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Might want to get that half decade old copyright updated on BetVegas 365.

Bigshooter44 replied to Fun Super Bowl Facts
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The Vikings have played in 4 Super Bowls and haven't scored a point in the first half.

Bigshooter44 created a topic Covers Team ASAP
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Need Iowa & Florida spread & total posted in Outback Bowl.

Players have to meet their minimum in our office pool.

Kickoff in 12 1/2 hours.
Should not be graded a win or loss, only went 7 frames.
That is why I stay away from offshore.
If I open up account & send money that is it.
If I win, just send to where I put down when I signed up.

If I signed up as Charles Manson San Quentin prison & win then send the friggin money there. No ID, bank statement or any other bullshit proof. My money, send it where I say.

Bigshooter44 replied to Office Pool Trouble
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Covers - You going to answer these gentlemen?
Bigshooter44 replied to Office Pool Trouble
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Covers - You going to answer these gentleman?
Covers, you got this ready for 2015?

Season opener 2 weeks.
Things must have gone horribly wrong.

Not a word in one week.
Bigshooter44 replied to Anyone want DRF PP's?
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Bigshooter44 replied to Anyone want DRF PP's?
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Brisnet or DRF?
I know, no run line at Covers.
Bigshooter44 created a topic Setting Up Baseball Contest
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I can't find a site that can host my contest & is accurate in grading.
Have been playing for 6 years & it has got worse every season.

All I'm looking for is a site that can offer money lines, run lines & totals for every MLB game & grade the outcome correctly.

All wagers are based on $100 & we have standings page, that is it pretty simple.

Well every time there is a rain out, both sides of the run line are graded a loss & rain shortened games have both sides of the total as losses.

I have used several different sites & nobody can get it right.

Somebody point me in the right direction.
This site does not offer run lines for MLB contest, so I will have to pass.

Good luck!

Bigshooter44 replied to mlb extra innings
in MLB Betting
I don't believe at home on your tv, but at on computer or the MLB at-bat app for your tablet or phone will work.
According to Former Twins owner Calvin Griffith it must be Minnesota.

I’ll tell you why we came to Minnesota,” he said. “It was when I found out you only had 15,000 blacks here. Black people don’t go to ball games, but they’ll fill up a rassling ring and put up such a chant it’ll scare you to death. It’s unbelievable. We came here because you’ve got good, hardworking, white people here.”
Very sad to hear the bad news.

I will plan on April of 2015.

See you then.
Bigshooter44 created a topic Covers Team - Upcoming MLB Season
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With about 3 months to opening day, see if you guys that run the contests can get MLB money lines, totals & run lines all available for one contest. I would love to use your site for my private baseball pool. But just like at any sportsbook we would need the option of playing the money line, run line & total on the same game. With this now being 2014 & great technology available, I'm sure the gurus at Covers will have this ready by opening day.


Ducks +105
Bigshooter44 replied to Morons who bet Parlays
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Wish I did not change my mind on Tuesday & pulled the trigger.

NBA (2508) LAKERS (LAL) OVER 100 -110 (2ND HALF)
NBA (2505) PISTONS (DET) -1/2 -115 (2ND HALF)
NBA (2608) WARRIORS (GST) OVER [link from unapproved source](2ND HALF)
500.00 USD / 12,178.31

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