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I can tell you this.  Yes, everyone wants on the team to send Dak out a winner but a couple of considerations for you to consider:

Yes NC State hasn't beaten anyone worth noting this year but MS State has lost their top CB (Rated as 1st - 3rd round pick in NFL draft) and top safety throughout the year to injuries.  Our defense as a whole is decent at best but I am sure that NC State will put up plenty of points.  The DL depth is not what it was last year (lost two DLs to NFL) and also lost best LB to NFL.  Also, Chris Jones is most likely going to NFL so he might put on a show because he's been the best defensive player State has had all year.  State's defense is rotating in a bunch of redshirt/true freshman (B. Bryant, J. Peters, G. Green) so this is their first bowl experience; who knows how they will react.  Bottom line is I am fairly convinced that NC State will score often today.

On the flip side, Dak Prescott is the sole reason is in a bowl game this year.  The guy carried State to 8 wins even though State has the worst run game/running backs they've ever had to go along with a putrid offensive line.  Against Ole Miss and Alabama, Dak was hurried and pressured all game long to go along with about 15 sacks.  Good news is that NC State's defense is nowhere near the caliber of Ole Miss or Alabama.  So, Dak will be able to move the ball and score because we have two quality receivers in Wilson and Ross. 

I guess it comes down to this.  They will score, we will score, but laying about -200 to -250 is something I wouldn't do due to the lack of a good defense and ZERO running game.

Sorry for the scattered thoughts..might have helped you but might not have. 

Good luck and hope you win whatever you decide.




And to the original topic, I hate Richard Sherman more than I have ever hated any athlete since I started watching sports almost 20 years ago.  He is the most classless, arrogant player I have seen in any sport.  The really sad thing is that he doesn't have to be that way to get attention.  The guy can play football, plain and simple.  I guess he just shows that while you might be highly educated, that doesn't mean you still can't be ignorant. 


Quote Originally Posted by MYSTICRICH:

Brady's a system QB with limited throwing ability even when they were down 10 points in the 4th they were still throwing little screen passes , you people are stupid when it comes to talent , Brady could be replaced by his backup that  was playing division 1AA football and the results would have been the same .

First of all, before last night I was probably a Manning fan more than a Brady fan but the guy has won 4 Super Bowls and led his team to victory when most of us thought the game was over when they got down 10 points to the best defense in football. 
I could care less about the Patriots one way or another but to say Brady is a system QB and that their backup could do the same thing leads me to believe you were either being sarcastic or you're just plain stupid.  I'll take the first since I want to believe no one on Earth is that stupid. 
I could care less about the Pats one way or another but my god can we give this a rest.  The out scored the Colts 28-0 with properly inflated footballs and quite honestly deserved to win this football game.  

I truly hate it for Russell Wilson because he is a true class act. 

 From the second Richard Sherman made an a** of himself after NFC championship game last year, they have constantly continued to show how classless they truly are.  I guess anyone that had ANY doubt had It removed after the actions of Bruce Irvin and Michael Bennett.


When I read your topic and opened it up, I thought Wow that seems like a pretty good bet to make.  However, just looking at his stats for the year, he only had 5 out of the 13 games where this bet would have won.  I'm not too up to speed on Northern Illinois, but my gut feeling is telling me that their defense might be one of the best that he has faced all year. 

Good luck if you play it. 

Quote Originally Posted by MrDokie:

Please stay tuned. It will take me 4 hours to type and put my thoughts together. Just finished a brief for the morning. Check back between 3 and 4 PM tomorrow/today in the afternoon.

Vegas is wrong. 

The Ducks might not score 10. 

Hmmm, so Florida State has given up AT LEAST 10 to EVERYONE this year with the exception of Wake Forest and you think the Ducks might not score 10. 

The Citadel put up 12 points on FSU for crying out loud. 

You're's not homerism...its the fact you are certifiably nuts. 


Very solid record through 86 wagers.  Good luck the rest of the season.
Quote Originally Posted by MrDokie:

You act like FSU is just Jameis Winston. There is a reason we have the longest bowl streak in the NCAA. Jimbo Fisher has the train loaded up ready to roll with another recruiting class littered with 5 star talent. 

