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timbaland99 replied to That last second shot HURT
in NBA Betting
I would love to see vice do some hard core investigation into nba players and their friends on sports betting within their own sport. I think it would be a pretty big eye opener
Quote Originally Posted by luckytowin:

OK if any in here are in 60's heres the wrong thing to do wait till your 70 ..ummmmmmmmmmmm thats 8 more years of not collecting to gain about $400 more per month ..........ok now lets add up the 8 years of collecting about $850 a month

= $10,200 per year X 8 years = $81,600 uncle sam dosent pay you....  SO ok wanna gamble that maybe you die before 70.

WOW Uncle sam really smiles they saved all that cash because you decided to wait until 70!!!

Think about the increase cost of everything 7 years forward.. DO you really think that extar cash will be enough?


Look at it this way at 62 you might still be able to work p/t somewhere and earn about $15,000 a year legally ;;;paying more into your social security and then reapply if you make it to 70

I think thats how it works not sure.

OK they will not give you the full amount but i betcha you can get like 200 more per month.

I just started this thread after reading some other site posting about waiting untill your 70 their name was The Motely Fool LOL funny name too because i think your a big fool to wait.


No gurantees you make it to 70 #1 Also your giving away over $80,000 by waiting weeeeeeeeeeee is uncle sam happy if 1 million seniors wait  thats a lot of dough they save and you think 100% will live to be 70 and how long after that will they live?

Robin williams dead at 63 ..ok he offed him self.

How many people YOU know that died in 60's waiting to collect when 70 I know 5 who never saw a dime by waiting.

So Please wait until your 70 Uncle sam will reaward you with more cash IF you make it

OHH BTW doesnt the gov't give you cost of living raises also?

Yeah i thought so NOT hundreds per month maybe an Extra $20 per month more each year.

SO in 8 years time you gain $160 more per month.

Yeah when i reach 62 i'm gonna wait to collect .......


Where is the rest of your post? Should I just assume that you're taking about age of retirement?

Did you forget to write down words or did you forget the link?

Is this a thinking type of puzzle/post?  
How long were you seeing her for? Was this a girlfriend or just a friend with benefits type thing? Did you just bang her once? How long have you known her?  Is there anything about her character that is shady? 

So, does this mean everyone who smokes can now sue tobacco companies and win?
Was it difficult for you to gamble and get beer during the prohibition era?

How many people have you killed in ww1 ww2 and Vietnam ?
Hey iceman, at least it means fewer progressive commercial with "Flo" lol
In foreign places like the place you mentioned, there are often really poor people that will say they can hook you up with weed, women, coke, etc. what really happens is they get some cash from the cops for turning you in and it ends up being a set up

Be careful
timbaland99 replied to My first G.I.L.F
in General Discussion
I wouldn't say "what a woman!" 

More like what an old wrinkly dusty box you have grandma
Make sure to have a soft opening. Have a few nights where you serve a and act as if you are open. This will allow you to work out any kinks so that it doesn't reflect poorly towards your customer base. Maybe it would be a good idea to have small sample cups as well to maybe pass out at an evens or outside the front of the restaurant before you open officially. 
I would personally not count on making Any profits for the first 6 months to a year. Make sure you have enough of your own money to pay employees and don't count on potential income you earn from the restaurant to pay your staff

Put together a report about your restaurant and your competition. This would include:


Good luck

Quote Originally Posted by vanzack:

Lost a little bit of money - but overall a great month.

Only 2 years until the Euros in France.

GL all.

Thanks for all of the banter.

Thanks for your insight. I appreciated it. It gave me a better understanding of soccer, as I was mostly a hockey and nba fan prior to the W.C.

Will you be doing this again for the Women's W.C. in 2015? I like that I will be able to cheer for Canada 
He has his own website now, he went tout. I can PM his site to you. I don't think I would be allowed to write it her, so send friend request and I will give you the info. Tell him Brandon from Canada sent you his way. I have known him for about 10 years now through here and through talking picks with him. 
Quote Originally Posted by bizkilla:

Took my son's to see the Planet of the Apes yesterday. Its not often I go to the movies anymore. Its maybe a once or twice year thing but I was just shocked at the price. First, I didn't read the fine print. The 4pm showing was in HD XD MRI X-ray 3D image and priced accordingly. $40 for 1 adult and 2 children!

I had to step back for a second out of the line to think about it. We can wait for the 5pm show for regular admission. The net difference would have been $16 for that one hours wasted time. It wasn't worth it so I just dropped the $40. Im just curious how far we are from a flat $20 per person show.

I have only ever seen the 2D movies in the theatres. Is the overall 3D experience worth it in comparison, for someone who has not seen 3D in a theatre before?  I think I would like to try it out at least once, but i don't go to the movies much. 

Oh, and anytime I go to the movies which is about once every couple years, I always buy my snacks from a store beforehand. Big money saver but, I don't buy pop. Nothing more annoying than hearing 25 pop cans open 10 minutes in. I guess I'm not helping the theatres if they don't make much on tickets.  
I honestly don't know how well known the artist is, Charron, but this is an awesome video

I apologize if already posted
timbaland99 replied to World Cup 0-0 and draw bets
in Soccer
Awesome system Luke. How would this system do in the english premier league over the course of a season? Btw, I know nothing about capping soccer, so im not sure if the result would be similar or not.
How much is it for these apps to receive minutes?  Are they specific to android or apple, or are both good to go?
How much is it for these apps to receive minutes?  Are they specific to android or apple, or are both good to go?
Hey Crow, this is the first I have heard of this type of technology. 

Can you give me an example of why you would be reprimanded for giving out your personal info?
timbaland99 replied to DirectTV Renewal
in General Discussion
Make sure you contact the retention dept. they will be able to offer 
more  than a regular customer service agent will  
timbaland99 replied to World Cup 2014 Thread....
in Soccer
Should say, * I know there  ISN'T* a golden rule 

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