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CLIVE gona B slidin on by dem dere goofey FWACKING lioness's box'ZZzzzzz!!!! GO CLIVE U DA MAN FROM DA U!!!! Nif u aint wit da fwacking U u not shitzzz n gigglezzzzZZZZZ!!! try dat out bitch'z~~~~~~ take it U Fwaking HOE'zzZZZZ!!!!!moosean_horse HEEEHawhhhh

GARBAGE = words that start with F & S not the word garbage stupid censors on here [link from unapproved source]
Quote Originally Posted by Relax_Dude:

Line should be -13

I don't get it, seriously. I do see they're playing well for the new HC. They pummeled the Texans who happen to shoot themselves in the feet with their hurry up offense; prior to that they bet the Titans--or did they also beat themselves? They have beaten none near the calibre of Brady and the Pats. I can see  Miami playing well in the first H, then the adjustments come, and its nighty-night. 
So lets see

Titans =big win
Texans =big win
Pats = big wake up call and loss. Soft line from the previous two games, and Jets covered but played their hearts out, and needed a 55 yrs FG to stay within 10. Jets will be a 10 win wild card team. Fins are NOT a playoff team with that idiot QB.

NE -7 all the way to -10
HOLY garbage, GOD DAMN relax dude I thought I was the only person in the world to think that the dolphins have an idiot QB I said he will be selling life insurance to all those people down in Miami when they draft him , after his 4th year!! and if that scumbag owner  ROSS would finally just sell the team to a real owner then maybe the MIAMI DOLPHINS become relavent once again!!! If Joe Robbie was alive, and if he can see this from his grave I wish that he would go out and haunt that guy till he sells Joe's team to someone that knows something about the history of the Miami Dolphins tradition. keep it up my dude cause someone's gotta make some more noise other then me about drafting a friggin TE as a QB garbage WTF man were you all thinking down there and tannihill if you ever come to my door I would love to say on this public forum what I would do to u so u all can just imagine the worst I can say and do and then X it by a BILLION and that wouldn't even be enough you goofy headed idiot!!!! Go get your Insurance license son cause that's where you are headed next year!!!!
oH MY f^%k=!g god!!! wat wasd dat dere in da bot agin u aking likes da cheeessssseeee alto.  I wodnt give u'all 3 sentancess for dattt der billsshit, howas dat u smellin dirty lil hampster. I can guess w/o no researchins
yzzguy replied to Ultimate race
in Ultimate Race
cry me a friggin river u goddamn douche!!! maybe we should just give u the title of the ULTIMATE DOUCHEBAG !!!! y dont u just pay attention as the dude above me said. I forget n i picked the wrong teams n i lost a fast 20 games can i get a friggin mulligan peoples!!!!

Quote Originally Posted by Lionmonster:

This is a cool thread. I used it subscribe to Mr Steele's newsletter MANY years ago but have never renewed but still get the first couple issues mailed to my address every single season lol Does this happen to anyone else?

Same here but the last 3 seasons they have been cuttin me down to just the 1st Power Sweep newsletter but Y i am thinkin Y they R doing that is they are giving U at least a few weeks of winners in that intail newsletter so now that U have enough money to subsribe to thier newsletter!!! but I wish I can get a few of these bodegas to pick up his newsletter so that I can pick n choice what week I wana be all good with that weeks winners!!!!!!!


if u think that the friggin bible put out by Phil Steele U arent diffently a godamn friggin moroon mouk that has never won 1 friggin game in your gambling carrer!!!! so all u god dawn porch monkeys need to shut up wit ur friggin loser comments!!!!!! Steele has put over a million$,$$$,$$$.$$ in my pockets and anyone else that lays out with the MAN Phil Steele!!!!!

friggin MOUKS!!!!!!

