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Line dropping fast Saturday morning. Can Aztecs hang in the cold? Will Wyoming find the answers for the injuries to their linebacker corps? Will Brian Hill have a big night in the biggest game ever played in Laramie? 

Cowboys hang tough under solid coaching staff and cover the 7-point spread. 

Can the Pokes cover the 5.5? Who cares. Give me the Wyo ML as QB Josh Allen plays out of his brain against the Aztecs on the frozen tundra of War Memorial Stadium to win the MW title.

***Mountain West title game, not Mountain State. 
UNLV a trap game last week for Wyoming? Rebels covered against Boise State last night. Last home game of the season for Pokes. Something to prove, something to fight for---staying ahead of Boise State for a spot in the Mountain State title game. Also, also cold at the War today. The Aztecs will be chilly and focused on how it sucks in Laramie. 

I've been all over the 10 this week. Line has dropped to +9. I like it in a tease with the over.
I can certainly see why Boise is getting the love. On the flip side, Wyoming is playing solid football right now. The running and punt/kick return games may even be inspired with May and Conway. Defense has come up with some key turnovers. Pokes out to prove they are for real. Plus, BSU has had a tough go ATS this year. Maybe Vegas is giving the Broncos a little too much love? I'm going with Wyoming to cover the 14. Maybe even a small ML play for the outside chance of an upset.
Pokes should score. 
Wyoming +25 
Over looks good, too.
Rockies clobbered Greinke on opening day for seven runs and six hits.  Rusin has not allowed a run in 9 2/3 innings as a reliever. How deep can he go in his first start, and the Rockies have to go to their bullpen.

Over 8.5
Quote Originally Posted by themyth:

People, let me just say that I have no idea why or how my name keeps showing up in an unusally high number of these posts??? I have never self proclaimed myself to be "Great" at anything, least of all handicapping football. I, admittedly, have had an awful pro post season and I applaud the tenacious fact findings of JONFON, all of which are true and accurate. I'm human. As this site is solely intended for sharing one's opinions and information, I offer mine as well, I have had some very hot streaks in the course of my betting career(this bowl season I had a nice little burst) and some real cold streaks too (1-9-1) in the playoffs. Slumps happen, you just try to show a profit at the end of the year. You cannot continue to do this every year if you  keep losing.

I usually, not always, but quite often make mention that these selections are MY OPINION ONLY and nothing more. I've been betting football for almost 60 years now, that simply means I'm getting old! It doesn't mean I know anymore than someone who just started this year. I'm hoping no one followed all of my playoff picks, hell I didn't bet them all either! My friend Ace turned me onto some good inside info that saved the day and turned losers into winners....... thank you my good friend! Look,I don't really care what other cappers think of me, I'm way too old for that, and please people DO NOT BET on any of my selections, but do take the time to read through some of the pertinent facts I post from time to time as they just may have interest to you.

I'm an Army veteran, yes I know only too well about Vietnam, and have a pretty good handle on what's important in life. Validating my handicapping expertise, or lack of, is not one of the important things in my life.

I will be back next year, the good lord willing, sharing my experience, information, and some selections. Some may win, some may lose, some will bash me, others may thank me from time to time......... it doesn't matter either way. IT"s NOT IMPORTANT TO ME.

Good luck to everyone in the Superbowl!


BTW, in my humble opinion only, I like the over in the game.


Stand-up response, TM. I don't follow, and I don't lead. I just do my own thing and don't stick my neck out much here. Just want to say your honest, straight forward comment deserves recognition. Thanks for your service, and thanks for your contributions here...the good, the bad and the ugly. 

Good luck to all Sunday. 

Cincy deserves to lose. 
 Ben returns
Shaky Pitts defense making this scary. 
Should have been caught. Should have been intercepted.
Buckle up. 4th quarter should be a ride.
Bengals fans suck, throwing stuff at an injured quarterback. What pukes. 
UberDog replied to Kurt Cousins is god !
in NFL Betting
And I thought he was just dropping acid.  
Maybe San Diego State is easy money in the NCAA bowl game tonight, but I'm not seeing cash in the Bolts. 
Hard to get inside his mind. I would have thought the points indicated Vegas was dangling a San Diego carrot in front of bettors, and that Phixer would have seen this as the cue to pick Oakland. At least that's the way I'm going tonight. I'm also not a big believer that a little rain reduces scoring. I'm looking at an over. The one Phixer bet I wish i could figure is whether the first score will come before the first six minutes or not. He was good at nailing the time of first score prop. 
I'm not sure if Covers has deleted all of his past posts, but a search by his username returns no results. This was not the case yesterday prior to his tout site going public.

I was going to pull up and quote a post by him from this past spring where he advised against paying for picks. Now he's charging a premium. To each his own, but the change of face over the course of six months struck me as funny. It's a loss to Covers, but he says he was run out of here, too.  Wish him well, but I won't pay to play.

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