No doubt Jameis is historic and I expected all of this when FSU started recruiting him in 2010/2011. Ive expected this for 4 years, thats why I pound my chest. No one has been more accurate in college football than I have been. 

I bet FSU -- with a freshman QB after EJ left -- to win the title last year in May of 2013... And it hit. It's going to happen again. 

FSU is a dynasty. It actually is listed as one of the 5 recognized ollegiate football dynasties per SI. 

Before there was "SEC speed" there was Florida State speed. The SEC was molded after FSU. 

Mariota is the product of a system and FSU has played a much more difficult schedule -- despite what metrics want you to believe. My metric is this -- how many secondary and defensive pros has Mariota faced and how many has Winston faced? Louisville, Miami, Clemson, Notre Dame, Florida, among others have MANY more NFL pro prospects than the likes of Mariota against Washington, Washington State, Utah, Oregon State, Colorado, and Cal. 

Since I deal in the business of facts -- here are facts to pimp out Mariota's system as to why he was so many TDS:

PAC 12 PASS defense rankings in D1 football (consisting of 128 teams):

California -- 128th
Washington St -- 126th
Washington -- 124th
Arizona -- 119th
Oregon -- 114th (just to show how inflated the PAC 12 really is and that Winston is absolutely going to shred the 114th overall pass defense)

USC -- 110th
Arizona State -- 107th
Colorado -- 101st
Oregon State -- 93rd
Utah -- 90th
UCLA -- 87th
Stanford -- 7th

No doubt, Mariota is going to win the Heisman this year and he deserves it. But Winston will win the game. There is no way around it. 

Winston is Aaron Rodgers.
Mariota is Colin Kaepernick 

All of his off field issues are minor and actually non existent since CURSING. Lets crucify the man for cursing. His only off the field issues of any merit are CURSING and ACCEPTING (not stealing as they were pre packaged by a friend and waiting for him) crab legs. He was suspended for both offenses. Missed a handful of baseball games for the crab legs and the nation was introduced to Sean Maguire against Clemson for his cursing incident.

With your highlighted statements above, I can't debate with someone I consider irrational and insane.  Jameis Winston is Aaron Rodgers.  Do you sell what you smoke? 

All of his off field issues are minor<<<

Good luck to your team Dokie, but we just aren't going to see eye to eye on this one bud. 



Quote Originally Posted by soonboomer:

Not bitter at all........didn't have a horse in that race. Fact is, the big edge the SEC has had in the last decade has been due to superiority in the trenches. I bet if you were to force a truth serum down Saban, he'd say this was the best match up Bama could have gotten. Ohio State was able to run the ball at will against Wisconsin, making it easy for Jones to throw the ball. Bama's front seven shuts down the Buckeyes run game....forcing the 3rd stringer to make plays under pressure. Not to mention that this will turn out to be a glorified home game for the Tide. It's gonna get ugly.

Well said.  I thought the same thing when Miss. State played Alabama.  We wouldn't be able to run the ball against them, and it would be up to our QB to make plays and throw the ball, which we didn't do.  I will admit OSU has better receivers than Miss. State, but Jones is nowhere near the caliber of Dak Prescott. 

Quote Originally Posted by MrDokie:

Let's be honest here... The best quarterback is Jameis Winston. Please, I dare someone to beat him.

I think you could argue that.  He is a good QB, and there is no denying that. The kid just knows how to win, and that's something that you can't take away from him.  But, my statement was directed at this season only, and I stand firm on my statement. The kid has accounted for 52 tds and 2 ints this year.  I also would take Mariotta over Winston because Winston is a complete moron off the field.  I don't think you could argue that point. 

Good luck man.  Florida State is a good team, but you poking your chest out like they are the greatest dynasty ever and no one can/will beat them is comical.  The fact is that once Jameis leaves the "dynasty" is over because you can't just pick up a football player like him every year.  He is a once every 10-20 year player. 

Quote Originally Posted by MrDokie:

FSU's OL averages 322 pounds whereas Oregon's averages 282 pounds. Thats a 40 pound differential. Plus who are those names? FSU has Cameron Erving, Bobby Hart, Josue Matias, Tre Jackson, and others who have been doing it big game in and big game out for 730+ calendar days now. 

