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I-Got-5-On-It replied to NHL Saturday
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I-Got-5-On-It replied to HC SATURDAY
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Each team could "protect " 1 goalie,3 defenders and 7 forwards 
Rookies were also OTB 
Everyone else was put up for selection 

Note a lot of players selected were subsequently traded for future draft picks 

More detailed info can be found online 
I-Got-5-On-It replied to Parlay
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I-Got-5-On-It replied to Weeble's Wednesday Picks
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You should remind Key as to how many units you are up over the last 3 seasons  

I-Got-5-On-It replied to Oilers???
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Quote Originally Posted by Lippsman:

It is the first time this has happened 3 goals down this late in a game. 



April 20th 1997 
Edmonton come back from 3-0 with 4 mins to play to beat the Dallas Stars 4-3 in OT
Quote Originally Posted by ELDubarino:

I just realized that even if Canada and the USA decide to send NCAA/Major junior players this won't stop Russia/Sweden/Finland from putting together teams comprised of pros from their own pro leagues.  North America would be at a disadvantage in my opinion.

Before the dream teams in basketball it used to be NCAA kids going up against european pros.  Not a level playing field.

They should do it like olympic soccer and make it an age restricted competition.

Then you get the USA or Canada getting a shot at creating another miracle on ice moment with the kids going up against Russian 'pros'
I-Got-5-On-It replied to Kings over valued all year
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I stopped betting them back in Jan,way too inconsistent and very hard to gauge 
I-Got-5-On-It replied to 4-5-17 lack of puck talk
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Quote Originally Posted by Messy:

Lost a 12 game parlay last night on the St. Louis Blues.

11/12. Thanks, Blues.

Friggin' Blues are one of those teams that you just can't count on and the Winnipeg Jets are one of those teams to pull off upset wins like this.

Habs are rolling and Rangers may be resting a few guys tonight.

Believe it or not same happened to me 
I had 9 team total overs picked and it was STL that let me down 
Quote Originally Posted by ELDubarino:

So the next time we see best on best wont be until 2022 in China? Or is there going to be a World Cup of Hockey in 2020? I would rather see a proper world cup every 4 years and leave the Olympics to players who play in major junior or NCAA hockey.

Perhaps the Canadian entry could be the Memorial Cup champions minus the 1 or 2 imports who are on the team.
. World cup is the way forward 
Well I guess no Olympic break next February 

I do believe rookies and players under 21 should go kinda like recreating those under 23 year old teams from Europe and Nth America in the world cup of hockey last sept 


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I-Got-5-On-It replied to Weeble's Sunday Picks
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 this season Weebs 
I-Got-5-On-It replied to Weeble's Sunday Picks
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I-Got-5-On-It replied to Betting Parlays
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Actually yes 

Let's say you bet 5 teamers that pay just over 23/1 based on each  selection  being -110 , you should also play 5 x 4 teamers as a saver for an equal amount as the 5 teamers 
A 4 team parlay pays just over 12/1 
If anything reduce the amount bet on the 5 teamers as a 4 teamers has a greater chance of hitting obviously
And if you hit all 5 plays on the day you have 6 winning parlays 

But bear in mind single plays are the safest option, if you can't take a 200 loss as you mentioned then reduce your unit size so it doesn't bother you if you go 0-3 on a particular day. 

Who that,picture man ?
I-Got-5-On-It created a topic Tortorella fired as Blue Jackets coach
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Expect press conference within the hour  

Gross misconduct being the official reason I hear 
Rumour has it there was a big punch up with Kekalainen 

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