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joeyt - we explain this on the radio show today
which name did i spell wrong - whoops
spitfire - you obviously missed the point good sir - game didnt defend himself - actually if you listened he mentioned he was in a slump - we spoke about high volume vs low volume (a very interesting topic) and the merits of ROI in baseball betting (another interesting topic) - that plus a ton of actual mlb.
The rest of you thanks for the nice words - game is unreal on the show.
theprez created a topic GameHunter - Radio Show
in MLB Betting
Guys, not to promote the show lol - but today's show is amazing - one of our best shows. Gamehunter was unreal and we spent a lot of time talking about how to bet baseball.
Doubleup4life - another poster in these forums is on tomorrow. Make sure to listen.
Hope you guys are rolling in baseball.
this is a funny thread - im a fry fanatic myself - must eat them everyday - my favorite fries period are in amsterdamn - nothing is close to those - i also love poutine - this is a must try dish for any fry lovers - i also like fries with chicken salt as served all over australia - those are unreal
guys in new york - go to moaz veg at time square - they have amsterdamn fries - there is also one in phil and florida - i think there are about 10 in america - if you like fries - they are the best in your country
enjoy the radio show today guys - be well - prez
hated gran torino - long and boring - like most of clint's old stuff - watched watchmen this saturday night - it was awesome
sorry for your loss kuddish - very touching piece you wrote
Game - sorry it took so long to get my 2 cents in here - was out all day - daughters graduation (the kid is 5 - what has the world come to when they graduate something at 5) then had hockey - anyway - awesome job today and always - fricken outstanding if you ask me - i'm syked to have you on every week - i was rushed today - next week we will do a 15 minute segment.
guys posting - thx for listening to the show - hope you enjoyed it and feel free to give feed back including telling me i suck - its all good - email me at [link from unapproved source]
till next tuesday - great job game,
lump - well put - lol - i cant say a word without folks mentioning touts - and yes retire early its been a rough start in mlb this year - ill turn it around always do.
guys - was away all weekend - im excited to get this thing going - and will be fully involved in this contest - i will also get an answer to all the questions for tuesday's show - i will not have time to get them for mondays show.
thx guys and enjoy.
Teddy and I are doing poker tips on the Covers Radio show everyday - take a listen
lol on anna - she was so hot - funny - odds thx for the words man - would you prefer i remain on topic on the show - that would make for boring radio i think.
guys - i was away this weekend - my wife organized a whole 40th birthday thing for me - sorry i am so late on this.
Thanks to all of you guys- this contest started off a nightmare with me and Teddy getting lambasted hard by a few of the posters. It's funny going back and reading some of the posts and especially knowing none of those guys have the balls to eat crow.
To the Guys who enjoyed this - Wow was it a great ride - I must admit that I had more fun in this contest then I thought I would and I gained a lot of posting friends out of it. It was a real pleasure engaging with you guys and I am putting together something else for all of us.
To the Guys who hated this - bugger off - think meat pie and ass - the laugh is on you as not only was this an amazing 3 months but anger only makes you upset not me.
To Lump and 44 - brothers thx so much man - you 2 were awesome just awesome - get your ass on the radio show this week - email me at [link from unapproved source].
Guys I will remain active in the posting forum and again thank you to everyone - $50,000 is really changing hands this was legit and I will post pictures of my basement once it's done - that is what I am spending the money on.
Kind regards and please please please keep listening to the show.
PS - Teddy hold your head up high - you did outstanding
mikeg - np good sir - didnt mean to imply you were ragging on me - i can for sure do totals in there - you might need to remind me a few times but i will start including it.
erenmo - thx for the nice words - they actually would have more affect in lower case - like a wise man talking to his flock - rather than upper case - like the prez screaming at teddy lol - but damn fine point good sir and really thx for the nice words.
my bad guys - too many records in my head lol - sweated that one out.
hey bandit's back and with nice words again - mikeg - im not going to get into this really brother - we have a lot of money riding on this and it is what it is.
if you guys go back and read the 1st few pages me and teddy got killed in here - told we suck we couldn't hit 50% if we knew the score etc etc - it was terrible yet funny and what did we do
after 50 days - teddy was 32-18 -- wow - and my 30-16-2 - seriously out of 100 plays we lost 34 - let me say that again we lost 34 plays out of 100 - so questoin the validity or not - kudos to both me and teddy and also lump and 44 who matched us play by play.
you asked why we brought it into an extra week - we have 50k on the line and that is the number 1 priority good sir.
till tomorrow gents - praying this game stays under.
nfl crazy - great question - the issue for me is teddy and steve do great game breakdown work - while im more suited as a host of a show - i do go on tsn from time to time and did sportsnet for 2 years - but gabe and i are very similar and the entire station is built around gabe who is amazing as a radio host - just amazing - im sure i will be on a bit from time to time but on a whole - covers experts lets the analysts do this (like teddy and steve).
the other thing is a lot of the work is done after 4pm and i have 2 kids and will not do a bunch of tv and radio at that time - 2 cute little daughters 8 and 5 and they are my priority.
But NFLCrazy - feel free to email hardcore about this - more nice words about prez the better is how i feel.
cappersnow - we never said we couldn't have the same pick - we both work seperatly - so if it happened it happened - and it didnt - im just using strategy - we made the rules and if i can find holes to make 50k im going to - this is NOT a contest - this is a BET - luck on the jays bet - im with you there - but im a homer.
dimes - shriv - thx for the words man - i have to do it - i worked out the math and i had a 25% chance using 60% win rate to catch teddy in a 1 game spot - i have a way better math shot to get him next week - just so you guys know - there is no more win by 2 - so i literaly have to catch a game on him next week - if i do we go to sudden death 1 game format.
as far as packattack goes - we had tech issues on wed - not our fault we just do the radio show and then leave - we are not the tech guys - and it happened once all tourny - sorry for that.
there was a misunderstanding in regards to me fading teddy - i said i would fade teddy no-matter what if i was 2 games behind him - go back into the archives and listen - the key was being 2 games behind to fade him - but i caught a break last night and got back 1 game - so it makes no-sense fading him now - would be totally idiotic - i have to be smart and i have given this a lot of thought - this gives me the best math chance of winning and all i want to do is win.
as far as pub goes - both teddy and i want this over frankly - it has cost us money in sales and we are talkign a decent amount - we are literally giving our best daily pick away for free and 50 days of it costs us money - on top of that we both hit almost 60% - why would we want to screw that up by going 0-5 next week. this is real - there really is 50k on the line and i really am focused on winning it - this is not a pub stunt - with that said - the whole idea in the beginning was to get you guys interested in the show - and frankly it worked.
as for making picks seperatly - if you listened to the show you would know the guy leading had to go 1st the last week - so i didnt have to do a pick today - all i had to do was wait for teddy to make his and then pick the same - doesnt mean we dont work seperatly - we honestly don't talk about this stuff at all and never do we ask each other what we are picking.
with all that said - im sure most guys are thrilled we go another 5 days - and for the ones taht arent - not a problem just don't visit the longest largest and most read thread in the 12or so years of covers experts - started by me and maintained by lump and 44.
lets have a great weekend - prez
44 - im working on a monster forum contest with head office that you guys are going to love - this has been a really fun few months.
house - thx for the words man - i have to use strategy here - i cant be an idiot about this - we are talking a lot of money.
Jett - i agree - a huge thx to lump and 44 - both of you guys id love to have you on the show next week - let me know if you want to come on.

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