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No love for Vogelsong or Finnegan today I see.

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Not sure what state youre in. They allow US players to deposit and play on their site. Some states are not allowed to make new accounts.

For example they no longer accept new New York players.

But if you were grandfathered in, say as I was from 2009, they allow me to deposit and play.

I deposited 50$ recently, and got it up to 700$.

I requested a check for 410$ .

The other 290$ is at 150$ now.

You have to give them a copy of a utility bill, and id.

I have it on file.

The process took about 6 weeks from request to check in my hand.

I got a check from Canada.

Deposited in a US bank.

Cleared next day.

Traffic is nothing like the old pokerstars, or full tilt. But its not bad. Some solid tournaments. Cash not bad. Sit nd Go's there are no 180 man or nething like that. Pretty much one table sit nd go's.

Not bad.

Quote Originally Posted by scalabrine:

Well Livian,

Ya can't make it up when it comes to gambling. 

There is the personal and then there is the bet.

Personally I loved seeing the mothers of the recent slain on stage to represent the the lives that have passed. Extremely moving.

Now to the bet:

One of the mothers said these exact words:

"Hillary Clinton is not afraid to say Black Lives Matter"

I mean, are you kidding me? She called     her      out!

It's like she works for 5dimes!

Can't make it up when it comes to gambling...
 A political prop the fix is in

Key, respect the heck out of your handicapping but I don't think you go about it the right way with your flat-betting, or if you want to flat-bet, then you shouldn't make posts like these.


Making this thread you should have a large sum on the White Sox. You don't though because you flat-bet. I feel you flat-bet because you know anything can happen , any day. The Tigers stand a great chance of winning today.

An example

Say today you feel with your spreadsheets, that the White Sox offer a 94.5% chance of winning today, and the line is White Sox +105, shouldn't that merit a larger wager than when a team offers a 68% chance to win and are -110? Again, just an example.

The reason you don't bet bigger is because you either don't trust your spreadsheets enough, or because you know damn well that a post like this is stupid. There are many reasons why the Tigers can easily win, and I think you know that, which is why you flat-bet to begin with.

GL KEY. Any season in the green is a good season, and youre in the green. 

Taking the Tigers for the same reason you don't feel comfortable putting more than one unit on the White Sox.

Bush is a 10

Obama's are a three


On the what the #$%% are you doing scale.

Theyre most definitely on the scale right with Bush though.


Quote Originally Posted by TheGoldenGoose:

They were laughing AT GWB.

Not WITH him.

You really cannot observe that distinction???

I don't care about GWB, or Obama, I am not big into politics whatsoever.

All three are laughing. That's what I observed.

If I go to a funeral and a baby is making faces I'm not going to laugh.

If I go to a funeral and someone is there waving his arms like a  wacky wavy inflatable 20 foot guy like car washes use, im not going to laugh.

Some of you guys are funny. What if that was your mothers funeral? You'd be okay with Michelle showing all of her teeth? Give me a break. All 3 treated this like they were on a game show after the first little while.

You really cannot observe that distinction???


Michelle and Barrack were both laughing as well.


This is great video. Now I don't agree with doing this. I wouldn't do it for obvious reasons in America today.

But this is a good cop. He keeps his cool. He doesn't feel threatened at the mere presence of a black man, like too many cops do today.

Also I think and hope we may start to see more cops like this guy. Who likely realize that if they are selfish in taking an unarmed mans life, theres a great chance that an innocent officer wont go home to his family possibly in his own PD, or possibly in a state thousands of miles away.

Kudos to this cop.


According to covers Alaskan Crab Fisherman are heroes because they risk their lives to provide for their families. even though the pay is great, they don't work nearly as much as most people, and they decided by themselves, that is a profession, albeit dangerous, that they would like to do.

According to covers Black Lives Matter movement is a terrorist gang

According to covers Blacks should be protesting gang murders.

Because a cop killing an unarmed man, and a gang member killing someone is that same 

According to covers all 108 unarmed black men that were killed in 2015,were justified




All 108 reached for the officers gun right?


Quote Originally Posted by Hugh_Jorgan:

What's the difference between the white guy who has a bad experience with a black man and then decides he hates all n+gg@rs, and you, who has known some cops and then decides that all cops are evil?  
 This is why I don't discuss these issues more frequently.
Where the !$%^ did I say all cops are evil? Did you even read my response? A good portion of my first post was giving praise to one of the finest officers in the United States.
A quick excerpt from my first post also this is his instagram
 "This guy is a hero. He takes time, energy, love, food, snacks, water guns, and gives them to his community. They are VERY VERY VERY rare people. Bless you Officer Norman. "
Does that sound like someone who thinks all cops are evil?
Some cops are amazing. They are rare.
Do you just type because you like the sound of your fingers on the keyboard?
Youre Making things up.

