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wolfhunter replied to Wolf'$ Rockets/Jazz pick
in NBA Betting

Quote Originally Posted by 727magic:


wolfhunter created a topic Wolf'$ Rockets/Jazz pick
in NBA Betting
Hope all is doing well.
Today wolf will go with the OVER 214.5 Houston/Utah.
Good luck

Hey whats up guys...hope you all are doing will drop a unit on each of these...

Perdue -7

Iona -1

Temple/Houston over 142

Gl..any questions or advice message me.

wolfhunter created a topic WOLF’s picks...11/17/18
in College Football

lets do these 5 picks..for $100 each.hope all are doing great.havent posted in like ...don’t even know.

UCF/Cincinnati over 60

Duke/Clemson over 59

Oklahoma/Kansas over 70* best bet.

Arizona/Oregon over 64

Washington st -10



hope you  guys are doing my units will be on....

ucla/colo under 57

ucla +9.5

Memphis -14.5

Memphis 1H -8

*braves ml (bonus)

g luck.


Quote Originally Posted by BrownGem:

GL today wolf
same brother.


Good morning fellow wolf's money will be on..

Msst/Ksu under 53.5

Florida Atlantic -7

Fresno st +1.5

Baylor -17 

Texas -23

There you have them...wish you all a great day.

wolfhunter replied to Wolf's TNF picks....
in NFL Betting

Let the season begins!...

wolfhunter replied to Wolf's TNF picks....
in NFL Betting

Good luck guys,line down to a Pickem now...lets hope for a great season.

wolfhunter created a topic Wolf's TNF picks....
in NFL Betting

Ok guys here we go again...the real my money will be on....

Falcons +2.5

Eagles/Falcons over 44.5

Good luck everybody.


Quote Originally Posted by Cooler999:

Quote Originally Posted by Trumpinator2020:

He's been atrocious in the NFL 
When he was just one of US, he nailed it in both College and Pro.Went TOUT.........and has really low percentages now.To bad..used to enjoy checking out his picks.

Gave Bengals +1.5 straight winners *n fl

Cowboys under 38.5 easy winner

Saturday ...umass +20 lost

ND under 46 easy winner

Navy/Hawaii over ..easy winner

Miami -3 lost 

That's 4-2 ,that's ok...i am still one of you ,I always come and post where my money is,you guys know in life you can't be just be in one place for ever,when there's opportunityto grow you need to is about moving forward.i have been part of this community for years and those that know my work know that I always try to give you good and quality picks,sometime we win sometimes we lose but we always keep stop the hate and enjoy the picks since I am asking nothing in return.

wolfhunter created a topic Wolf's Monday pick....
in College Football

Perfect in totals picks so far hitting my last will go with another total....

Vtech/Florida st.....over 54.


*soon will launch my youtube channel (wolfpicks)

Like and subscribe for good picks and analysis(free)


Canes for me my brother,good luck.


Lets go canes.¡¡¡


Quote Originally Posted by BrownGem:

Miami plays Sunday wolf, unless you were talking Mia Ohio
  we will get it tomorrow..umass Didnt come to play but the totals are right on point...tomorrow we Cash Miami over LSU.

wolfhunter created a topic Wolf's Saturday picks....
in College Football

Here we go again,what's ups money will be on these teams today.

Umass +20

Miami -3

Michigan/ND under 46

Navy/Hawaii over 62




Quote Originally Posted by BrownGem:

I followed last post, good to see you back!
nice to see you around bro.

wolfhunter created a topic Wolf's college picks....
in College Football

Ok,football is here.wolf has 3 picks for you guys.2-0 last week with pre-season nfl....todays picks are..


UCF/UCONN under 70.5

Wake Forrest/Tulane  over 56.5

Good luck.clover


Nice 2-0


One down,one to go.


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