there forever, try to take it all and all will be gone"...

Been doing great, had a big night (for me now) ...have a mobile account with Red rock and william Hilll now....

then got a $25 dollar foot massage...God I love this town....

newyorkslim replied to Chicago/Denver 2nd half
in NBA Betting
Yep, I was looking at the way the game was going and had the over too...
Quote Originally Posted by TheRickterScale:

Facts are facts. He;'s losing money and an alarming rate.

I bet 10 dollars, you know, but I don't come on here ruthlessly moving the decimal to a different spot.

If you have a winning ability it wont matter if you are betting $1 , $10, or $100, the money will increase why inflate the digits? It's irrelevant, and you take no time in your selections and choose games I'm usually leaning on at 2pm, but don't have the idiocy to finalize those wagers.

You're hoping to get attention, which is fine, but for god sakes learn a lesson or two, and try taking california +3.5 tonight. Any amateur would go straight to AZST tonight, and  ya they might cover, but my minds think vegas gets rocked in state covers tonight.

That being said, fading yet again tonight and hoping you take your time on other days and not post picks at 1pm or w/e. Your only seeing it from one angle and it's why you're losing.

Bet of the night San Diego +8 over BYU, think they win outright

Made the night great! 
If this guy was betting real money... he would have found jesus by now...

newyorkslim replied to ***Vandy/Tenn***
in College Basketball
ok cowboy...
Been doing great over the past 3 weeks,... just had two big plays on The jail blazers (game one VS the clip joint) and Niagara today...

For me, as of right now, I know the gambling gods are gonna want some back.. so I may take a couple days off, go on a hike, get laid... whatever....

Down turns go down only of you let them... gambling for me is mostly mental... knowing when to loosen up and when to hold back...Thats all that matters...

Just like these women out here, they know I could take em or leave they will always keep calling...

Oregon is the play for me also. Max unit play. 
newyorkslim replied to Wednesday Huge Play!
in College Basketball
Nice one. 
Hey guys,,..finally got intent-net access... Signal gets lost a lot  from under the bridge I am currently living under,...(I am using my street buddy Cue Ball's  new IPHONE now..)...doing great,.a bit cold at night, but me and the guys usually make a fire, swig 40's and smoke crack to keep warm. 

I sit at a downtown intersection during the day with a sign that say's , "to hell with the food, I need a beer" great, because its like I am being honest or something?

Really....still having fun...not going crazy with me bets. Its funny, gambling has always been good to me..I remember times when I actually needed money and I won when I needed too. I really don't need money know so I been giving a little back to the gambling gods. 

I agree with the guy that said get a wife and have a kid, and maybe start a business...I am looking at the business aspect right now...but until then, just working out and betting games! 

Could be worse! 
ur cold bro....time to take a break,....
Nice write up. Thanks ! 

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