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Regardless of side. I’ve had a few!


Hey Boom. 

I haven’t been on in a while. Logged on to see if you happened to have a Clemson/Alabama game pick. Very proud of our boys. No hating on Alabama, as they are the gold standard. Just happy we are champs again. There are so many that still don’t think Clemson is legit, and that’s a shame! College football is the best spectator sport imo. Regardless of size, enjoy it! If you lost money, relax! It won’t be the last time. Great game for Tiger fans. Hope life is treating you well Boom!

You guys are killing me. if you think it's fixed, then why would you ever read a write up about a game, post your opinion on what side covers, or EVEN BET? 

If you think Tim Donaghy manipulating point spreads means all sports are fixed, then you probably aren't going to listen to any opposing opinions anyway.

Can a ref or player manipulate the outcome of a game?


That's not the same as saying the NFL is like WWE and the winner is predetermined. i've lost some bad bets and spouted nonsense in the heat of the moment. Who hasn't?

The amount of people you would have to silence to pull this off as an organization is mind boggling. Any monetary gain made by one fix would be negated if such a plan was found out about by the public, and it would. It would kill all sports gambling. 

You couldn't make enough money on one games action to merit taking the risk of doing it and getting busted. 

If you wanna blame a single person for trying to sway an outcome, go for it.

If you wanna suggest that the NFL as a organization predetermines game outcomes, then you aren't smart enough to be listened to.

Quote Originally Posted by mjm1012:

Tomlin is an id*ot to say the least. Kick it deep you dumb a s s

Quote of the Year if anyone is taking a vote!

Quote Originally Posted by mjm1012:

Tomlin is an id*ot to say the least. Kick it deep you dumb a s s


Life long Steelers fan. Soooooo tired of Tomlin not getting in done. No one plays down to their competition like the Steelers do!

Bye week and the starters rested the final regular season game. We looked like we forgot how to play football. 

The Rooneys don't fire coaches, and Tomlin is young. Unless he decides he has made enough money and retires, Steelers fans can expect to be underwhelmed for years to come!

These threads are great. Mainly to see how little some folks know about the difference in talent college vs pro. If you lined Cleveland up today, after going 1-31 and then listening to idiots say "Bama has a chance", it would be a felony. Aside from obvious talent gap, don't dismiss grown man pride factor. 

Cleveland could tell Alabama that they are only running the ball, and still score every possession. Crowell and Johnson Jr would run it down their throats all day.  


Quote Originally Posted by schism:

Clemson has some very capable passers on their QB depth chart. I wouldn't pencil-in Bryant for next season just yet, expect a fierce competition in the spring.


Correct. Coming into Spring practice, few thought Bryant would end up as the starter! It will be harder for him to win that battle again in my opinion.


Congrats Tappy! Alabama ear every bit of this win. I couldn’t be more disappointed with our offensive effort, both players and the coaches. We took the field like Bama was going to just roll over and give us the win. Embarrassingly unprepared. 

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Glad to see you are on Clemson. good luck!
A few years ago, someone here organized a bowl picking contest. I dont remember who did it, but I'm pretty sure bklowoutgm and skanless were in it. we should do that. I think it was based on confidence values on each game. 

Good luck guys. Life is to short to be angry, unless you lost money. Let's not let this digress into offensive smack talk.

Glad to see you back on for bowls.
I gotta say, I disagree with you on Alabama. 

If the CFP were just going to select the 4 most deserving teams, then their one and only poll would be the one we saw Sunday. 
Unlike last year, the poll should use the previous week's poll as a starting point for the next poll. 
I think they did a better job of that this year.

NeXt to last CFP poll(next game result)(reasonable final ranking):

1.Clemson(Pounded Miami)(1)
2. Auburn(lost badly to UGA)(6-8)
3. Oklahoma(Pounded TCU)(2)
4.Wisconsin(lost to OSU)(6-9)
5. Alabama (dnp)(4-5)
6. UGA(Pounded Auburn)(2-3)
7. Miami(lost badly to Clemson)(10+)
8.Ohio St.(beat Wisconsin)(4-5)

Clemson and Oklahoma took care of business.
UGA stepped up and beat the #2 team, so they are in.

That leaves one spot. The choice is move Ohio St up from 8 to 4, or move Alabama up from 5 to 4. 

For me, it's all about 2 losses, on horrifically, for OSU. 
Alabama didn't get to play UGA due to the idiotic divisions within conferences. 

Being a Clemson fan, you would have to agree that the #2 team from the ACC Atlantic division is almost always stronger than the winner of the Coastal division.

Regardless of what Auburn and USC fans think, it really came down to Alabama or OSU. 
As much as everyone has blasted Alabama's weak schedule, OSU didn't exactly play a murders row of opponents.

They let Oklahoma spank them by 15 in their building.
They lost by 31 at Iowa St! 

Alabama lost at Auburn, but played them better than UGA did the first time.

As we saw with Clemson, the CFP is more lenient on close road losses. However, you can't lose at home by 15 and get steam rolled by Iowa in the same season, and still expect to be considered a top 4 team. 

Most folks, including Vegas knew Wisky was overrated. Therefore, a close win wasn't going to result in a 4 spot jump. 

Can someone please show me where the CFP said winners of power 5 conferences are in? Everyone says it like it was listed in the bylaws. I don't recall ever reading that. 

Regardless, this is still soooo much better than the BCS.

Did previous performances by OSU factor into the discussion? Wouldn't be hard to believe, but that won't ever be said. 

