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Alldaygambler28 replied to Wednesday NHL $$$$
in NHL Betting

It is interesting that you leaned toward the Over in Game 4 when you played the Under in Game 3.  You had great details in that.  Then after the game you said it was basically because of the penalties.  So after all that you totally flipped now?  It happens just think that maybe you were a game early on the Under side.  This series boasts maybe the hottest goalie in the tourney and 2 teams that have less fire power than the other series.  I liked your reasoning for an under in Game 3 and going with it for Game 4.  

Alldaygambler28 created a topic anyone want in a Nascar pool?
in Office Pools

---each week from groups that are

---Message me if interested and I will give you my cell and email to get entry/pick info

Race 1 Daytona 500, February 18, 2018, 2:30 PM EST

from Group A:

Brad Keselowski, Chase Elliot, Kevin Harvick, Kyle Busch, Denny Hamlin

from Group B:

Joey Logano, Jimmie Johnson, Kyle Larson, Martin Truex, Ricky Stenhouse

from Group C:

Ryan Blaney, Clint Bowyer, Erik Jones, Kurt Busch, Alex Bowman

from Group D:

Austin Dillon, Jamie McMurray, Willam Byron, Arik Almirola, Daniel Suarez

in the race who you didn’t pick in the groups.  Can be your favorite driver, anyone you didn’t pick from the groups that is in the race, or anyone else

to entrant ahead of you in standings (you ar trying to give them the driver you feel will do the worst but ONLY from Groups A & B).  For Daytona, it will go by alphabetical order by names

---Scoring: Each entrant’s 6 drivers order of finish will be added together.  The lower the points total the better.

Note: A person may have the same driver twice if another entrant gives you a driver you selected in a group.  That driver’s order of finish will just be added twice. 

Entry: night before Daytona 500 on Sunday


of entire pot - Overall  lowest points leader after all 36 races

of entire pot – Segment 1 points leader after 1 twelve races (Daytona thru Kansas)

of entire pot – Segment 2 points leader ONLY including points for races (Charlotte thru Bristol)

of entire pot – Segment 3 points leader ONLY including points for races (Darlington thru Homestead Miami)

of entire pot – Entrant with lowest total points in a race (so you may be out of the overall and segments but have a chance all the way until Race 36)

Tiebreaker Rule: If entrants are tied with total points; entrant who picked the most drivers who won a race wins tiebreaker

No Picks Rule: Forget or fail to submit picks by night before race deadline; entrant will receive the last driver in each group, 2 to last driver in group D, and will give the top or 2 driver in Group A. 


Driver doesn’t race or Give a wrong driver Rule: Will receive the last driver or 2 to last driver in that driver’s group or Give OPP top or 2 best driver from Group A

Alldaygambler28 created a topic allday on the ice...
in NHL Betting
1st pick of year:

Canes -1.5 +240
Alldaygambler28 created a topic 5 Picks Week 3...
in NFL Betting
7 - 3 YTD using Supercontest lines:

Ravens E vs. JAGUARS
NY GIANTS -4.5 vs. Redskins
CHIEFS -3 vs. NY Jets
COWBOYS -7.5 vs. Bears
SEAHAWKS -9.5 vs. 49ers

11 - 4 YTD @adg28plays

Jags +1 Redskins +4.5 Redskins +4 / Buccs ML Buccs ML / Steelers ML Jets +3 49ers +10.5 / Panthers ML Bears +7.5 / Panthers ML

1 - 0 Big Play Bank:
Jags +1

Alldaygambler28 created a topic my 5 ATS Week 2...
in NFL Betting
A few years ago, I was like 63.8% posting on this site with sides.  But that means garbage now nor was I in the Super Contest to collect from that.

I'm not in the Super Contest, but wish I was.  I will list my best 5 every week .  

Week 1: 4 - 1

Week 2 Picks: (using their lines)

Carolina -13.5
Texans -3
Bengals +3.5
Buccs +7
Rams +4.5

Alldaygambler28 created a topic my 5 ATS Week 1...
in NFL Betting
A few years ago, I was like 63.8% posting on this site with sides.  But that means shit now nor was I in the Super Contest to collect from that.

I'm not in the Super Contest, but wish I was.  I will list my best 5 every week .  

Jacksonville +5.5
TB +2.5
SD +6.5
Indy -3.5
Dal +1.5
Quote Originally Posted by Mittens36:

If you actually make a consistent profit on tennis... Hey, good for you. But anything that consistently has the favorites at -600 to -1000  and your mid-level players at -300 to -400 and are no better than a coin flip to win... Not my cup of tea.

I don't know any other sport where picking a favorite puts you at that kind of profit disadvantage. 

So Why not play the dogs if that is your mindset and use that favorite profit disadvantage?  OR play the spreads on the favorites as bookmaker and several other books offer good odds such as Federer -2.5 @ -120 today vs. Gasqet?  

Harvey reached the magical pitch # on the dot!  

