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Murphys error cost em game 4 , duda throw cost em game 5 - harvey bullied cowering collins and that was it - mets lacked the smarts / guts to get it done and got what they deserved - losers 
nc1capper replied to Dontay Wilder
in Boxing
Watching replay of molina fight - dontay is just not that good - scheduling got him here  and will keep him safe for a bit - will have to fight someone decent at some point 

Memo to dontay - step it up brother to a more elite level of  fighter - boxing public is not impressed , your 15 minutes may be up soon 
nc1capper created a topic QB ely
in College Football
Way over rated - and appears scared to death - biggest game of season for toledo so of course he can not handle the pressure - just simply gagging - thanks for nothing chump , a loss is coming and its on you ely - worthless loser 
Sends pitching coach to tell harvey - harvey bullys the cowering harvey to let him continue ( scared im guessing ) then as if to prove he did the right thing he leaves harvey in to pitch from the stretch after walk and harvey and fails miserably - plenty of blame to pass around - nice throw duda - bottom line here tho, the manager let the employee tell him what to do and it cost the team the game - murphy after his 15 minutes of fame returned to being a career schmo , flubbing routine grounders with a deer in the headlights look - these mets may well be last years nats - high hopes for next year, but missed the shot this year and may well not ever get another - but, way to stand up and take charge collins , now get outta here ! 
nc1capper replied to UNC + 3.5
in College Football
Duke -.5 & marshall pickem 

Have a great season everybody 
nc1capper created a topic UNC + 3.5
in College Football
Bought the hook - defensive concerns for both sides and should be a fun start to the season - not posting much but always keeping a watchful eye on you degens , and of course I say that with much respect 
Reach out to Tony Miller on twitter

nc1capper replied to Week 1
in College Football
Nice to see you back , expecting yet another banner season from you Sir 
nc1capper created a topic Desean jackson - home team
in NFL Betting
Just caught a few seconds while flipping around , its all you need to see this guy is so full of himself its sickening , all about himself and must be hated by all his team mates, the guy just comes across as a self centered douchebag and will tell you as much - never kept up with his career much and after seeing just a few seconds of his show i have zero interest in him moving forward - this tool is a perfect example of what the ugly side of the pro athlete is - the less I see of this jerkoff moving forward the better - hey d esean , grow up and oh yeah , get lost you POS moron 
nc1capper created a topic Cant even lay down a sac bunt
in MLB Betting
Worthless curt casali for rays - leadoff double and this turd not only fails to lay down a simple bunt but strikesout instead / how can a big leaguer be so inept offensively - cost rays backers the game - nice job casali you chump - grrrr 
Big game james ,,, lol

What a POS he is , gutless gopher ball throwing piece of feces 
nc1capper replied to Montreal vs Ottawa
in CFL
Nice call alien

The taunting penalty late by hefney kept drive alive for ottawa and cost me my teaser - why cant these morons act like they have been there before ? I mean you made a tackle , big friggin deal , what an idiot he is 
nc1capper created a topic NBA draft
in NBA Betting
Not here to upset anyone but is there a more boring , non event in sport than any draft in any sport - just my .02 

Let the haters fire away but it is what it is 

Memphis is in the world cup ,,, lol - yikes 
Quote Originally Posted by BIGfnPOO:

how was it?  mayweather won and over...

tx red scratched...  whats up son?
Lol , texas red never made it near this one, not sure what your point is but dates and times are marked on all posts - again , im certain you are not trying to hate on nc1 but not sure what point you are trying to make - stay strong son , and positive to, - you wll be a better man for it 
nc1capper created a topic The fox crew
in Pro Golf
Nantz and his bunch blow these guys away - minor leagur announcing team fits in nicely with this clown show course - greens in bad shape and the shaded view the fox crew loves to show just adds to the peewee league feel - put a tent up and call this what it is - a circus 

Gutsy preformance by jason day / but probably should withdraw 

Chime in with thoughts 
nc1capper created a topic Blaine boyer
in MLB Betting
A human piece of feces  - complete garbage 


Ship his soft throwing right down the middle worthless tail right back to the minors 

Single A  
She is nothing more an attention seeking lying media person - period -
STFU - go get the help you need and keep your lies to yourself 
Sick of seeing her , hearing her blather and wondering why she continues to be on TV , oh yeah , she is an attention seeking media person - go away you annoying turd 
nc1capper created a topic Dontay Wilder
in Boxing

First off , we understand this was a gift to the hometown fans 
And the heavyweight divison is a cluster muck of has beens and wannabes .
But to have trouble with what many consider a tomato can does not bode well for wilder moving forward , there was no mention of the large fellow from russia , nor his brother ,, not that anyone expected him  to call out either of the russian siblings , why would he , just enjoy the moment as the up and coming next great american heavyweight - hint of sarcasm there , one of the russians will be in front of dontay soon enough ( i' m sure he will avoid this as long as possible ) to turn the lights out on this charade -its not his fault the division is in shambles but to portray this guy as anything specail is an in justice for sure ! 
Quote Originally Posted by melossinglet:

wow,you didnt lose a bet by any chance did you??

get a'll be riding his dic.k without doubt if he gets hot the next few games and wins watever future or side play you got on g.s.w
Read this carefully and try and understand , yes im on golden state to win series with a guy i work with SU bet with no juice , strictly a value play - the point being made is this - curry is treating these games like a regular season / preseason game with his careless , casual passing and total lack of understanding how to win these type games , the around the back pass late summed it up for me perfectly and im sorry if you can not understand this , he will get it it at some point im guessing but for now his lack of big game exp / is glaring and his moping shullfing around hanging his head shows ZERO leadership skills - im just telling it like it is - he is a kid who does not understand what it takes to be a leader and win these type games --- facts are facts bro , dont hate just try and understand and share the knowledge - your welcome 

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