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Soccer players on the other hand....


As long as these candidates embrace Socialist ideas, they will never win a national  election. 

Liberals and Leftists hijacked the Democratic Party. What happened to the Blue Dogs? 


Nice write ups. Thanks for sharing. Best of luck today


2-3 pints of Smirnoff a day at the height of my alcoholism. I didnt even like it. But it was the only decent vodka that came in plastic bottles to hide around the house without making the clanking noises that you get with bottles. Those were dark days for me. 

Unfortunately I cant drink like a normal person anymore. I crossed that line. First drink and I cant stop.

Sucks guys, but it's better than drinking myself to death.

Enjoy your booze fellas. I miss it sometimes

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in NHL Betting

I'm happy with this. The blue line has been abysmal the past several seasons. 

Hoping that this move will help re-sign Hall. Cant blame him if he leaves. The man wants Cup and Devils have been sitting on their money. 


I'm on the Over too. 2.5 (-174)

BOL Double


South of the Border on the east coast


Lights out. Terrific Game 7 performance that will be talked about for years.


Blues -110 

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in Tennis

I'm on it too. +134


This morning it's at +120.


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in Tennis

Quote Originally Posted by Okladood:

Quote Originally Posted by HurricaneHauk90:

Marketa +130
  i wouldn’t you against Barty at this point.  This Tampon is on a mission.  Barty ML


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Slobbasaurus replied to Raptors -2.5 +225
in NBA Betting




What's up Goose! Hope all is well man.


One word to answer your question: Hysteria 

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in NBA Betting

2 Unit Play. 

Slobbasaurus created a topic Toronto ML +180
in NBA Betting

Taking the dog SU against a banged up Warriors team.


Liking that the Public is on GS


Yellen* passed. 

In Jerome we trust. 


Quote Originally Posted by LoveCFB1_:

Quote Originally Posted by Slobbasaurus:

Quote Originally Posted by LoveCFB1_:

Quote Originally Posted by Sidehatch:

Trump gave me the biggest federal tax hike in my lifetime. Could take two baller vacations to Hawaii with the tax increase he gave me. So from a tax perspective and a "during my lifetime" perspective, hands down it's Trump. Plus I called his socialist populism from Day 1. Trump is too dumb to be an actual capitalist. Wants to restrict trade, does restrict trade, doles out billions to the farmers he's destroying with his trade policies. Don't believe me? Ask Rand Paul why he called Trump a socialist. When he was elected, I thought, "Well I'll try to look at this on the bright side . . . maybe he'll cut our taxes and not **** with the economy too much?" WRONG. All we needed was someone smart enough to keep the status quo, instead we get someone who's upsetting one of the record stock markets in history. This year shouldn't have had so many days in the red, yet it has.
Good for you, most of the middle class including many of my friends and coworkers got about half of a tax return as they did the year before. We can give huge corporations and businesses tax cuts and not make them pay any federal taxes but the hard working middle class gets less. I personally cant wait until Trump is out of office and very scared of the mess he will leave behind! Good luck to you!
The amount of your return means nothing. It's an interest free loan to the federal government. Ideally, you should pay nothing and get nothing back.  I think Trump is the best in my lifetime. He saved us from becoming Europe 2.0; a quasi-Socialist country. No thanks.  Just my opinion. I know he's unpopular to the younger mugs. I also think we should increase the voting age to 30 unless you have a military ID. I'll even settle for 25. It would eliminate the undergrad know-it-all Liberal vote. The same sheltered/naive kids with little life experience who dont know the value of money bc mommy and daddy is financing their Liberal indoctrination.  Yeah, eliminate that vote.
  Wow, cant say I agree with any of that! But, good luck to you and your President! I wake up every day hoping the news headlines say that he got impeached.

I wake up everyday and look at non-retirement portfolio and thank this Admin for deregulation and tax reform.

Invest accordingly. Hellen passed the hot potato with Bernanke's bubble. More aggressive QE seems to be the word to stave off an inevitable recession.

As long as the economy is hot before 2020, he'll be in Office until Jan 2025. Thank God for that.

And like I said, I know he's not popular among the younger mugs.

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in Tennis

I'd take Fed +7.5 (-140) or +2.5 Sets (-120) if you think he has a shot.

I'm going with the former. Best of luck whatever you decide


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