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kreatture replied to Kreatture's WNBA Playbook

Been a couple good nights in WNBA but I didn't post on here, just on my Twitter, so can't count it here. I started this hoping to be able to post from the road with Covers Mobile new site, but it still sucks and, of course, doesn't link to the WNBA Forum.

Let's get these nice lines posted for tonight.. lines seem like they're just based on early results so far, an not how these teams really are. If this was the Season Opener what would the Dream be favored by.. -5, -6?

Record: 3-4
Units: -2.66

Saturday, June 11th

Atlanta Dream -1 (-102) 5 units (I grabbed this last night as +109 ML, but will post what line is now)

Chicago Sky +5.5 (-102) 1.5 units
Chicago Sky ML (+221) 0.5 units

Indiana Fever +2.5 (-102) 1.5 units
Indiana Fever ML (+134) 0.5 units

kreatture replied to Kreatture's WNBA Playbook
At the very worst, maybe I'll be a good fade guy..


Record: 2-3
Units: -3.11

Monday, June 7th

Tulsa/Minnesota Under 167.5 (-105)  1.5 units
Minnesota Lynx -14
(-105)  1 unit
kreatture replied to Kreatture's WNBA Playbook
Not the best start going 1-2, let's see if today fares any better.

Record: 1-2
Units: -1.59

Sunday, June 5th

Atlanta Dream -7.5 (-101)  2 units
Minnesota Lynx -4.5 (-104)  0.5 units
kreatture created a topic Kreatture's WNBA Playbook
Hi guys, I'm new to the WNBA Forum but I'd like to post my plays here this Season. I'm not expecting any sort of following nor looking for one, I simply love the interface of the Covers Forums and it's easy to track your own plays here. Also, now with Covers Mobile App, it's very easy for me to post here when I'm on the road.

Jeffrey Rake, who writes some articles for Covers here, has turned me onto the sport as a great money-making opportunity. I've done some homework and I plan on doing a lot more on the WNBA. If you're willing to put in the work and know your product, it's a lot easier to make the money.

With that being said, I knew absolutely nothing about the WNBA teams or players 24 hours ago, but I just watched my first game with the Mercury/Storm. I actually enjoyed it, and the ending was pretty interesting as Phoenix ended up crushing some Storm backers with that improbable late cover (depending on the line you had).

I will be playing very conservative until I get more comfortable with my information and notes on these teams. All Unit numbers are 'To Win' on Favs and 'Risked' on Dogs..

Saturday, June 4th

Washington/Connecticut Under 147.5 (-108)  'To Win' 1 Unit
Indiana Fever -6.5 (-109) 'To Win' 0.5 Units
Tulsa Shock +8.5 (-101)  'To Win' 1 Unit


Internet bein hooked up today! Should have a couple of actual 'Systems' up an runnin here by next week. I'll leave the regular picks out of here an only post on Twitter since that's what people want.. Twitter followers are up +4.3 Units on the week with more picks comin today.

See you soon 


I havn't had time to run the Blitz this week, it's just not gonna happen til I get internet back in the evenings, and that happens Wednesday, May 11th. I'll respond to everyone before then.

I'm making an official NBA play tonight..

4* Oklahoma City Thunder +3 (-110)

2* Oklahoma City Thunder ML (+135)

Have a good weekend 

Quote Originally Posted by tophat:

Monster Card Friday!!!!!!! 

5 Los Angeles Lakers +3 Bought the hook



Quote Originally Posted by smitler:

Thanks. Good luck to you also.
How did you open up such a can of haters?

I was bored so I fed them.. they're like Gremlins.. LoL



Quote Originally Posted by smitler:

I might get the New era cap.  $10 is kinda pricey though. How bout 7 fity?

Based on what I read in your thread as well, I'm assuming someone posted something about knockoff products in all the threads last night? LoL

You gotta get that '7 fity' with the tax included too, man. Straight cash haha

You're doing incredible on your 1st Inning System smit, nice to see you fine tuning it for even more success. Great job! Continued Success 

Quote Originally Posted by oilcountry99:

Kreatture, sent you a PM, hope you'll take a few minutes to respond.

Thanks OC, I definitely will. I only have internet at work during the day right now until May 11th, so I can't respond to anything at night.

Quote Originally Posted by cardsfan82:

Do you still plan on posting to Twitter?

