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And God forbid, dont trust ETRADE... I think they are crooked, I love TD, amazingly simple like it should be, no BS...
Quote Originally Posted by zebrakiller:

thanks natures even tho most of terms i do not undertsand that answered my question

He is right about BLue chips. If you are a gambler (because you are here) you are.... Then try swinging a stock. Some stocks, growing corps, like one of my posts on here SGEN is a swingable stock. You buy it as low as possible,
Say 48 - 36. If you buy at 48, say 10 shares and it drops to 40, buy 10 more and keep avg. down because eventually it WILL go back up. It has strong money behind it. Then set a price, 75 ? And sell it, pull out if you want minus the tax. Or, just wait for it to fall again, 3 - 6 months, wash, rinse repeat...

Many biotechs that are within 5 years of their IPO are awesome, risky, but awesome if you do DD. Find the ones with great managment / board behind them....
You can short, but that is another conversation. 
If I was 20 again, I know for a fact I would be a millionaire by 50, 2 years ago. This is nothing more than legal gambling. The thrill is a little short as it is hard to hit doubles or triple your money. 
I just did one, bought 500 shares of MYOK 4 months ago at 12.50, today it is $36.00. This was a rare catch, but it happens. I bought them because Baker Brothers bought them PLUS, I researched for about 4 - 6 hours, reading about management, the board, the science, etc. It also makes you a smarter person.

There is just as much corruption in Medical as anything. Use 100M to leverage 30M in gain ? Sure, why not....

You can make great money if you have patience, that is something I did not have until 40 years old. Maybe you are smarter than me. Good Luck bro...
Is a way to make a deposit in a Canadian Offshore Account ? Of course I dint trust 5D anymore, Credit Card Info stolen and think they will do what is best before they are shut out.
Wont any sports book take a deposit ?
FEDS are so busy with homeland security, MS-13, the wall, NK, and WINNING I would think this is an easy bypass through a third party depositor.
Penny Stock Pump and Dump. It isnt enough you guys scour IHUB, but you have to try and scam sports gurus too... Sad and pathetic humans !
Quote Originally Posted by TheGoldenGoose:

Mon May 01 14:11:01 2017 Buy 6500 AMFE Executed @ $0.08435

Your order below was partially executed:

Account: XXXX-XXX5
Order Number: X
Order type: Buy
Security: AMFE
Term: Day
Price type: Limit at $0.09
Execution price: $0.08435
Order quantity: 16000
Quantity executed: 16000
Quantity Remaining: 0

Penny stocks for the most part are a scam... as each passing thread goes by, so do the stocks as they fall apart... This is down 20% for you... HOw do you feel about it ?
Chris Ruddy is a KNOWN paid employee of the Jewish Right and Koch Brothers. So, yes, Clintons killed him.. yea, right...  The proof is, lack of blood and people going in his office to get paperwork...
And Mike Wallace and CBS spent years telling the Truth, until it came to the Clintons... Sad that anyone would buy into this unless you are a BUSH / Trump Lover and a devote right winger...
Waiting for this to dip again. I have made a LOT of money on SGEN... Now swinging CNCE, and a few other biotechs... CNCE is not a buy now, but when it drops to 10 again.... I have shorted a little of it, but doubled on it from 9 to 18... Had did the same thing a year ago...
Just dont buy into any of the garbage stocks pumped a lot on here and many other places. Go opposite of what pumpers tell you.
Quote Originally Posted by slops:



They WORK here and you will end up in the BOX. Been there, done that.. .Can't bash the boss, like here, cant bash the owners pumpers... 
By the way, SYR. does not deserve to be in Tour... but may get in anyway... DONT DESERVE !
Quote Originally Posted by rarafromphilly:

i havent had an issue getting paid yet,,,heritage or youwager or or
Where is Hera, bookmaker and youwager....
Quote Originally Posted by jdr016:

Don't use locals. 

All of the books are crooks in the long run. But, at least you have a chance of getting paid with the grade A sites.

Like which One ? I used 5D for years, but the CC problem has now made it so I can not use them anymore. They let my number get stolen, thus, the Bank won't allow me to use overseas unless i leave the country...
Quote Originally Posted by QMICH:

President Trump’s weekend allegations of a “Nixon/Watergate” plot to wiretap his 2016 campaign confused intelligence analysts, befuddled members of Congress and created fresh work for fact-checkers. Within 24 hours of his allegations, made on Twitter, the administration conceded that the president was basing his claim not on closely held information, but on a Breitbart News story quoting the conservative radio host and author Mark Levin.

x 7 billion people worldwide!