Quote Originally Posted by meatheadmatt:

McGloin was at PennState last year! Being from the Scranton area, the people will be traveling in bus loads to see the only thing the City of Scranton has to look forward to. Other than Mike Munchak coming from Scranton, McGloin is the best thing since slice bread for the area. McGloin wins this one for the Electric City.

really u think that the few bus loads of peps going to fill the MET? i am just south of u in WB and i know that NEPA goes crazy always backing any type of sports players but they are not in the mass's of peps that wont even be heard in a extremely cold stadium prob wit snow! i am taking the raiders just on purely a way better team then the Jets are! and I hate Pentration U!!! i hope thier not going to do thier friggin chat about we r (they need to say) we r PEPHAFILE U!!! i doubt very much that if they can get 1/2 of the people that used to go to the Carrier Dome to see Mac play they would be lucky!!!


ABSOLUTELY the HANGOVER, II & i know it wasn't all that except for the 1st 10 minutes of it but III would have been the GREATEST PART ever until it got really OLD VERY FAST but I dont care what everyone else says HANGOVER to ME ONLY was the GREATEST TRIOLGY EVER MADE!!!! NO QUESTIONS PLEASE cause i am in the WOLFPACK!!!!!!!

being born in Brooklyn u already have the boston hatred in ur DNA but i have to still unfortunately lean to red sux to win. i still make my bets wit my brain n definitely not my heart cause if i bet with my heart i would end up wit a heart attack of course!!!!!!

Quote Originally Posted by CountSpacula:


I never took credit, or even eluded to take credit for the info. Why the fk do a lot on this forum spend more time making snide comments trying to discredit posts than they do actually trying to do what all of us should be doing???????????......which is help each other, after all, we are all in a slightly over losing battle trying to beat the lines.

Yeah ur right Count i see that its because all of a sudden we have a hole bunch of fantasy football players that are Miami Dolphin fans! these people are the scum of the earth! if u could have seen such roachy post at attacking my character for being a Phins fan for alot longer then they have even been alive! i was the fool that opened up my big friggin mouth just try to help them learn a bit about the world of us handicappers! this one behind only goes by nj_flamer that i awesome he is calling himself a person n he needs to get to a gym to lose over 300 pounds! while they will never be the handicappers we are they love to hate on us for being alot more knowledgable then they ever will be! i wish i never told them about this site & i am really a crazied dude on my phsyic meds to control my bi-polar! what they dont realize is when they said something very nasty about my mother it was game on and i will hunt every last one of them & shoot to kill each one of those friggin douche bags! I hope this might calm a few big mouths down from bashing all of us handicappers! I hate keyboard BULLYS wit a PASSION! stay calm & COOL my friend cause u can always vent out to me cause at least i do have my senses even though my planing on killing every last 1 of those guy for making derogatory remarks about my elderly mother! SNITCHS GET STITCHS is what i say!
GO U !!!!!!
Quote Originally Posted by kingofpix22:

ill sell u one ive won four of them do u have paypal?

YEAPPER (paypal) I DO SO how much my friend wit postage i will pay ur fair cost or we can trade 4 a U gang cap thats THE U in Miami and when you see someone all u need to do is flash them your handsign n proper way is with all fingers out and loud like this IIII_IIII just dont use paper football goal post thats the EXTREMELY LAME WAY OK's?
yeah bro ur not the only one that pops off nite time parlays on Saturday nite i am now 6 - 1 on my mostly Pac 12 bets that i always parlay n wake up knowing i am a winner!!!! yeah all these other darn deadbeats should go to sleep themselves as if there watchin the game is going to sway the lines!!!! FOR the most part i would say watch this Saturdays games at least 50% were fixs! how does friggin pentration u get away wit mugging wide recievers and then Mich on just 1 play that wasnt even close to being pass interferencs gets tagged wit that friggin flag & gives we are pennst the friggin ball on the 2 yd line! i seen the same play happen also in the Clemson game! and of course Clemson might have gotten screwed on alot of bad calls but at least the won! i would have rather seen them lose cause as a U fan I hate all other ACC teams but THE U! all you fool thats rippin my man Carolinapride need to grow the darn up already!!! so what are you the friggin english police to pick out that he spelled lost instead of Loss? does anyone care that our english isnt perfect? If u r that picky then u should just sit there n pic ur nose instead of acting like douche bags!!!!!
yzzguy created a topic I'M BACK AGAIN
in College Football
my 3 team parlays @ 10 units each for Saturday

