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kimoinsd808 replied to week 4 stuff
in College Football
kimoinsd808 replied to August Chalk laying -200
in MLB Betting
Big faves swept the board to start off September.  Gonna happen again today.  Why get in front of the money train trying to get lucky with crap teams once every 4-5 games? Lots lots of tight playoff races and meaningful games for HFA.  Top teams going to be taking care of business to close the season.  
kimoinsd808 replied to Saturday 8/24 NCAAF
in College Football
You still eating corn the long way?
Quote Originally Posted by DoctorSuccess:

That's it??? What teams have the slim secondaries???

The New York Jets.  Their Cornerbacks are a bunch of castoffs and scrubs that wouldn't even make it on special teams for other clubs.  It's so bad, their starting SS offered to play CB.
kimoinsd808 replied to JMHO 8/03/19
in MLB Betting
Quote Originally Posted by davemsh:

I already mentioned this.  Element has been posting for years.  Its not hard to miss his posts when his avatar is a huge green money sign.  But every season, he loses.  I don't ever recall him having a winning season ever.  There is nothing wrong with that.  My main issue is he talks like some arrogant know it all when someone has a disagreement with him about a certain play.  Dude you are a losing bettor, you seriously think you are qualified to give advice to other people?  He goes into threads and then talks like how his side is correct and logic is correct when others is wrong.  Yet he can't even post a winning record?  Element, when was the last time you posted a winning record?  There is nothing wrong with posting losers, most ppl don't win... but when you talk like some arrogant know it all... yet cant even having a winning record, you see the problem with this?



Cards -115 now. 
Most casinos will not let you cash big tickets at the main casino cage.  They'll tell you to wait until the sportsbook opens and cash it there.  Be prepared to provide and id and your ssn too unless you have a players card.
kimoinsd808 replied to Its early yankees fans
in MLB Betting
Euros are used to low scoring games (they love soccer).
kimoinsd808 replied to Travel Update
in NBA Betting
Klay to Drake:  "See you in the Bay, Aubrey.  You ain't talking bum azz."

Drake to KD:  "Good playing tonight."

Drake to Klay/KD:  "You squeezed that out."

Klay to Drake:  "That was light work.  You lucky I popped my hammy."

Cinderellas don’t make the league money, dynasties do.  
Quote Originally Posted by midnightprowl:

Sorry im a dumb f**k

Indiana -3

Freudian slip?
Wow! Nice way to end the season! 
Old schoolers knows what this means.  
kimoinsd808 replied to Pacers ML
in NBA Betting
Unreal how people still believe in the C's.  They'll get bounced in 1st round.  They're like Portland last year.
kimoinsd808 replied to Live ingame Cavaliers:
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kimoinsd808 replied to Done For The Season.....
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