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Mid 90's at The Museum of Natural History in NY. The Dalai Lama
Goggles-Pisano replied to TOURIST Traps in AMERICA
in General Discussion
One of the few good threads left on covers. 
The Geno's vs Pat's philly cheesesteak trap is pretty bad. Just bad food in the heart of philly cheesesteak stardom. Hate those 2.
Walk the Brooklyn Bridge from Mahattan to Brooklyn, get a pizza in Brooklyn for lunch and then walk back. Great trap. Enjoy it ever trip.
South Beach trap. Topless optional. I'm easily trapped.
Goggles-Pisano replied to MAJOR PET PEEVES
in General Discussion
Quote Originally Posted by TheGoldenGoose:

People are in their own little world EVERYWHERE today.  Once in a while I'll shake somebody up by saying something like, "Hey garbage-for-brains, are we going to get this done SOMETIME today???".  The facial reactions are priceless.

People who think the highway fast lane is for doing the speed limit while cars stack up behind them and have no clue, zero, none, even after a few manage to pass.  My solution to this is opening up my window, while blasting my horn, and deliver an arm extended middle finger.

Goose, you ever use the "Do unto others as you would have done unto you and piss on them" tactic?
After you pass them get back in front on them and then slow down so they have to hit the brakes and think "wtf, why is this azzhole going so slow in the fast lane". That's when you hit the windshield washers and pull away. Feels better than the #1 salute
That black line was supposed to say Matt Ryan under Dirk koetter
Koetter is back as OC 

Matt Ryan under Dirk Koetter

Totals: 3 seasons, 13,928 yards, 86 touchdowns, 45 interceptions

Averages: 67 completion percentage, 4,643 yards, 29 touchdowns, 15 interceptions, 94.2 quarterback rating

Quote Originally Posted by TheGoldenGoose:

I think the citizens of Puerto Rico (who are also citizens of the USA) would strongly disagree.  Trump hasn't done anywhere near enough to help recover from hurricane destruction.
What makes you think Trump thinks PR is part of the U.S.? 
Quote Originally Posted by mbialowas:

Well...gotta say Trump is the best.  My investments are currently earning 20 points. Obama has to be the worst, and I'm a Democrat.  My 401K is thru the roof since Trump took over
Are you basing your opinion on stock market gain?

Feb, 1, 2009 S&P 500 883.24
Nov 1 2016 - 2,164.99

Try again. I do not know enough history to have a educated opinion but this ain't it. Never understood the fascination with Kennedy. The Bay of Pigs was a disaster. They trained people on farms in my town and just abandoned them when sheet got nut. 
Goggles-Pisano replied to Gruden still doesn't get it....
in NFL Betting
I am far from a Gruden fan. After Bosa and William's went 2/3 picking 4th was a tough spot. I'm not sold on a 4 year player from Kentucky. Maybe Oliver or Gary but anyone other than Allen is called a reach.

The 2018 draft was an absolute disaster from Kolton Miller to trading away a 3 to Pittsburgh for Bryant. I think they did just fine this year.

Who should they have taken at 4?
James it's the "in" place to go just stay on the east side of the tracks. Everything that was got pushed west. It's all high price condos, lots of great resturants,  some hotels and shopping if you're into that. Stone Pony and Wonderbar somehow survived the disaster Asbury once was to live large another day. I never thought this could happen but it did.
3 day music festival. This place is just getting started. Must make Atlantic City jealous. 
Asbury Park has a parking app now. No need to put the ticket in the window. Just enter your license plate and I think spot number. Need more time just dial up the app. Probably has a 10 minute warning built in. If not, it should.

Not that I'm a fan of parking meters but this hits the nail on the head.
Quote Originally Posted by HockeyTeeth:

It is a problem when...

you cant pay bills

when heath is deteriorating

it causes problems in your relationship

Other than that..."good to go", I probably drink more than most on this site, but I do take time out to get high as well. It is important to have balance. 

My problem is down time. I fish two months then spend the rest of the year left to my own devices. Idle hands devils workshop sort of stuff  Been partying pretty hard since the age 13ish, mid 1970. 

If it bothers your significant other tone it down.


HT you a summertime vacationers guide or chasing bluefin?
Hey you whippersnapper, is it time to get one of those fancy Jitterbug phones?

A divorce costs the same today as 40 years ago and will cost the same 40 years from now.

Pretty much 1/2 of everything you own and then some.
Breakfast at Mon Abi Gabi inside Paris. Get an outdoor table on the strip early morning before it gets hot outside....... if your up to it. Good food, great outdoor atmosphere and a self serve bloody Mary bar.

What's the hotel budget? Weekend rates at Ceasars is $300 a night plus the resort fee nonsense. 

How many nights?

Goose is spot on 
Goggles-Pisano replied to Who is Laveon Bell kidding?
in NFL Betting
Raiders are not a rational team
The problem with the under 8 is the schedule. Browns maynot be pushovers they once were but the Bengals haven't changed. The Ravens are a crap shoot with Lamar running the show. Worst case they go 2  - 4 but realistically 3 - 4 wins minimum in the Division.

The Bill's, Dolphins, Jets and Cards aren't putting any fear in anyone.  
Thinking they open O/U 9......... maybe 8.5

"At home the Steelers will play the Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns in the North, in addition to the Buffalo Bills, Indianapolis Colts, Miami Dolphins, Los Angeles Rams and Seattle Seahawks.

On the road the team will face Baltimore, Cincinnati and Cleveland, as well as the Arizona Cardinals, Los Angeles Chargers, New England Patriots, New York Jets and San Francisco 49ers"

Quote Originally Posted by JumpinJeremy55:

whose stupid idea was it to ever change the clocks? new_unpleased

Daylight Savings Time was a brilliant idea, the stupid idea was to change it back to Standard Time in Autumn 
Goggles-Pisano replied to RIP ANTONIO BROWN
in NFL Betting
Quote Originally Posted by Unclebenelli:

he now has another 30 million to bridge the gap.   When the music stopped, AB comes out of it on top way on top.  This world is unbelievable, basically tell your employer to F off, and get a 30 mil raise.   Lol wow

Top professional players are a world you don't understand. First is was Martavious Bryant rebelling and we thought "what a idiot". Then Bell and now Brown.
Couldn't be the Steeler organization could it?
Martavious Bryant and now Brown. Looks like they're putting the band back together

Just need Bell to be complete. 
I hear ya Goose. Just thinking about the kids angle, could happen.
Goggles-Pisano created a topic Would Brady Consider Retirement?
in General Discussion
Haven't heard any talking head mention this yet but would Kraft's rub & tug cause family man Tom to walk away? I would love to see those odds, be worth a wager considering:

He's married.
Family man with kids.
We could all use more money but between him and giesle it's not about the almighty buck to keep playing.
He's what 41? One crushing injury away from the end of the road.
Go out on top with no regrets and healthy.
I'm just having trouble with his experience which comes with age and having to explain Krafts dirty deeds to his kids how he explains the reasons to continue playing for Kraft...... to his kids.
The sheet show that every interview becomes. Just why keep going.

Let's cut the crap before it starts. If a multi billionaire needed a real massage would he really go to some seedy stripmall? Yes, if he wanted a rub & tug. 

Just say'n, it could happen. 

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