Yes, I do.


Another pointless post by Chaser.. get a life dude.

No, no one is gonna beg me to share it. Don't be so full of your own self.. those that want to follow the spreadsheet again this year have pm'ed me and I've added them to the permission list to view it. The 1st game last night was postponed.

Yes, I was running the Top 7 Home Team System, as well, and despite a huge 4-game series sweep by Baltimore over Texas I still managed to finish in the black. That was also well documented in last year's thread which you can look up. That only ran until beginning of August too until I moved and was without internet for a couple weeks. The remainder of August was tracked after and would not have lost, putting the System at over +20 Units for the Season (counted as if all the remaining series had been for just 1 unit, even tho all series were being played for 1-4 at that time).. I have decided not to run that System until later which is why I never posted it right now.. you seem to have such a hard problem understanding the facts.

Yes, everyone has got the point by now.. you continue to look stupid and try to dig things up which don't exist. You're shown all the facts and you still try to find holes which aren't there.

Leave me alone? you're so funny tho..

It's impossible for haters like you to leave.. you'll always come back lookin for more. As soon as you read this you'll just have to post something else, in which case i'll just prove you wrong again.. all by simply providing facts.

Same old song and dance.. just a different screen name. 


[link from unapproved source] .. +63.35 Units

[link from unapproved source] .. +49.25 Units

The 2011 Criss-Cross Blitz has begun.. unfortunately I have decided not to share it here.

Yes, a few bad seeds can ruin something good for others.




I don't need to continually post the links to all the spreadsheets I've done in the past. Those who have followed them and know what's going on around here all remember them and would verify every single spreadsheet I've ever done here are 100% accurate, including the current spreadsheet on the go for MLB & the Playoffs.

Did you start tailing me on a downswing or something and lose a bunch of coin? So bitter..

Every play I started this thread with are all there for anyone to see, and all 100% easily documented. The record was updated to post #1145. The few plays (which were a couple of big losers) on the rest of that page can easily be subtracted from the total in post #1145. I'm sorry if people don't have the math skills to do that..

The next page or so after that explained my lack of time and there were only a couple of plays over the next few pages.. the bankroll was down to around $6700 at one point which I mentioned in post #1174.

In post #1196 I posted a number of Winners where I had posted the plays on my Twitter since I wasn't able to post on here. They were 3 straight up winners, a teaser winner, and a 3-team parley winner.. none of which I added onto any numbers here. Only the plays I've posted in this thread are the ones which have been added/subtracted to the total which had been running. At this point, my bankroll was much different than the last documented number so I didn't see the point in keeping track of that old bankroll while I managed my own. So I just started giving out some plays.. also in post #1196, a large play, small play & teaser play. No amounts were listed as there was no need anymore. I stated one was large and one was small.. people could determine themselves how much a "large" wager was for their own bankrolls and how much would be a "small" wager ifthey were looking to tail. That was another big winning night (which also was not added to any numbers)..

Post #1201 I said I would be passing along any bombs I would be playing for the March Madness Tourney on my Twitter.. people asked me to post those plays on here too, so I tried as I could. Plays were then documented (not for any amount tho) and went 8-3 over the first 2 rounds of the tourney including 6-2 on those bomb plays. Once again, I did not add any amount onto the running tally which had stopped in post #1145..

From that point forward all plays had been listed on my Twitter. For those you don't use Twitter or know how.. sign-up and learn. It's not ever going away.

MLB Plays then began in post #1255 and have all been documented with Unit Assignments. People shouldn't be tailing blindly for the amounts we post on here. They should be breaking things down with their own bankroll and determine what's best for them and their own money management, and then determine how much money to assign for each 1* to 5* (1 to 5 Units).

Everything is right there, yet haters still continue to try and tear things down.. and i'll say it again - go ahead and keep trying!

Chaser.. thank you for caring so much. I luv u too. Anything else you'd like to add? Maybe with your regular name here..

You guys really make my night sometimes. Have a good weekend.

Wow, I had to scroll back to last page to find out what everyone was crying about this time.. The Agenda comment was made in the wrong thread and had nothing to do with DJ, which i'm sure he knew cuz he didn't bring it up like some of you losers who like to stir the pot. Not the 1st time i've posted something in the wrong thread when drunk.