I'm sure he will get an extra start 8 years from now because of it with all the proof that the 100 pitch limit prolongs careers.  This is what I would like to do to managers  involving the 100 pitch count combined with your best pitchers.   
Quote Originally Posted by nmw2486:

Its called Wrigley Field. If the WIND is blowing out scoring can get out of hand. If the wind is blowing in hard off the lake its near impossible to hit HR

Yep, you are correct.  I thought I noticed it almost all their games, but in fact, it has just been their home games.  
Alldaygambler28 created a topic Why no Run-line odds for Cubs every day?
in MLB Betting
I'm curious why every day on Cubs games books aren't putting out a runline until real late?  Anyone know why?  I'm not sure I've every seen this before.  Pretty much every day their RL odds aren't available with the other games.  I know they don't put up the alternate RLs early for all games, but for 1 single team's RL is different.  
Quote Originally Posted by HeadOverHeart:

These moronic announcers, and mow Lou Holtz at Halftime, saying "we can't see where his knee is."  "We don't know where his knees are."


His knees WERE CLEARLY VISIBLE.  AS CLEAR AS DAY.  And they were even highlighted in-between the legs of two other players.  It was so clear, YOU COULD SEE THE ROUND KNEE PAD on the LSU runner.

What were they looking at?

Yes, but a guy has to open his eyes to actually see "the right call".  
It is shown from the shot on left where the ball is clear as day across.  You can see his knee also.  A guy just has to open his eyes and look a bit.  I guess the refs didn't want to do that.  

The Irish want it more and they are hitting to the whistle and beyond with no late hit calls.  The refs are allowing it.  This shiot happens every year in bowl season with 1 team wanting it more with less talent and the refs cooperating.  Always seems to be 1 SEC team with the "who gives a rats behind" attitude and here it is.  

Quote Originally Posted by jbkizzle:

it was a touchdown. but clearly not enough evidence to overturn, and this is coming from a guy with money on LSU to cover.

unfortunately, they don't look at multiple angles simultaneously to determine where the knee versus ball is. they only look at one camera shot. and no single camera shot was conclusive.

common sense clearly indicates it was a touchdown. but not enough evidence to overturn. sad face.

Alldaygambler28 replied to nhl under dogs system
in Systems & Strategies
play em both 1 on ML and 1 on -1.5?
Alldaygambler28 replied to nhl under dogs system
in Systems & Strategies
Curious, what do you do if they play each other? 

Say Buffalo plays Edmonton.  

both unit 1 plays? 
buffalo unit 3 edmonton unit 2?

Quote Originally Posted by scalabrine:

Uh no. I haven't posted a play of the years...find a thread with a POY.

So you're inaccurate on the first shot.

And second, I'm 'lucky' when my team has the ball down 7 within a 10 point spread, having worked their way back inside the number the entire second half, and Denver covers with 15 seconds left when the Jets give the ball to them. Yes, Jets backers are the "lucky" ones there. What would Denver backers be there? The 'smart' ones???

So you're inaccurate on the second shot.

And to your third, "Stop spending your time on covers" shot.

I'm actually doing the most respectable thing of all, that is, giving my picks away for FREE with detailed explanation.

Are you trying to imply that touts and 'covers experts' are the REAL serious cappers?

Is Steve Stevens on MSNBC the REAL sharp???

Please kid, you've just said three things that are so beyond ignorant I'm not sure I should waste any more of my time explaining how things work in this capping world.


Now run along.

I've tried to explain to LC there are too many bets here and too much exposure. That is all.

He can continue to bet in this manner if he wants and of course he WILL have very good weeks forthcoming. He's a good capper. That doesn't disprove my comments in his thread in any way! It's too many games and too many units. I've said this to a million posters where I see it.

Look, You pick your spots well and you seem to have good intentions giving your write ups, but your being hypocritical telling someone else to lower units.

You gave a 1/2 your bankroll play on the 1st game of the season LY.  You don't consider that a POY?  That is a Play of Life.  
You have got to be kidding, right?  You told everyone to risk half of their bankroll on 1 game last year and it was the 1st game of the NBA season.  

Quote Originally Posted by scalabrine:

Come on LC,

This isn't exactly diversifying your risk:

Giants +7 -125 (7x)
Giants +250 (1x)
Cowboys Under 27 (1x)

4 Team Teaser
Alabama PK , Giants +20, Rams +20.5, Steelers +10 (2x)

You're risking 13 units on just the Giants with a Cowboys total that is dependent on how the Giants defense plays.

If the Giants lose by more than 7, that's more than 10 units down the hole. Then they are tied into a total a sweetheart teaser which needs 4 legs to hit.

That's the definition of taking a huge risk on one play.


Buccs ML, K-state ML, open, open, open, open (6team)
9-7 YTD

Buccs +7

0-2 team in danger of falling 0-3 and 0-2 in division against a porous defense laying too much.  
5-1 on weekend to get me back going well again this season and 9-2 on sides now out of the gate. 

9-5 total (units figured out after tonights game)

Locked in Colts -3 earlier this week.  


Colts ML (Week 2) / Seahawks ML (Week 3) +135

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