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sup guys?

Thanks man, but to be honest, I can't pick a GD game right at this point.  No way I am coming over here and posting losers.  I'll need to get my picks going before I get it started, I think.  Thanks, though.
How's it going over here on Covers, guys?
Oops!  I mean "cashing in those $$$$'s"  not "LOCKS"!  Sorry!
Good to see a bunch of old names back around!  I'm pretty busy for the next few weeks, but I like to watch a couple week of league play before I get going anyway.

Find you area of expertise and watch every game you can for the next few weeks and then let's get back together and start cashing in those LOCKS!

GL all.......
I'll probably start the thread up in January some time.  Gotta watch like 60-70 Pac-12 games between now and then.  Watch games now, win money later. 

Good luck fellas......
Thanks guys.  Good luck this fall.
Hey guys.  Good to see college hoops back.

Start your research to build your expertise.  Watch every game in a specific conference and learn everything about every team.  Become an expert on a conference and then get ready for the return of the $$$$ Thread so you can share your knowledge with everyone else.

See you guys in a month or two!

Hi guys.  What happened to Bubba?  What happened to the thread?

Quote Originally Posted by Bubbaski27:

@USC_Holmey    I know how much work you put in to running this thread and I really wish you would come back and take over! 

lol hell no.  I am 'retired' for at least the next 10 months.


Hey guys!

Just checking in for the first time in over a week and am super fired up to see that Bubba picked up the thread!  I knew that you guys had this ship running on your own and that if someone took it over, you could keep it going very smoothly!

Just read back several days and I think everyone for the kind words.  I appreciate them all.  I do always find it funny how nice some are to you when you are doing hours of free work for them every day, but as soon as you decide to stop dedicating 30+ hours a week for no pay at all for their benefit how quickly they start calling you names and bitching.  But it is the internet, I suppose.

I did realize that many of you didn't know how I ran the thread on CBS and probably didn't know my betting schedule every year.  I should explain it so the Covers folks understand it better, I guess.....

I only bet Pac-12 basketball.  My goal each fall-spring is to make money.  I have no need for "action".  I only want to make my money and cash out.  I cash out every year right around now.  I decided to cash out all 4 of my accounts this year a couple weeks early.  I have not made a bet since that last brutal loss.  Its just my call and that's what I did.  The point is that this thread is A TON of work to run (I'm sure Bubba agrees) and there is no way anyone is going to run it if they aren't betting on games.  I stopped betting for this season, so I obviously also decided to stop dedicating all my daily free time to the thread.

I equate closing out my accounts early to when you have an hour to play blackjack before dinner in a casino.  After maybe a half hour, you are way up, but you still have another half hour.  So you play some more and you lose 5 or 6 hands in a row.  Instead of just playing out the time, you decide "Well, that's good enough" and you pocket the rest of your winnings before you lost them all.  Just because you still have 25 minutes before dinner doesn't mean you should sit there and give your winnings back.

This is what happened to me.  I was WAY up about 10 days before I shut down.  But in those last 10 days I lost about 25% of my winnings and had lost my confidence and got absolutely shelled by two awful bad beats.  I just decided, "Well, that's good enough" and decided to call it a season.  It was just my decision and I have the right to do that, I think.

I was 0%-concerned that you guys wouldn't be able to keep it going if you wanted to because 90% of you guys totally get the "LOCK Thread Concept" and you take it seriously.  As long as most people take the basic concept to heart, the thread will always be fine.  I see very little difference in the quality of the $$$$'s since I left, if any at all.  Bubba is totally on top of everything and I hope you guys appreciate how much work he puts into it every day.

Good luck to all you guys as the Tournament starts up.  Its hard to truly "know" anything about the teams that have never played each other and have no common opponents, but there is also value to be found because 90% of the public has never seen most of these teams play, so the 'name teams' are often overvalued.  Once these teams play a Tourney game or two and everyone across the country has seen them though, the value in the lines is usually lost.

Good luck to all and maybe see you guys again in January or February!

I know when to quit, guys.  0-2 this week on $$$$'s with that horrendous Washington meltdown and then that killer last night with ASU.  Shutting down the account early this year.

Good luck everyone.  You guys have this thing running smoothly.  You can keep it rolling without me.  I'm not doing anything except costing people money at this point.

Maybe check you all next fall.......


Yep.  I know when to quit.  0-2 this week on $$$$'s with that Washington meltdown and then that.  Shutting down the account early this year.

Good luck everyone.  You guys have this thing running smoothly.  You can keep it rolling without me.  I'm not doing anything except costing people money at this point.

Maybe check you all next fall.......


$$$$ THREAD CONCEPT - This thread is for all of us to share our expertise with everyone else to benefit the group.


PLEASE make special note of this! If you have an area of expertise, please make some $$$$ choices from your area of expertise when you have a game you are confident enough in to call it a "$$$$ PLAY". The difference between a PICK and a $$$$ PLAY is that a PICK is a game you like, a $$$$ PLAY is a game that you KNOW. If you are claiming your choice is a $$$$, and you really have NO true knowledge of that game, then you are just cheating us and posting your PICK just for attention and to see your name on the board.

RULES FOR POSTING - We will not track your $$$$ PLAY if you do not follow these rules. You are welcome to still post your PICK or card, but unless you do the things below, we won't be putting your $$$$ on the spreadsheet.

Only one $$$$  per day and a MAXIMUM of 4 per week. 

A week starts on Mon and ends on Sun.

- No buying points.

- No other "line-manipulations" like teasers, etc.

- No parlays

- No props

- $$$$ PLAYS need to be -129 or lower.  Anything -130 and over, take the -1.5 goals or runs.

- Do not try to cheat on lines. We, as a group, are all over the lines and every time someone gives a stinky spread, it is always called out. If the line is off, the $$$$ doesn't go into the spreadsheet.


You must give an ORIGINAL explanation as to why you KNOW this $$$$ PLAY will win. And don't just "stat" us to death. Tell us about the game. DO NOT COPY YOUR WRITE-UPS! People on this thread are all over the internet and will find your plagiarism. I guarantee it. You can use Last 10, ATS, etc., numbers to support your argument, but stats from a gambling website are not an explanation.


Thank you for your understanding and your help in keeping this thread for the benefit of everybody, not just a place for you to blather out random picks and toot your own horn.


And there you go.  Perfect.  I'm done guys.  Posting tomorrow's thread and will update the Standings tomorrow. 

All done for this year.  Best of luck all.....


Quote Originally Posted by jrgumpert:

Yeh and at home too. You have to hit FT's at home.

That was a demoralizing finish for USC.  Its was men (Seniors & Juniors for Oregon) vs. boys (Freshmen & Sophs for USC).  I don't think USC is going to do much in the postseason.

Jeez.  USC has missed 9 FT's in the second half.  Terrible play by USC the last 10 minutes.
Why do you guys care so much? lol

Quote Originally Posted by gatorbear:


I saw the Cal pick. Will you post any non $$$$ West Coast picks for us Southeast boys/girls?

The only bet I have left is Cal.  My only bets today were Rutgers, USC, & Cal.

C'mon SC and LA Kings!!  BEAT THE EFFING DUCKS!!!!

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