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Holy crap Vandy cannot tackle. Their secondary had given up at least 3tds by whiffing on tackles an_brick

Mohr4ya created a topic Rivers or Baker
in Fantasy Sports

I am in the championship of my 16 team fantasy league. I have rode Rivers all year. Baker was recently let go by a team and I snagged him off the wire.


What do you all think? Stick with Rivers against the tough BAL defense? Or go with Baker against a softer CIN defense?


I am worried about pace of play in tonights game. If it matters I am projected to lose and my opponent has both Njoku and Keenan Allen...


Thanks is Advance. Good luck clover to all in their championship games.




wow!! I was on the same side and feeling the same way!peace_5

Mohr4ya created a topic Question Here
in King of Covers
So I am playing in the NCAA Basketball League contest. What's the strategy here...?

Should I make a pick on every game or just play my top picks and play my four or five top games a day..I have been doing that lately and have had some success, but at this rate it seems like I will never get towards the top of the board. 

 Any suggestions would be appreciated as I am new to the site
Mohr4ya replied to CBB SAT 1/9/10
in College Basketball
I love when people post plays on my old school SEMO!!!!! 

Went there for three years and they were awful, haven't seen them play this year, but I am guessing they are awful again...I played at a community college for a year, and I am sure I could have easily walked on at SEMO..I bet against them the other day against Jacksonville St. and they screwed me...Shame on me for betting against my alum...

Quote Originally Posted by platypus:

[link from unapproved source]

Frightened Rabbit- Backwards Walk...

GREAT PICK Platypus..these guys are good...

I'm with whoever said go to the bars and talk to every girl you see. Call your boys up and go
Mohr4ya replied to FINALLY...
in NBA Betting
whoaaa dude, slow down. Did you forget to take your meds this morning???
Hahaha thanks for the posts guys.. I went with the Beefy Boys and they didn't let me down. Those TCU boys were still logged down with all that beef, Actually I think both team were as I bet the over and it went way under. Good think it was a small bet. BOL on tonight

No pick but leaning toward the Dog again.... IOWA +5.5

Quote Originally Posted by LUCKDOESNTHURT:

They have had a month to install different offensive schemes for this game...Look at what the huskers did with their offense in a month

I am a Husker fan, but I think Arizona was just rattled by Nebraska's D. They had a couple good offensive drives and did show some improvement, but I think most of it was Arizona was just that bad..

Richmond I am with you on this one. It seemed like all of covers last night was on TCU and no one gave Boise a shot in hell. I knew giving Boise 7.5 points was a , so I went ahead and played them, going against the popular opinion on here. I know Stanzi is back, but he is coming off of ankle surgery, and hasn't played since. This will be his first game back. On the other side you have GT who runs the spread option, (Being from Nebraska and growing up watching the option) Which is a treat to watch. However, if you are able to shut it down and force GT to throw the ball watch out . Nesbitt (sp) only attempts 11 passes per game. I am on the fence here. I am leaning to just playing the under and staying away from the spread. It seems like its been the season of the Underdog so going with Iowa would be smart...If I was forced to bet I would take the dog Iowa +5.5.

BOL to all   
Moore to Moore!!!

I mean its not spelled right... MOHR 4 YA!!!

Glad i got that 1/2 point, this may be close  after that return...
that was productive...HEHEH

Congrats Boise backers 

You can't give the tricky dog 7.5 points...

Lets play some Defense now

not pulling for TCU but WTF are those play calls.. horrible 
Quote Originally Posted by Xtragr8t:

Combos > Tostitos

"No disrespect to the Tostitos, But were gonna start with da' combos first!! "

woaaaaa!!!!    ill take that though

Quote Originally Posted by aobnoxious:

I smell a TCU turnover.

That snap might as well been one.. good call
Quote Originally Posted by TheBallDontLie:

why dont you assholes worry about playing the game than pointing at players

Its called multi-tasking and "You know how I know your gay..." ^^^

Oh yeah and that Hughes guy is an animal
I went to Bing thinking there would be a gorgeous ass on the background..but that picture will do to

Just make it to the shade after the you hit the bar to pass out..

Zoot love the avatar too..

Oh and I think I am screwed on the Over bet at 55

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