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The Jays have already said all of the starters wont play.

Your basically looking at this lineup

forgetting one guy
Quote Originally Posted by Asomugha:

I really dont think Murray deserves a whole lot of credit. He isnt looking good imo. 

Quite the opposite actually.

Murray has played extremely well. Berdych was playing at a insane level and Murray was able to grind him down and take over.

Murray has a legit shot to win this match. I'd say its prolly 60/40 in Novaks favour.
Quote Originally Posted by hendrixandsrv:

i would take:  Connors, Lendl, McEnroe, Wilander, Edberg, and Becker, over any other 6 in history when you talk about a particular era.

That's 42 slams right there between the 6 and they range from 6 slams to 8 slams.  and all 6 were in their primes playing each other in a period that overlapped from about 1982 to 1990 when all 6 were playing excellent tennis, but obviously Connors and McEnroe were on the decline.

fed and rafa make up 31 slams between them, but then there's a huge dropoff to djoko's 7 and murray's 2

we'll have to say where djoko and murray end up, but in terms of a cluster of players all dominant at one time over a 7-8 yr period, it has to be the 6 i named

The problem I see with that group is that not one of those guys is anywhere close to as dominant as Federer or Nadal. 

Connors 8 majors
Mcenroe 7 majors
Lendl 8 majors
Wilander 7 majors
Edberg 6 majors
Becker 6 majors

These guys are all fantastic players and top 10-20 players but none are in the caliber of a Federer or Nadal. These two guys are both arguably in the conversation as 2 of the best 5 ever. When you throw in Novak, this is when this current core takes it. This guy is currently only at 7 but hes still young enough and in good enough form to string another 5+.  Whens its all said and done you could legitimately have 3 guys from this era in the top 5 of total majors won.

Ill take elite quality over quantity in this case.
This is the best and most talented era.

You have the greatest major champion in Federer.
You have the greatest clay courter of all time.
You have Novak who could easily end up with say 10 slams.
If healthy Murray could end up with around 5-6.

There isnt a era that has a core of 4 guys that are this elite.
Love this play.

Goodluck man.
Quote Originally Posted by scitommy:

I agree, both loaded with makeup. Give me Ivanovic. She actually looks better with less makeup IMO. She's a natural beauty.

Give me Kirilenko over all of them :)
Murray match played out exactly as I expect.

Tonight I'm going large on the over 3.5 sets.

Stan has a real chance to win this match again. He has the ability to hit thru Novaks defence and if he serves well this is going to be very tough for Novak.
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Quote Originally Posted by GDayMate:

Hard match to pick. Kyrgios errors made Murray look good and Rafa's "no show" made Berdych look good.

Murray is definitely the better player but he is not playing anywhere near his best and Berdych probably is. Toss a coin job for me but GL.

Just as an aside, I've never been a Murray fan but he went up in my estimation (as a bloke, not a player) with his post match interview after the Kyrgios match.

Murrays excellant return of serve and elite D was what caused NK to have so many errors. 

Kyrgios is actually a similar stylewise player to Berdych.

Big first serve and relies so much on their forehand to win points.

If this matchup was on grass at wimbledon, I would like Tomas's chances much better.

I think Tomas's last 2 opponents made him look really good because they couldnt do anything on return (both Tomic and Nadal arent the best ROSers while Murray is elite.

To me Murray played the much tougher 2 players coming into this match (Nadal looked friggin terrible at many times).

This is prolly the best odds you'll ever get in a Murray/Berdych match this late in a slam. The line is obviously inflated on Tomas's side because of how badly he beat Nadal.

Murray for me. I like his form and he's not nearly as agitated on the court anymore.
Pretty straight forward.

Williams should be way too much for Keys. Good tournament for this future star but this is a massive ask.

Berdych has steamrolled Tomic and Nadal, 2 guys who arent the greatest of returners.

Now he goes up against one of the top 2-3 returners in the sport.

Murray should be able to defuse Berdychs power very similar to what he did to Kygrios.

I could see Berdych maybe taking the first set but Murray will get stronger as the match goes on and I think he wears down Tomas.

At close to even odds I really like this parlay.

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Pospisil has looked both gassed (both matchs) and injured.

GGL is a guy who will make you play some lengthy rallies.

I think this almost certainly ends in either a GGL win or Pospisil retirement.

If your book credits back your bet with a retirement, GGL is a really strong play tonight.
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Quote Originally Posted by kianinyvr:

Delpo, why do you like Anderson. I wasn't going to bet this match but leaning Gasquet because of the overall record H2H and both playing well coming into the match

Sorry for the late response.
I dont really like Gasquet when the weather is really hot. I believe he has questionable fitness and also isnt the best returner. I didnt watch the match but looks like KA handled him pretty easily.

picks for tonight

record 4-2

Alize Cornet +160
Garbine Muguruzo -190
Jerzy Janowicz -200
GGL -155
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Carina Witthoef Even
Kevin Anderson +165

Playing 2 dogs tonight.
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Pospisil with a great 5 set win

Todays card

Julia Goerges/Kristina Mladenovic parlay 
Victor Troicki
Samuel Groth
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Like I said, Pospisil is more mentally tough.

Querrey was in total control of that match and Pospisil looked gassed and basically dead to rights.

Querrey choked like expected.
I called him a choker in my earlier thread.

I said Pospisil is more mentally tough and someone actually called me out on it.

Querrey was in total control of that match after the third but started to straight up choke at the end of the 4th.
Krunic getting in 30% first serves.

Just got broken again, now down 5-1

Not gonna beat many people serving that terribly.
Krunic double faults twice in her first service game and gets broken.

Davis already up 3-0
Quote Originally Posted by HurricaneHauk90:

"Took out some heavy hitters" You can't use that as reasoning for taking Krunic though I do like her here.

It'll be a pushfest with a bunch of serves being broken. Not exactly something youd want to lay $$ on 

Krunic isnt a pusher tho.
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Quote Originally Posted by HurricaneHauk90:

Line opened up essentially even, money came in on Pospisil

Yeah exactly he's already 24 and has done what exactly in his career?

Losing to guys like Becker, Bolelli, Sela, Monaco, Haase, show me enough about his mental fortitude. With his skillsets there's no reason to be getting straight setted by those guys. Then you tell me his struggles have come from fitness yet want to back him as a favorite in 3/5 set match?

Querrey didn't have very good year last year but the players he lost to were top teir. His lone 2 bad losses were against Sela and Bogomolov 

Why would the line even open up even? Querrey is the much more proven player and significantly higher ranked. It could have been soo friggin easy for Vegas to start Querrey as the favorite but they most likely see Pospisils form, Querreys underwhelming form and the fact they most likely believe Pospisil will start to acsend from this point in his career.

All players develop at different stages. Pospisil from all accounts wasnt willing to put in the hard yards before but after his GS doubles win and his 2 fellow canadians surging, hes refocused and rededicated. I never once claimed hes some mental fortitude beast, just that hes stronger than Sam Querrey whos known as one of the biggest flakes and a mental midget on tour.

Querrey didnt have a good year last year and he hasnt won a ATP match since october. His game outside of his serve looked terrible against both Tomic and Chardy.

GL this should be a close match but think Pospisil takes it.
Krunic actually matchs up well with Davis.
Davis usually wins most of her matchs by being able to outmove and hit one more shot than her opponent. Krunic is lightnight quick, fairly clean with her groundies and has some major pop. This match is definitely on Krunic's racket and if she doesnt light up the UE count she should win.

At plus odds shes a really strong play.