Clemson 24
Alabama 21

UGA 34
OKL 31

Clemson 27
UGA 24

Why? Because I'm biased! 

Good luck on your bets!

Quote Originally Posted by Last2thirst:

What makes you think this BAMA/CLEMSON game is not a money making opp if the spread is -3 Bama eventually?

For a change, I think Bama may have the better Placekicker, but that is if they can tie the game on their last possession, and I don't think Hurts can do it with his legs vs this Clemson defense when the chips are on the line................he will have to rely on his arm (lol)

Most wouldn't worry about this but Clemson's replacement kicker isn't good. It hasn't cost us yet, which makes me nervous. you never want to have your play calling dictated due to avoiding using your kicker.
On FGs 30-49 he is 2-7. Also missed 2 XPs. I don't understand missing XPs. I kicked until I was in 10th grade, then lost out to a soccer style kicker. I was old school, toe that $%#@. Obviously I didn't blast any 50 yarders, but I didn't miss any XPs in 2 seasons of kicking! 
Quote Originally Posted by Tappy:

Clemson has the 6th ranked defense in College Football, and Alabama has the 2nd behind Wisconsin, but I give the edge to Bama because of Wisconsin's weak schedule.

As for the Auburn game, saying that a game will be determined by how good a team plays vs an opponent of a different team, especially in a rivalry game, will cost you a lot of money when betting. 

Clemson in 6th in yards allowed. Check out ESPN's Defensive Efficiency ratings. They factor in many other aspects in their ratings. 
1. Clemson
2. UGA
3. Wisky
4. Alabama
blowoutgm, I hope you aren't taking our back and fourth the wrong way. I've been here a long time, although very inactive lately. I read all your posts, as well as others I respect here. I went to Clemson, so the last thing I will ever be is an SEC fan. I only speak up if it's a game I'm betting on. Otherwise, it's just another opinion.
Quote Originally Posted by sogcollector:

actually we are discussing finding the four best teams, which is the stated goal of the cfb not what joey galloway says on espn. the cfb chair  said  he "felt" bama was better. what a scam. I call bs on that nonsense. auburn advanced farther along the path to the cfb than alabama. alabama benefits from a week off and no extra game. Vegas can say bama would be favored but this aint about vegas. Auburn beat bama in a winner take all.  Bama cannot advance by losing, especially losing their last game. I saw auburn man handle bama and if the goal is to find the four best teams, the committee failed with respect to bama and auburn. Auburn  had a better resume than bama. A non conference non division champ with a free pass and a week off from a 13th game. what a travesty. 

PS: a two loss auburn conferencd champ would have made the cfp.

Until conferences play everyone, there will always be the risk for this scenario.
forget this season for a moment. if It was UGA/Auburn in the championship game and UGA was 8-4 but won the game, would they deserve to be in over Alabama who let's say was 10-2? Of course not. The flaw is in having divisions within conferences. Conference championship game winners aren't a good measure of the best team in the conference because they don't always include the 2 best teams.
Before this season, the winner of Clemson/FSU always faced a team in the championship game that was usually weaker than the Clemson/FSU loser. 
Instead of yards per game, yards per attempt would be a more accurate measure. Everyone in the Big 12 runs more plays because their defenses aren't good.

Yards per completion allowed:  UGA 5.6 (#2) OKL 7.5(#83)
Yards per rush allowed:             UGA 3.5(#19) OKL 4.0(#44)

An offense is only as dynamic as the defense it faces. 
Team Efficiency Ratings(ESPN)

Offense: #1 Oklahoma #5 UGA
Defense #2 UGA #59 Oklahoma
Quote Originally Posted by blowoutgm:

Who has Georgia played that has any kind of passing game? Mizzo and Mizzo lit them up for a half- TCU's rushing defense is better than Georgia's and Oklahoma did just fine against them- Georgia hasn't seen a team with anywhere near this talent on offense this year- not saying they won't win but take a step back and look who Georgia has played-

Blowout you keep referencing how Missouri lit up Georgia. I watched the game and I even went back to check the box score to see if my memory was bad. 

Lock was 15/25 254 4TDS and 1 INT
Hill had 2 63-yard TD catches.
Aside from those 2 blown plays, Lock was 13-23-128-2-1

Thats far from lighting up their defense. 

1-11 Baylor lit up Oklahoma. 33-50 463 yards 4 TD and NO PUNTS

I think you are over selling Missouri's success vs Georgia
Congrats on your boys getting in Tappy. Although, I wish we were facing off in the championship game. 

I'm picking Clemson mainly because I'm biased. 

Another reason is that we aren't as intimidated by Saban as other teams would be. The first title game that we lost was due to classic Saban being one step ahead. last year, we were expecting the unexpected, but also had Watson. This year, I just don't believe Alabama is as good. In my opinion, this team is about 80% of the last 2 years Alabama teams. I think that difference is enough to make up for the Watson/Bryant downgrade. I do think it will be a good game.

We agree on Georgia. I think Georgia uses running game to limit Oklahoma's possessions. Their defense is clearly the best Mayfield will have faced this season. I see Georgia controlling this game.

Clemson vs Georgia for the title! 
Quote Originally Posted by 1969USC:

Have fun while you can.  Oklahoma will win the NC.  

USC  vs  tOSU should be fun.  I hope JT sucks again.  Threw for less than 50% and ran 3 yards per carry vs Wisconsin.  
Oklahoma won't make it to the championship game.
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