This stuff is a mess and shows how divided we have become and we are being led by a lunatic real estate guru... We are in Big Big trouble and it is going to get real Ugly around this country. China will be ahead of us in 5 years and a lot bigger than us at the end of our depression in 5 or 6 years...  
You are just ahead of your fAMILY. It is Hard to see all of this if you are not in tune with the world. It is coming, just when, it may not even be in our lifetime, but it will come. You can't keep taking from the working class and hope all will work out. It won't... 2008 was only saved because we created more money, QE, and other things that helped the RICH, otherwise, we would have had a Depression, not just REC...
I dont panic, nor get overwhelmed by all of this because I am prepared. I am not a doomsday guy, but a year of that lifetime food stuff and GOLD / SILVER / CASH /GUNs and that is about as good as I am going to get. Outside of protecting and feeding my family, not much I can do... I do make sure I can accept some extended family too because they will be at the door sooner or later...
Quote Originally Posted by sundance:

I talk to people about stuff like this and they think I am nuts. Especially my family. The next possible big event is the on going debt ceiling crisis. Will they raise the debt ceiling?

Cash is our last freedom. Without cash you have no freedom. They will tax your card at every possible whim. No privacy whatsoever. It is nobodies business what I am doing and where I am located having a beer.

My investments are silver and food. I don't think this ends well. Exciting times. I keep an eye out for those horrible Russians.

Surprised you don't have GOLD vs Silver. Some silver, yes, but if you look back at the charts 1990 - NOW  you will see GOLD booms when things are bad, Silver does a little. But, India and China, and others don't care about Silver like we do here. Thus, GOld is the WORLD standard.. Even Cash can be worthless in times of hyper inflation and that is on the plate too. Milk at 20$ a gallon makes Cash worthless, especially at that point, Gold would be worth 10 times what it is today.
and makes people invest where they shouldn't. We will run the system up on false pretense of good job and secure country, property values continue to climb, now above where they belong and will gain another 40% over next 5 years, then crash again... Same thing as 2007.
No one learned, only lived thru it. The RIch make money both ways as they prepare for it. 
This brings me to why they know it will happen again. The Price Per Ounce of GOLD has not dropped enough. WHY ? Topped out at 1800.00 and now close to 1200.00, why is it not at 800.00 ? Because the RIch continue to buy it based on backdoor fear. That any one thing could trigger big problems and panic, North Korea is the biggest one right now, that guy is insane and needs terminated...TRUMP is also a loose canon and could say anything at any time... We are divided and little will change, build a wall, so what, hire 10,000 police, so what ? This may have a trickle effect on JOB wages going up... Maybe, even then, the RICH will not make less money, they will just increase the price of their products.

The Big problem came in 1984 when we ruin the TAX brackets and gave the rich all of their money and stripped it from the working class. Maybe an even tax rate sounds good in principal, but it isn't. 25% or whatever % is not OK to charge the same for all. 25% of 50K is a lot different then a 25% 100M.People are naive to believe that you can continue this and not end up with a few very rich people and everyone else very poor. It doesn't work, no matter how NORMAL it sounds or reads.
The guy that states : Work harder, go back to school, The rich guy EARNED it, a flat tax rate is only fair, Coal jobs were lost due to Obama, Not everyone deserves healthcare, I love America, Peel my gun from my Cold dead hands, are totally 85 i.q. Americans that have been manipulated by the Koch brothers, The Tea party and their funders and are not smart enough to think for themselves. They don't see the truth, they only hear the truth they want to hear from those manipulating them....
I am a white WASP too... but I know manipulation when I see it. Hitler did it in the 30s until he controlled the media. Then he did what he wanted, all the time guys like those with the TEA Party and ultra right wingers were FOLLOWING the preacher.
Medical is out of hand - Doctors should not be millionaires, but today, that is what we have. VERY RICH overcharging doctors that could care less about their patients... Our country is truly a JOKE now and people worried about immigration, Trumps Tweets, etc. are doing exactly what they want, not paying attention to what is important.
We are doomed !
This is about the only SANE thing to come with SQ's name on it. I think we are all screwed too, and the banking, elite, FEDS, etc. are looking to lockup all the working class into a 99.5% / 25 an hour group.
I don't think they meet, or talk about it like this, I think it is just headed that way as they each try to be "the man" and fight for what is left over.
I will admit, it is sickening to watch so many of my friends and family ignore what is right in front of them... That they ignore that food is crazy priced, that the Govt is in debt up to its eyeballs, that Trump is a joke, so is hillary...That real wages have not moved at all, even if you made 15 an hour 20 years ago and 25 an hour now, it means nothing because you have lost way more than that to the system...

