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Miracle PSV over with underdog with 15.00

odds scoring last 2 goals from 80’ and 90’

2:2 final!! Wowowow!!! 


Hi Sconnie and love your Bayern O3 here.

Miss u on covers in the week s tried to follow you on tweety bird where u 

are locked ??. I am @diverron7

Please accept me! ?? 

Thanks Brother ad let’s knock the book today!




I hear you. The best you could do is as follows and it will sound ridiculous and it is not alot of fun.

Open up 10 accounts put in no less than 5K in each account and just look for little arbitrage opps, (google arbitrage in sports);
I do not do this by the way; Vanzack and a few others might add to this but not easy and work!
If you are like fuck that 2nd best thing you can do is put like 5K into a few books each, or even just 1 book 
if you are short on cash and literally bet 1-2% on each game and handicap the shit out of games best you can;
risk to ruin is smallest like that; you are not going to be getting rich and over long term will probably lose but it will
be really slow and low and you won't have to keep annying up mo and mo moneey for deposits by blowing your load with 
too much on each game like most do! Seriously though, If you are addicted to this like most are here do one of the 2 above! 



Quote Originally Posted by SALTY:

You gotta love the keyword ads at the bottom of this page shooting for desperate itchy skin condition mf'ers

Salty, absolutely funny as hell!!!

Love all my covers brothers and the higher i get the more love to ya'll


Quote Originally Posted by nature1970:

Okay permaphrin 5 percent to clear up the spider mites that are consumi ing you. Hydrocortisone2.0 prescription strength.  To stop itching go to the doctor and ask forscabies treatment. If it's alive and itching this will kill it.

nature, ty for that. Asked Dr. about that cream and he claims Ivermectin (japanese wonderdrug better) as it's internal from pills and seeps into every tissue and cell. I won't stop trying shit till this is 100% gone that's fo-sho!
I could always throw my arse into a fire, that would kill the biatches! kidding lolnew_devil


Hi Guys;

Ya'll r funny and I love all u biatches! 
God knows that and in the end we'll meet, upstairs of course! lol

Anyway, I am a bit better but still itching some at night even with Vistaril.
Dr. called me in some more of that by the way :-))
I used the ivermectin 1/2 times and been using sulfur shampoo and soap thus far.
I'd say I'm 30% better.
I will try the banana thing and I really appreciate you brother!
Going to LV with bros in October, might have to look you up!




What is 2-ball compound? surprised


Hi All,

Lot's of leafs in a big plot of land we have in our country home.
Accordingly, as my wife likes yard clean as a whistel did leafs this winter to the sum 
of about 250 bags. Was fine at starts and then right towards end of 
job noticed a bit of an itch come on.  Had some old cream Clabetasol I used which
is a steroidal cream that beats just about any itch there is, poison ivy, fire ants, etc..
Well a few days later I was waking up at night just itchy as f-ck, I mean intense and burning.
Used some more cream and took some benadryl and still was itchy notably at night.
withing next few days I notced a bunch of raised bumps, some pretty long on arms, legs, chest,
and hands mostly. My wife thought might be a drug interaction to some of my supplemments and stopped those to no avail.
I thought maybe kidney could be taking a bit of a dump as well but late last summer all blood work and urnalysis were
perfect. I also thought was some form of poison plant but this biatch persisted. Was then right at christmas
and I tried to make a Dr' appintment with a derm I say for suspicious mole while back, which was benign in end thank goodness.
Anyway, I couldn't get into see him till January 2nd. In the mean time this itch was like a MO-FO!!! I mean burning a bit and itchy 
as hell but mostly at night. I started popping zytec and allegra then and just had a super hard time sleeping at night.
Dug into medication cabinet for vistaril which I had left over from bad jelly fish I had diving Belize some years back.
Vistaril is a Rx antihistamine/skin anesthetic and it did help more than anything else but still woke up a few times in night itchy 
as fuck. I was like fuck me, whoever is mad at me from my past just got their wish as I was in heeeellllll!
Got into derm finally a few days ago and I thought i knew what it was and he asked me and I said I think I got mites/scabies.
He said I think you do too. He did a few scrapings of the 50 + bumps/rashes I now had over my body and said he didn't see mites
but said there are often only a handful of mites on your body at a time and alot of false negatives with these random scraping microscopies.
Anyway, he presribed me Ivermectin which I started that same night. it's taken 7 pills the first night and 7 pills 1 week later.
Still have itching pretty bad, don't think it eased up much, maybe a tiny from the itch cream he told me to get, (CeraVe with pramoxine).
I asked him for vistail and he looked at me like I was aksing him for Oxy, lol.
Anyway, waiting an praying for real relief. Another buddy told me to use medicated Sulfur 8 Shampoo all over my body for the first day
and sufur soap for a week after that 2x a day and that would do it. Another chick said coconut oil and tea tree oil.
I just got the Sulfur shampoo and soap and will try that in next day.
Anyway, my question is where the F-ck did I get this? Yard with leaves?
Wife also had a few spots but were not bothering her too much but Dr. gave her Irvectin as well.
P.S. Had just 1 beer tonight and not a good idea, noticed shortness of breath and rapid heart beat for a few hours, not doing that again!