Neb.              -13
Okl.               -13.5
Mich St          -9.5

Army              -7.5
V.Tech            -9.5
Ohio               -18

Clemson         -24.5
Kansas St       +17.5
Maryland        -7.5

Alabama         -27.5
Bay/Ka. St      Over 74
Tx A&M          -6

Clemson         -24.5
Oregon           -14
N.Ill.               -23.5

Stanford         -8.5
Mich St/Ind.     Over 53.5
Org/Wa           Over 76.5

UCLA             -25.5
Org St.           +1.5
Arz. St           -26.5

San Jose St    +3.5
Mizz/Ga.        Over 64
TCU/Kan.       Over 45.5

Quote Originally Posted by Red_Soxxxxxxxx:

Week 6 Official Plays so far:

Ohio St -5.5

Rutgers Over 48

North Texas -2.5

Texas St +11.5

Arizona St -5.5

San Jose St -5

Central Florida -10


Miami -6

Baylor Over 69

Utah St -6....Small 1 Unit Play

Rutgers -4.5 (BEST BET)

Penn St -3 (BEST BET)

Western Kentucky -7 (BEST BET)....WINNER

yo my dude Soxxx lookin at ur picks and noticed alot of chalk play? do u have a reason for that not takin any dogs but the 1 that was my Biggest play for chalk wit Lafayette i been ridin that team for the last 2 yrs and have been on the upsides for Lafayette more then i have lost i am denfite + money with Lafayette just my observations thnx for your post i love to compare them wit mines!!!!

c what Superior TEAM CAN DO TO US!!!! I HAVE said it over 1,000 times and i can say it for certainy we r at least 10 yrs away from any playoff game!!!! you dont go up in the draft to draft a kid that we didnt need!!! our defense was the fins best strength. While the Eagles who draft after us gets our ot!! call me what u all want my fellow Fins fans but i had to let u all c it 4 urself Ross has destroyed this team and now i can speak the truth!!!  after us gets the OT we so badly needed & a big ole beast from Oklahoma! U ALL MY AS WELL STOP BEING BRAINWASHED BY ALL OF ROSS'S PROMISES~~~ HE IS A SMART BUSINESS MAN THAT WANTS TO MAKE THIS TEAM BE A PRETENDER SO THAT HE CAN SELL THIS TEAM FOR A PROFIT!!!! OTHER WISE WHO WOULD WANA BUY THIS TEAM OFF OF ROSS? truth after u all just seen ur behind's kick in by what a Superior team will do to us!!!! u'all need ta go back n play ur silly little fantasy football game bout how u own Manning n garbage!!! thats so friggin lame n leave the handicapping to the real big dogs punks!!!!
Quote Originally Posted by doitlikeaboss:

The "drama" in this thread is laughable. Did I really just see somebody get butt hurt like a girl over boom's opinion. And goes from telling him good luck on all his bets to telling him to lose all of his bets. I mean this garbage is pathetic and hilarious at the same time. 

this theathre is best when u gotz u sumz POPCORN wit it!
hey i can care less about my spelling just sayn
yzzguy replied to Sizzlin Week 5
in College Football
Quote Originally Posted by RJSizzle:

Won some money last week. Played these all at open, might as well not wait until Saturday:

10 Units SJSU +10

10 Units UCF +7

10 Units UVA +7

10 Units Texas State +10.5

10 Units USC +6

10 Units UTSA +3

Flat betting this week. Really only looking at a few more - WVA, UGA, WMU. 

GL with all of your wagers. 

Oh yeah, darn UNC too. That was so bad it wasnt funny. 


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