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Quote Originally Posted by jake93436:

So many people i read on here time and time say they are moving here to do nothing but bet on sports 24/7, and live off that.. well my reality is just this....  not to get too personal and long story short, military veteran who won a VA gov settlement (30K),i get my monthly va check, work part time at a book and even ride share part time... i clear 4K a month off income... bet daily and use that as main income for expenses, utl, cox, Verizon, many joes here wanna bet NFL to "win big", but soccer is where your money is at... i also do provide betting advice from twitter as well.... its just funny and odd so many people post that they are moving here but then 6 months later you dont hear much... been in vegas since 2010, been betting sports for 6 years... any advice to help people win ill provide..



Not exactly sure how working two jobs is "living the dream" but okay....


Quote Originally Posted by Crusher13:

Any advice to SHARE to make it even better..??Watching parties, Best places/All Inclusives??Gonna be there ALL WEEK and heard it's a fricken' BLAST??Btw..Covers.... SOUTHPOINT absolutle fuc*ed me on ALL my SB prop bets cuz there computers were down that fateful SB week morning...The CURSE of Big Game Brent.. I LOVE that place..where do you FIND a Horse/sports book like that ANYWHERE on this planet.....otherwise..this trip WOULD have been TOTALLY complimentary.....Oh fault depending on that ALL-Night sportsbook Happy 18' Tournament for us all...


I went out there the 14th, came back the 19th, spent the whole week in Downtown Vegas and had a blast. Golden Nugget and Westgate were the two best places to watch games. 


Quote Originally Posted by cjm2008:

QUOTE Originally Posted by TDHPlays: I don't want to say too much, but I will be returning to LV before the NFL season starts.  Am retired, have a secure pension from NV and SSA, almost at 50K per year based upon my work and my deceased wife's tenure as a teacher.  Moreover, before going in a few weeks, I secured a part time job at $5k per year for 3 months work, as I don't want to work too much at my age.  I lived in LV for over 14 years during my earning years and it was very good to me and my wife as employees, but not gamblers.  Unfortunately, she died there of cancer at an early age.  Of course, that was in the late 80's and early 90's before all the minorities moved in.With a retirement investment account which I could live on until I'm a 100 without any pension, I think it is time to try to go back and have some fun with minimal football bets.  I think this is the only way you can survive there.  Any other way, I would advise against trying to make it.  When I lived there, so many of my friends were in bankruptcy court.  So many tried to live the dream, but they ended up broke. .  Would love to hear how this story has played out


I am curious how this one worked out.

Beergut replied to Excalibur/Luxor/TI
in Las Vegas

Quote Originally Posted by sports_Network:

Good question,If a moderate priced Hotel is what you're looking for (on the Strip) the three you have chosen are excellent choices; including the Tropicana. However, your frills will be limited. Understanding, all you want is a place to crash, and these four fit that need exclusively.upmarket?stay at a hotel that's new to the Strip, they're unlimited, and always have a good deal/promo in the works;  Aria, Cosmopolitan, are two for consideration..enjoy your stay


Aria opened in 2009, Cosmo in 2010, neither are really 'new' to the Strip. They can also both be quite pricey. They're both very nice, but you pay for those niceties. 

La Salle drops it.

Penn State +8 hit

Nice to see that this thread is still around 
Beergut replied to sls vegas
in Las Vegas
Stayed at SLS, it is the old Sahara.

Rooms remind me of Linq, they both seem to trying to master the 'tiny house' concept. I was in the World Tower, and beds were small. 

I don't need a huge room, though.

Positives are that the people are nice and service is good. Also, SLS is located on the monorail stop, so you can get to the Strip quickly and cheaply if you want to go gamble at some of those properties. 

They do seem to be trying hard to appeal to the hipster crowd. The sports book is located inside Umami Burger, only positive there is that they had kiosks where you could place wagers inside the casino. 


I wouldn't say it went 'viral', it just got bumped in 2015. 

Good story, mafioso.
Flight and room booked.

I'm staying at Harrah's, going out Sweet Sixteen weekend, whole trip comped. 

