Does fatigue set in?
It may
With Sid the kid out of the playoffs, the NHL would love to send Ovechkin deep in the playoffs.
The question is will the Caps be able to take the pressure, or will they have it in their grasp, and choke like they do every season?

I think The Rangers are the more talented team, but when breaking down the series, this one is a tossup
The Rangers have the better:
Penalty Killing 

The Caps have the better
Power play
better face off men
more discipline

Goialtending, the Rangers have a proven commodity, but Holtby has been impressive so far

I think the teams are going in opposite directions, the Caps peaking and the Rangers wilting

Taking the Caps @ +155   10 units to win 15

New Jersey @ Philadelphia -170
I bet the Flyers to win the cup back in March, and little in round 1 changed my mind

What does scare me is that if you don't tune in the game until half and hour after it started, the Flyers are always down by 2 goals.
Against a team like the Devils, that could be a long uphill climb.

The Flyers do have the firepower to catch up though, and we saw in the series against the Panthers that the Devils can blow leads.

I would be SHOCKED if this one goes 7 games.
I think the Flyers will easily handle the Devils and will cruise in a lopsided series.

The Devils probably win 2 close games, the Flyers win 4 routs

Flyers -170  17 units to win 10