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Is there a week 10 thread? Thanks fellas!


2-2 blah week with Tennessee going tonight. Would really like to go 3-2. However, it's about time to really kick it into gear and bang out some amazing weeks if we want any hope of cashing!


Sheesh...these Raiders are a piece of work. Hahaha hopefully Sunday bodes a bit better for me! an_drunksick


Mr. Jingles




Raiders +2.5

Browns +8

Falcons +1.5

Chargers +2

Titans +6.5


Headed into week 9 feeling good and ready to keep rollin! Might be one of the uglier cards I post all season but that's okay with me. I also might be crazy for backing a couple of these clown shows but hey, we just want the cover! Also a little nervous picking the TNF game again but it worked out for me last week with Houston! For what it's worth Denver and Green Bay were strongly on my radar but decided to rock the above 5. Time will tell if it was the right move or not. Cheers fellas and BOL this week peace_5


3-2 week here. Minnesota clearly the wrong side. San Francisco just a tough loss. But all good! We soldier on...




Quote Originally Posted by JDHERMOSA:

Quote Originally Posted by ad1260:

  Friggin BEAST MODE! Great work man
Thank you bro!!!! but man... those guys in the lead, geez. those guys are 4-1 and some 5-0.... i may have moved up a game or so...keep on grinding...


Yes sir! The leaders are sick. Sitting at 3-1 here headed into SNF...needs Minnesota for a 4-1 week. SF blew their load at the very end of the game, pretty sickening to not get the cover there. Bastards were winning the entire game an_roll_laugh. But it's just the nature of the beast. Would love to go 4-1 obviously but I'll settle with 3-2 if that is what's meant to be.

You said it best...let's continue to grind! Lots of time left.


Quote Originally Posted by JDro:

4-1 last week Will check record again after this week lol PHIDENGBSEANYJ


Back to back 4-1 weeks. Awesome stuff buddy!


Quote Originally Posted by JDHERMOSA:



Friggin BEAST MODE! Great work manan_cheers

I've been reading reports about "tons of Saints cash coming in". I'm not sure I'm understanding why in all honesty. Saints on their 2nd consecutive road game, struggled against Baltimore, going into a hostile environment. Not to mention I think Kirk Cousins is the most underrated QB in the league. Numerous other reasons why I like Minnesota here as well. I've got this game pegged at Minnesota -3 (I would even consider playing Minny at -3.5 and maybe even -4). I think this is a extremely generous line at a PK.

I really needed a 5th play for my card and somehow ended up on San Francisco. I'm not regretting it...yet. I think the Niners are superior at QB and coaching. I also don't think the Cards are going to beat the Niners twice in one season. However, this is the game that makes me most nervous on my card. I would love to hear peoples thoughts/analysis on this toothless dog fight when they have a chance!

Have a great weekend fellas. Let's get some cash! 
Mr. Jingles



Texans -7.5 (W)

Steelers -8

49ers -1

Packers +9.5

Vikings PK

Nice start to the week with Houston on Thursday night to keep the momentum rolling. Similar to last week, I fear I have 2 of the biggest square plays of the week on my card in Pittsburgh and Green Bay.

Based on how I am seeing these games however, it's hard to envision Cleveland competing coming off of yet another OT loss, the Steelers coming off a bye and in the thick of the divisional race at home...I see a 31-13 type of game.

As for Green Bay and Rodgers getting 9.5...I am simply betting that the Rams come down to earth and regress a bit in this spot. This team could not be riding any higher right now. I don't think a Packers win SU is out of the question here. I understand the Packers are horrid outside of Rodgers but getting almost double digits here seems like way too much.

Hopefully San Francisco and Minnesota can get it done as well. Let's roll on into week 8! BOL this week fellas

Looks like square cards = successful cards this week. Some how rattled off a 5-0 week. Looks like many of the Covers brothers had a nice week as well! BOL on the game tonight fellas. We soldier on peace_5


Mr. Jingles




Not the best time for a 1-7-2 run. We soldier on!


Lions -2.5

Pats -3

Vikings -3

Redskins -2

Rams -9.5


Might be the squarest looking card I'll have all contest. But after looking into each game, these just make sense to me. Good luck fellas! Let's roll. peace_5



0-4-1. Not an ideal time to be on a 1-7-2 run hahaha. 

Time to make some big moves or I’ll be in too deep of a hole.

We soldier on!

Mr. Jingles



Raiders +3
Vikings -10
Colts +2.5
Jags -3
Packers -9.5

Just pluggin' along. I'm ready to see some of us bang out some 5-0 weeks and shake things up!

Sitting at 1-2-1 at the moment. Need Washington tonight to go 2-2-1. That would be much nicer than 1-3-1. Honestly, I sort of feel as if it's sort of slipping away here sitting around .500. Feel like I need a couple 5-0 type weeks to get back in the mix. Anyone else feeling this way or is it way too early to start making assessments like that? First year in the contest so I'm trying to adapt to the wide array of emotions associated with it! an_light


Thanks all! Looking forward to a little feedback.


1-2 in the early slate. Baltimore simply abysmal. Mason Crosby and the Packers just can't get down 24-0 and expect Rodgers to nurse them back. Pathetic.


Go Houston and Washington in the night games! Good luck guys.

Quote Originally Posted by TheIdahoKid:

The Idaho Kid

Browns +3

Jets -1

Lions +1

Dolphins +6.5

Raiders +4.5

wow those teams!.... my week 5 line up card looks really ugly on paper huh? Geeze.


Yeah man, this week 5 card is a real girl! This week and week 2 the hardest by far in my opinion so far (I went 1-4 in week 2...much more hopeful this week )  What's your team name by the way?

Mr. Jingles




Giants +7 (I'm a complete sucker for pain an_roll_laugh)

Packers -1

Ravens -3

Texans -3

Redskins +6.5


Let's roll this week fellas! an_cheers


Really liked the Patriots tonight but couldn't figure out the rest of my plays. In an attempt to NOT rush anything, I decided to pass on this Thursday night game. Pats cruise but no worries...still looking forward to a strong week 5!


Broncos made my week. 3-2 on the week opposed to going's reminiscent of making a birdie on 18. MUCH better feeling heading into week 5 after a winning week 4. Puts me at 11-9 on the year. WE all appear to be in the thick of it still! Maybe one of us can rattle a couple 5-0 weeks back to back to really get things cookin'. Cheers to a good week fellas, I'll be on the look out for a week 5 roll call thread an_cheers


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