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Quote Originally Posted by Circus_Bettor:


Even EXERTS in meteorology were COMPLETELY WRONG about the path of the hurricane. They are notoriously wrong and often guess. Their latst prediction put the path on the edge of Alabama. 

It is completely within reason to guess about its path in any direction.

If Trump did take a sharpie and made a bubble in the direction of Alabama, I think that is part of his trolling the media, and in the whole scheme of things, NONE OF THIS MATTERS.

You "people" remind me of the actual trolls in forest of the "Hobbit," and you are out of focus as they are as you look to make political gains (stealing tresures, harass others, etc) that you MISS THE POINT ENTIRELY. 

If this is any indication of the political climate in 2020 (CNN took up this non-story) then Trump will win by an even larger margin and will also win the popular vote.

I wasn't talking about anything in particular. It's just an observation of him in general.

 I have not been critical of him and even left any comments about him in months. So when you said you "people", it said a lot about you than me. 

If you really want to look at a troll or someone pretends to know about everyone and everything all the time, just take a look at the mirror.
It certainly doesn't help that he has to pretend to be an expert on everything. Such an embarrassment…...
Quote Originally Posted by doobies:

you did a whole write up on brewers and said you like brewers ml and rl but you only got seattle ml? nice!

That wasn't what he meant. Nice try!
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Quote Originally Posted by weeble5672:

I see my mistake. Will recalculate and post in a few. Sorry guys. Sometimes I'm doing these things in a rush. I know I should be better than that but let it be known, contrary to what some people were implying yesterday, I have ZERO reason to lie about my record. I post a record so people can choose to fade me or follow me. I honestly don't care what the choice is. It's not like I'm padding a record to go tout. Not to mention the fact that I've been a linesman (and now referee) for many years.

You are one of, if not the most honest person around here. You don't owe anyone an  explanation.

Quote Originally Posted by Wizz_KIDD35:

THINKING ..NYY(RL-1.5)......CLE(RL-1.5)!!!

Pitching change in NYY/BAL
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I sure hope so.
Welcome back!
Quote Originally Posted by austin2:


bumping this, bro

let's hit that okla bet to stay in the 42% winning percentage

You have the account for almost 9 years and you used your 19th post to post this? Stop crying.

Another great day, hope to see you tomorrow.
Good to see you again.
So Det and Hou/Sea O just leans also
Quote Originally Posted by FRANKtheBANKss:

It happened so fast wtf are you talking about? Have you ever played basketball. It didn't happen fast. This is an entertainment show all sports are but it didn't happen fast he bounced it off his leg with no other players around. Picked it up and started dribbling again. It is not even a judgement call it is a rule. Anyway, We won money ACC got a team in the Final. I already backed out of my Texas Tech bets. The NCAA wants Big 10 team in not Texas Tech. Double dribble, the entire game was called for Virginia. Same for MSU. I going out with my girl to enjoy DC nightlife. Can't waste anymore time with this silliness

Wow, you really got it all figured out.
Quote Originally Posted by QuanDon:


how did that work w the spurs yest?


u guys fool yourselves out of money every time.

You used one example to illustrate your point, not using another stated otherwise. You don't too smart either.

I was leaning towards Orl but not anymore since the line passed that damn "0".
Happy Birthday!
Vegas? It's like a little kid in a candy store. GL
Great job.
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That is odd. You have been using that for years.

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