Scal. That's one of my biggest pet peeves. Why do these officers carry tasers? Why do they carry batons? For what? Are they that frightened by the black man that they immediately feel threatened when he so much as moves a muscle?

1991- Rodney King is beaten silly by 4 cops.

High, drunk, 4 cops? What is this a gang initiation?

2015-  108 unarmed black men killed by police, that WISH they were given the Rodney King treatment.

In 1991 im sure black people thought things would be better come 2016. But in 2016 people are wishing they got the Rodney King treatment.

 Progress?  Yea, if you take out the P and replace the O with an E.

Quote Originally Posted by scalabrine:

Beautiful Sosa.

I remember we used to go at it like UFC fighters on this site. That's never gonna happen again after a post like this.


   I used to enjoy your poker articles even after the little spats we've had. Also you had a very nice run NBA. College football too. Nice discipline.

But whats going on nowadays just isn't right. Disgusting actually.




Also when people say Black Lives Matter

and White People say All Lives Matter.

That's fine and dandy.

But that's like my house being on fire, and I say MY HOUSE MATTERS, and you say ALL HOUSES MATTER, that's correct, but yours isn't on fire right now.

Im white for the record, like you see in my pic.  If you cant see that unarmed black men are being killed at an alarming rate, then I don't know what to tell ya. You must hate blacks or have a family member as an officer, really no other way around it.

I know do as your told and you wont have an issue. People that have complied have been killed.



"when every time they called …I was there. Every time someone died….I was there. Every time they were going through one of the worst moments in their lives…I was there. "


You mean you were doing your job?

OK. Sweet. I do my job too. In fact, If I

don't do my job, aka NOT BE THERE, I will not have that job. I will not have my nice pay. My nice benefits. My nice vacation pay. My nice paid holidays. Got it?

Now you want credit for going where the dispatcher tells you to go?

Some of these cops act like theyre volunteering .


Also gotta love when a gang member is killed by another gang member and the black community is attacked for not marching.

Gang members aren't being paid to protect the community

When a gang member kills someone, well goddamnit , he was a gang member. That's what they do.

Cops are not supposed to kill unarmed people in the community.

Last year 108 unarmed black men were killed by police.

All justified right? Please give me a break. Please.


That is a police hero. That is how you make your community a better place. Don't give me that bullshi* about these cops care about their community. They just want to collect a check. I know many cops. A lot of them did it for the money. Suffolk, Long Island. Big Money. I know plenty.

This guy is a hero. He takes time, energy, love, food, snacks, water guns, and gives them to his community. They are VERY VERY VERY rare people. Bless you Officer Norman.

The Officer who wrote the article was damn near spit on in his own neighborhood. Hated. They wanted him dead.

Officer Norman is loved,and treated like a family member.

Do you think Officer Norman would be hated if he patrolled where the officer who wrote this article patrolled?


Again,  give me a break with this nonsense.


I wanted Stonie, what were the odds?

Well done and well capped I suppose Scal


Sucked to see my boy Stonie go down. Chestnut was on a mission this year. Apparently you saw that.


I think at -165, it is spot on.

-165 is not cheap. It is the favorite.

Can Chestnut eat 64 dogs?

Sure can. Has done it many times.

Did it two weeks ago.

Can Chestnut not eat 64 dogs?

Sure can.

Happened last two times at this same event, on this same day, at this same location!

I think this has ZERO value Scal. But good luck. I have no action.



SCAL a couple things I want to say hopefully you get back to me before the contest.

I've been watching Matt Stonie videos on youtube for about two years now. He's a beast. He also took the contest down last year.

You know all this already.

I was pissed when my local who has an overseas style website, wasn't offering odds on the contest.

I wanted Stonie.

What are the odds for Stonie vs Chestnut.


Also in 2012 CHESTNUT put up 68

in 2013 he put up 69.

Wow. amazing.

Today only needs 66 for you to cash.

in 2014 he put up 61

in 2015 he put up 60


Now I don't know about hot dog eating trends but I feel you are putting way too much into his qualifying score , and not much into his actual score from this contest last two years. Qualifying is different. I don't even know why he'd go so hard during qualifiers.

I don't know how eating 73.5 dogs two weeks ago will affect him today. He can also throw up. People going all in on this contest are insane.