FSU has southern recruited pro prospects. Oregon has a system in an undersized conference -- which is about to get exposed. 

FSUs line is the 5th biggest in both college and pros so them outweighing the def line is NOTHING NEW.  They're going to expose them like they did Ok State, Miami, Clemson, Florida, and Georgia Tech, right?  Sure they won the game, which is all that matters, but don't act like they are some invincible force out there.

I think you might need to be concerned with the best QB in college football and how you're going to stop him.  

Good luck, but your "homer ism " is simply making you blinded by the fact this is BY far the best team The "DYNASTY" lol has faced this year.
Quote Originally Posted by bookieassassin:

sure ......a few years ago Dookie
 *here's their 2 deep defensive front....big for a multiple speed- based scheme...........

DE 9 Arik Armstead (6-8, 290,Jr.)  
55 Tui Talia (6-5, 285,Jr.)  

NG 56 Alex Balducci (6-4, 310,Jr.)  
99 Sam Kamp (6-4, 290,Jr.)  

E 44 DeForest Buckner (6-7, 290,Jr.)
45 T.J. Daniel (6-6, 270, So.)  
(or) 84 Stetzon Bair (6-9, 290,Jr.)  

OLB 91 TonyWashington (6-3, 250, Sr.)
96 Christian French (6-4, 245,Jr.)

ILB 48 Rodney Hardrick (6-1, 247,Jr.)
46 Danny Mattingly (6-5, 250, Fr.)

ILB 22 Derrick Malone Jr. (6-2, 220, Sr.)
35 JoeWalker (6-2, 240,Jr.)  

OLB 33 Tyson Coleman (6-1, 235,Jr.)
86 Torrodney Prevot (6-3, 222, So.)

You can't explain anything to this guy.  There are MANY homers, but this guy takes the cake.....BY FAR.  He probably thinks FSU will NEVER lose again.  He is pretty funny actually, but some people are just blind.  
Quote Originally Posted by cherokee10:

Baylor and TCU both played FCS schools, terrible non-conference schedules and didn't have a conference championship game. 

No worries folks, expect the SAME team back next year.

Yes they do.  They will go 11-1 and 12-0 in the weakest conference in college football and then lose to whoever they play in semifinals.  

Let's see how realistic you are.  With Jones at QB, Do you think the Buckeyes would beat Baylor or TCU on a neutral field?

Quote Originally Posted by Boom_Boom:

First I would like to say thanks for not entering my thread bashing me as you do so often.

With that being said, I totally disagree with your FSU comments.

Let me ask you this.... If Bama were 14-0 last year and won the NC. And barley squeaked by every game this year and were dropped to as far as #4....Would this forum/country/fans not be in meltdown mode?

We can argue about who should be #1....But the one thing that isn't debatable is just what I said. IF Bama went 14-0 last year and won every game this season by skin of their teeth.... EsecPN and this forum would never agree that they should pulled away from that #1 spot.

There is a bias...Plain and simple  

I don't think I come in to your thread and bash you.  I've said many times that you have tremendous knowledge about college football.  I just point out the fact that you can't debate people without calling them names and you're never open to even listening to others opinions without insulting them.  

I think you have something against Alabama for some reason, and being from the South and watching the Miss. state/Alabama game in person in October, I can see why people say they get calls and people despise them.  After seeing them in person, I think they are the best team, and they'll get the chance to show it in a month.

It's cool that we disagree about #1.  I think the main difference is that Florida State doesn't play competition like ANY other power 5 conference, so yes I think if Bama was 13-0 they would deserve to be #1.  Florida State, in my opinion, is not even the best team in the ACC right now.  I think Clemson is now that they have Stoudt out and a future Heisman contender in Watson in.  With that said, Florida State went undefeated and deserve to be there.  I also think that if they put Oregon at #1, I wouldn't have any problem with that.  Mariotta is having one of the best seasons in CFB history (52 Td's, 2 ints).