Anyway, anyone relate to what's going on with me. Ever had this or know anyone that did?
Get same or different treatment and how long did it take to go away?
Think I got from leaves and yard; my hands and body were all over those leaves.

Many Thanks in advance to any Awesome Covers Brothers that could shoot their 2 cents in here.



Quote Originally Posted by JimmyGape:

Im an intelligent guy and I know sports like you wouldnt believe. Ive had a lot of great runs over the years. But I am not ahead overall in the long run. Even if I was the amount certainly would not justify the amount of time Ive spent on this crap. Do yourselves a favor and quit, nobody wins at this crap. Even if you do you will give it all back and then some. Its inevitable. There are evil forces at work. Gambling is backed by the devil himself. Its an evil act. Theres more to life than this. We are all sick.


For the majority who lose it's entertainment and there aint no entertainment fo free!

Funny you say this I remember guys waiting in treasure island with me for noodle kitchen and when the 

guy left the table he hit his phone and was playing multihand BJ at $25 a hand, that's addiction! 


Sconnie, TY for Cardiff O2.75;

3 Goals in first 26 minutes, WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Now 2 goals in first 12 minutes!!!! :-)


On O2.75 Cardiff with you here.
Early goal is encouraging!!!! :-)



TY for your Rochdale o2.75 play,

went with you here!

great way to start off year!!!

god bless you !


I got Over 233 just before game time and hopped on it!
I think this one sails over the total without issue. :-)

Take care and see you at the cage here!!! :-)

Hey all.

got a question for 

yall. Saints going to Carolina 

Monday and laying 6.5 pts.

Saints clinched and panthers

desperate for a wild card spot!

Will the saints really be playing

abd for what? What am I missing



At this point I say they sideline him.
Guy is obviously injured and I do not believe 
Panthers can make playoff in wild card, (highly unlikely).

It is likely is you jeopardize your franchise QB who probably
needs shoulder surgery at this point is the rumor.
If by some miracle they snuck in playoffs they would get wiped out fast as well!

Your thoughts?



NBA Betting / $$$$$$$$$ / View Post

Had Hornets / Knicks 225 OVER (GM) and pressed losses onto it as well.

About shit myself at half time and wrote it off but that was a sick 3rd Q and 119-107 Final to hit it!!



Hoffenheim O3 hits!!! 




Taiiled on O3 Hoffenheim 

and pushing in 1st H!!!

Anymore strong plays for the day?



I dealt with tony like goose years ago. I personally never had a problem with the guy and won 1 of his 

contests and requested a payout which I received a few days later. I spoke to Tony a few times and he seemed 

like a decent guy albeit always seems to have  a cocky heir to him. Still he never screwed me personally anytime

I requested a payout, although I was not making real sizable withdrawals on him; that may have changed things?!

I heard the stories though about him shutting down accounts and a few other shady things but never experience first hand.

Still I trust people like Goose, as goose is a straight ass shooter and does not make shit up!

Always, sad when people are killed and young with little kids and all and my heart goes out to his family.

MY old lady is one of these earthy peace types and she says it is bad karma to take other peoples money and losses

in their misfortune, and the word is Tony was not always honest. Rumored to have dealings with cartel but not confirmed?

If so that is a recipe for failure in and of itself!



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