The Big Dance is one of the best times of the year to be in Vegas.
Quote Originally Posted by bigbooze:

thanks lou, do u know anything about imperial palace or super8 koval there off strip & pretty cheap

Imperial is right in the middle of the Strip, so decent location. It isn't fancy by any means, so you're getting what you pay for. If you want a cheap Strip location, just stay at Casino Royale.

Super 8 on Koval does have the advantage of being located right next to Ellis Island Casino & Microbrewery. Ellis Island is still home to the best deal in Vegas, the $6.99 steak dinner. If you want to cut down on your food expenses, eating there several times during the week will do it, so I would recommend staying there. It is a Super 8, though, so you know what you're getting as far as residence.
Wow, I'm amazed this thread is still kicking.

Hope nyslim is still okay.


There is no better time than once you first graduate to take a huge risk like that. Make a deal with your parents that you'll give yourself a year and see what happens. If it doesn't work out, you can always get a job in Vegas and gamble in your free time.


At least you went out there and made a run at it. Better to risk it all and fail than to never try at all.

 Again, this is a mental exercise, not a plan of action here. 


You are talking about making a living at sports betting. I'm not specifically referring to any type of game, just saying regardless of your game of choice, if you can win $100 a day on average, you can make it, because you'll be making $3000 a month or more. 

I don't even know what kind of a bankroll you'd need to play poker to try to make a living at it, for instance, which is why I didn't specify the game. 

I appreciate your replies, though, at least you put some thought into it. 

 Did you get a chance to play any Pai Gow?

 And did you take a shuttle or cab from the airport?

 Glad you had a good experience. 

 My father is a big fan of Gold Coast because of the low table limits. He can play blackjack for ten hours and just kill a day doing that. 
If a desired goal is 3k a month, winning $100 a day over thirty days would get you there.

BTW, I'm not going out to Vegas to "chase the dream", I'm just trying to figure out what someone needs to bankroll to do that.

It is interesting to me that we have so few on here who tried to make it.

If you think you want to 'live the dream' and move to Vegas and make a living as a sports bettor/poker player/professional gambler, how much money do you need?

At a minimum, I think it would be $25000, if not more. Figure you need $10000 to pay for one year in rent at an apartment, including any security deposit. You need a $10000 bankroll to start out with, at a minimum, because even if you are betting small and only winning $100 a day, that bankroll ensures you 100 days of betting.

The last $5000 I would keep in a bank account as an emergency non-gambling fund. If it doesn't work out and you go bust, you will at least have enough money to go back home and start getting on with your life. If you tried to live the dream and failed, no shame in that, at least you made your attempt. Start saving again, hope you learn from your lessons, and decide if you want to take another shot.

Anyone went out there who is currently living the dream? How much did you take out there to get started? How long did it take you to become self-sufficient, where your winnings were paying for your living expenses?
Saw there did a test run in 2011 there, wondering if it is still played there.

 If you took the people out and put kiosks in, you'd need people to explain to John Q, Public how to make the bet they want on the kiosk.

Let's be serious, the average person struggles to do the self-checkout at the grocery store. You want that person to make a bet on a touch screen computer? You're incredibly optimistic about your fellow man.
Beergut replied to Vegas Comp's
in Las Vegas
If your offer is from Caesars/Bally's, it is under the Total Rewards program. I'd log into your Total Rewards account online and check your tier. The average gambler for TR is Gold. If your Tier Credits rate you at Platinum or above, you're above the average gambler.

Take the shuttle from the airport to GC, it'll probably be $7 or $8. You don't have to pre-pay online, you can just go to the booth at the airport and pay for your pass there. It may take you a little while to get to your hotel on the shuttle, but if you're arriving a day before the event, it's not like you're going to be in a big hurry.

There are buses that go from GC to Bill's Gamblin' Hall because Bill's used to be Barbary Coast, so there is a free way to get to the Strip. Now, if you want to just rotate between GC and Rio, you can. Just make sure you get the Total Rewards card at Rio, and the B-Connected card at GC so you can earn comp credit for your play.

GC does cater to a more local crowd, but the food in the lounge there is decent. They usually run low table minimums at GC, like $5, which attract a lot of locals, although that may go up during the WSOP.


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