I agree with lots of what is written here, Been buying G&S for a while now, got some guns, lots of CASH (small bills).... Own a rental and many things like you write. I do not have money to move offshore or the network to do so. Rental is in trust... 
I can see how they are moving the system to CC and swipes and to get rid of cash.
I think BITCOIN is very risky, proven by the history of it. Only if you bought cheap is it worth it, and at some point AGAIN we will hear of a crackdown and devalue happens all over again... RISKY ! 
Why I think I know bad times are coming in 2022 - 25. Wash, rinse, repeat is where we are... Today is just like the year 2000. Nothing has really change except the debt... By the time they raise rates, it will be too late again and another housing crash will happen. This is the outcome of things like CNBC and the Jewish community pushing so hard EVERYDAY for 4% growth, they are never content, Goldman Sachs and other advisors going on TV to push, push, push, for more. It forces and overvalued market.
Quote Originally Posted by schmidt37:

A local bookie owes me 5k. He's no longer answering my calls or texts. Does anybody have any advice. I can think of 5 options.

1. Try and settle for less or a payment plan.
- I like this idea the best but he's not returning my texts/calls so its kind of out of the picture

2. Go to his place and beat the garbage out of him/ ask for the money 
-I feel that this can only get messy and would prefer to do something else. Its about an hour out of my way but more then willing to make the trip

3. Sell the debt for pennies on the dollar.
-Rather get something then nothing. 

4. Report him to the police.
-Again, feel like this can only get messy.

5. Hire a private investigator
-Expensive, no guarantee I even get the money

Thanks in advance for the advice/opinions

I like Option number 3, at least get something and teach him a lesson, those that buy debt, make sure of it. It will get passed off as your only option. If you don't do anything, he will rape someone until it does turn on him, better you get 2K vs nothing.
Same thing here, they tried to get .87 out of Indiana as a TEST.. Bank catches it, and yes, only use for that site, only card they ever took. Now the bank limits it to INSIDE US. Thus, I would have to state traveling outside of states to use on there site, just too much BS... I been dumping 500.00 a year for 2 years now, (LOSING) golf... 
Sucks, because I like doing it, kind of like a long horse race (over the weekend). Spend maybe 20 - 30 bucks, good chance to win and still way up over the years.
It eases my need to be degenerate gambler at 52 years old. Our country isnt going to be happy until we are all NON smoking, non gambling, hard working fat people that spend the last 50 years of their life under medication and sucking down huge amounts of sugar. It is like a joke, today's America.
Get in line and do what you are told, allow us to follow your every movement on your phone, taxes, fees, and more fees... Pathetic. Now I am to believe a billionaire that has spent 10M dollars over the last 5 weeks flying down here to Mar Largo on my dime so that he can feel at home, Camp David isnt good enough ? They have the intercoastal waterway all tied up, Boaters can't enjoy the area because our president lives there.
God damn I am mad and full of hate...
Quote Originally Posted by ccbulldog:

I know it's a crap shoot and I wanted to bet NFC just because I'm a fan of Dak. So I assumed it would be about a pick um but to my surprise NFC is a 4 pt fav. Why is this? Why would you want to give up 4 pts in a supposed even game? 
Did you watch him in the skills Challenge... Yikes, I predict he throws a couple picks... He may be a descent QB in a system and time to prepare, etc.. .This is more of a TALENT game and there in he lacks.... A QB like Brees will do much better in a pro bowl..
Then again, maybe ZAK will take it more serious than others and will be the difference, I just think it is unlikely...
Quote Originally Posted by thorpe:

Save your money.  "NO"  is  a sucker bet when the total is this high.

With a total of 58 points, there will be something like 6 TDs and 4 FGs or 10 scores.  That means there will be 8 scores where there is chance to get the third straight score.  It is unlikely that any one of these will be a third straight, but the chance that one of them is is pretty good.

By my count, "YES" has won 8 out of 10 in the playoffs.  But the total for this game is very high compared to most of the playoff games.

I like the under too.. Just think another two week layoff hurts these guys...All the attention, etc... 25 -23 Atlanta
Thoughts... I like it going to put a little on it...
What are the chances of scoring 3 straight times... without a comeback score... Just doesn't fit with this game... Strange, only reason that it is +160 is because someone thinks it happens...