I think at the end of the day, again, you and I agree that Baylor got shafted but we disagree on Florida State.  It's fine to disagree; let's just keep it civil and without name calling and insulting like we just did.  

I do have one question.  Do you think that Florida State would beat Oregon and Alabama, or do you think they should be #1 because they are the only undefeated team in the country?

Since we're being civil, let me throw another question at you since you're a Clemson you think Dabo was stupid to play Watson with an ACL tear, regardless of what doctors say.....this kid has superstar potential written all over him.  just not sure he should have been out there.

Good luck in the bowls Boom
I agree completely.  Bottom line is this isn't that much better than BCS era.  I just think current best 4 teams are clear:

Florida state

Same 4 as you, just different order.  We just disagree on Florida State.  You think being defending champs matter; I think what you did last year has nothing to do with this year.

If you put Baylor and Ohio State on a field give me Baylor all day along....Jones might have looked good last night but he is the 3rd string QB for a reason.  Not only that, to lose AT. HOME to Virginia Tech is simply the worst loss by far by any of the 6 teams.  Not bashing on Ohio State because I think they are the 6th best team in the country, but not number 4.

God helps us all if this committee will be doing this for the next 10 years.  I think there will always be an argument, but this is simply egregious.

Happy Holidays everyone.

I really don't understand what all the complaining is about.  The fact that  you get in is the ONLY thing that should matter.  Like I said in a different post, if you were #1, where you obviously think FSU should be, or #4, they are still most likely going to be playing in the same place.  Jersey color would be the only difference.

Just stop with the whining, beat GT, and FSU will have a chance to shut EVERYONE up by most likely beating both Oregon and Alabama.

Good luck.


Quote Originally Posted by Sabanade:

Jealousy. It's all I can think of......

You're truly stupid if you believe that FSU is going down in the rankings because they are "jealous". 

You seem to be a pretty big FSU homer (which is fine because we are all defensive of our teams), but I think you can admit that they haven't put together a dominant performance this year. With that said, I think they should be in the top 4, and honestly the seeding doesn't really matter AT ALL if you are #1 or #4 if the two teams are Alabama and FSU.  It's just the jersey color. 

Wouldn't you rather be #4 and play Alabama in the Superdome?  Or, would you prefer to be #3 where you've been the last few weeks and play all the way in the Rose Bowl?  I would rather play in Louisiana because I think you will have more FSU fans there than if you played in California.  I also think that you have a better chance of beating Alabama than Oregon.  Just my .02.

I guess my point is that FSU dropping isn't because of jealousy.  I would like to think it's because of two reasons I don't agree with:

1.  FSU isn't as good as last year.  who gives a f***?  It's a new season.  But, to be fair, if that's the case, then the fact they went undefeated last year shouldn't be brought up either.  This season has nothing to do with last season.

2.  People are SICK and TIRED of FSU's moronic (off the field) QB.  ANY PERSON who has been ACCUSED of sexual assault that would stand up in a student union and say what he did can be described no other way than an absolute MORON.  But let's call it like it is...between the lines, the kid is a WINNER, and no one nor his actions can take that away from him.  One question I would like to ask you is this:  Are FSU fans tired of him because of his antics?  I think any college fan would love for their team to win 25-30 games in a row but at some point, I would get tired of the negativity the kid brings because he lacks common sense off the field.  What's your take on that?

Good luck the rest of the year.  Hope they win this weekend, and regardless of where they are seeded, they will have a chance to prove most people (including myself) that they are/were the best team this year.  I personally think they are #3.  We shall see if they can get past GT this weekend.

Take care  



Lot of juice, but I think all 3 teams will win.  I don't think Mizzou has the offense or the QB to beat Alabama, Mariotta wants revenge against the Wildcats, and Boise State should easily beat Fresno.

Good luck if you decide to go that way.


Have to disagree.  Would give nod to add Baylor/TCU.  But, I personally think Oregon is playing just as good if not better than anyone.  Their QB, who seems to have been at Oregon for 23 years, is playing the best out of any college QB in the last 10 years at least.  The kid has accounted for 47 TD's and only thrown 2 INTs.  That's insane. 

Good luck the rest of the way.