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Quote Originally Posted by longtimewinner:

Patriots had an easy schedule this year, it’s about to get real. 

4-0 vs teams that made the playoffs. 
Quote Originally Posted by leo81:

Are you and Bart running the sheet this year?

I'm doing the 470. Other people are doing other systems. 

Looking forward to another good year. 
Bart_ replied to *** SUNDAY MLB ***
in MLB Betting
good luck mr.lands

As in the previous years, we will be posting the 5 Run systems (and a couple others) in a Google sheet. It helps us track the plays in one place. I will provide periodic updates on here. Good luck this year. 

there have been spreadsheets posted on here with past results. use them to help you. 
or try to learn how to use killersports
thanks for posting. see you next year Mr.K. 
wouldn't the better script be Manning winning the SB? especially over a team like Seattle, who took him lunch money 2 years ago. 
what's your strategy here? 
Good luck man. 

ignore the haters. 
so funny.

even the coin flip
bad man coming
be careful with all of the ML plays
Bart_ replied to Game #2 Winner!!!
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good luck tonight.
Quote Originally Posted by suuma:

Let me do this for you:

The Patriots started 10-0, killing their opponents by 14.1 PPG with 2-3 rookie OL in the mix.

They started losing some key players like Edelman, Gronkowski etc.

They lost in OT at Denver.

They lost a game vs. the Eagles they lose one time out of 100. They outgained the Eagles per play and by almost 200 total yards. But it was a special teams and return festival win for the Eagles.

They went on to beat the Texans by 21 and the Titans by 17. Yeah they beat the Texans banged up by 21 points and didn't need 6 turnovers to do so.

Vs. the Jets & Dolphins they reportedly let several key players, who would have been ready to play atleast on a limited basis, at home. Everyone with a brain knew the Pats had just a slight chance to win at New York and Belichick knew that as well. Then against the Dolphins they ran the ball 65% of the time even though the Dolphins completely shut down the run game. You don't do that if you really want to win.

They had four losses within one score, twice overtime. But they were killing their opponents by 15+ PPG in wins.

and look at the pass plays that they ran. no seam or crossing routes to Gronk or Danny. a couple out patterns, a couple back shoulder passes. very safe plays which avoid a potential injury. 
Bart_ replied to The Patriots Way
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Sources: Chandler Jones had reaction to legal substance
any updates?
Well that about it does it. 
Bart_ replied to AFC playoff lines
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Is Dalton playing?
Right now SEA to win the NFC is +455. There is value there. 

Outside shot to NFC, MIN at +1775. 

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