There's no one on here I respect more than DJ, and he knows this. So keep your trash hater comments to yourself or at least come into my thread and make them, cuz this thread doesn't need them.

Once again, I apologize to DJ for the comment posted in the wrong thread and the crying it has created. I'd post it in the correct thread now but clearly none of these people would understand it anyway and they'd just cry some more. 

Wish ya all the best C, but you already know that 


Quote Originally Posted by fitguy67:


On the other hand...when you tend to your own projects and lend constructive comments (most often in non-"know-it-all" mode) to other's your contributions are a major reason why this particular forum sparkles in comparison to other sports-investing sites.

Just think a second or two longer the next time you're ready to hit the "submit" button on a post that pours cold water on someone else's efforts...the same way you wish people like Paul_Scholes would before he submits some negative comment/emoticon.

Best of luck in dealing with the big move (if, by that you mean moving house...i empathize completely...i think hell--if there is such a where you're always on 30 days notice). 

Most folks know by now when i've found a computer after i've been out drinking.. some still do not and think I am just like that all the time.

Anytime you ever see a post late at night and it starts out the way "those" posts you mention about do, it's 100% a time when I've been out. At those times, I just call it like I see it but most people just don't get it.. so I guess you're right, I shouldn't be so critical of paul and hectar when they make those comments here, cuz they are also just calling it like they see it.

I'm also over-the-top (so to speak) on a successful night after a few drinks too. It's nice to have a big night and when i've been out all night and come home to see a huge number of wins, I definitely celebrate with comments here. Nothing wrong with that, and once again, not going to change just cuz people are so sensitive.

If you follow me on Twitter i've actually said before why I've made a certain comment here in the past.. those people get it and I'm sure they're just sitting back laughing as well.

Big move yep, never made one like this before.. always so much to do when moving into a new home. Moving day is Sunday but my hardwood floors aren't being laid til Monday.. so gonna be living outta a suitcase for a few days. I'll probably spend those few days having some drinks, so expect more truthful comments which will hurt someone's feelings.. 



Quote Originally Posted by fitguy67:


It might be easy to dismiss a post like #1468 as just a trash...but before you do, swing back to
to see exactly how intimidating you can be to others.  I'm quite new here, and not a heavy poster...but I really was interested in what mtp104 was setting out to do there...and after just 6 posts you barged in and pissed in the guys swimming pool and ruined what could have been an informative thread for all of us.

Threads open every week like that one just to disappear a week or month later.. MTP has proven his skill and his thread is as thriving as it's ever been. It's nice tho to point out how I gave him hell for his Kelly Method, but when another respected poster here, DJ_Destroyer, said the exact same thing (multiple times) it doesn't come up.. I guess it's just in the way I say things.. I keep forgetting people are so sensitive nowadays and you have to treat people with kid gloves all the time.

People can continue to hate me all they want, for whatever reason they choose for that day.. I really could care less. I'm not on here to gain anyone's support and don't expect (or want) anyone to tail my picks. Most people who come on here want to build a following so they can eventually sell picks, or re-direct them to another website when they can buy picks.. that's not why I'm here.

Anyway, thanks for your comments and dropping by. I believe we've commented back and forth before and your thoughts are always welcome.


Quote Originally Posted by Chaser1:


Kreatture.. conveniently dissapeared losing NHL playoff record ?. I mean record keeping is kind of pointless if you keep changing unit measurments  and making losing records/units dissapear ?

Holy shit you're clueless.. what disappeared NHL Playoff Record?? The Record is right above and you can click on the Playbook link for updated numbers. There was no NHL in the text you highlighted because there was no play in NHL that night.

My record keeping has always been impeccable on any past threads and this current one. All plays are always documented between here and Twitter.

Other than that I have nothing to say to losers like you who have selective reading skills and only ever show up after a bad night.

You make me laugh, so thanks for that.


Jesus hectar, are you completely unaware of the World around you? We know Falcon lives in the South from previous postings and there was some serious tornado shit down there yesterday.

Whatever hapened in the past is just that - the past. He said he would be back for MLB Season and here he is, grinding away. I think if he was going to abandon this he would have already after the recent downswing, but he hasn't. It's a very long season..

Serious question.. are you unemployed and just trolling message boards all day?

Good Luck Falcon 


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